My Dreams My Dreams - wordashh (Việt Nam) | | B5TmLMeQPcL5

May 19th, 2022
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  1. Lời bài hát My Dreams  My Dreams - wordashh (Việt Nam)  | | B5TmLMeQPcL5 Lyrics up by Versace I will buy 1 or 6 packs
  2. Cardi B collab with me in my new tracks
  3. I will become a Popstar in new age
  4. Oh this is my dream x2
  5. Oh Hundred dollars in my hand, TAG watch Billion streams *** ,
  6. oh that will drop
  7. U will see me on top 10 Billboard
  8. Oh this is my dream x2 oh
  9.  I will never stop till the sun goes down
  10. Picking something great to my song right now
  11. I feeling lucky to be running around Summer to next summer
  12.  I will never give up Yeah burn it I wish I meet a Genie
  13.  I want a Lamboghini Money as much as JB
  14. Take mom to buy Gucci My tune so dope like Traviss
  15.  U will see me on TV Flick off and take it
  16.  EZ When I wake up I know I know *** hard Sad to mad just little bit apart Sometimes
  17.  I stuck and I really want to stop But Jesus give me heart brave
  18. I do what I want when I’m young that so stupid so stupid
  19. That reason why I choose I belive I just need I just need more time Wake up in the morning sun I will start with no reason dumb
  20. This is my dreams
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