Fleur and Marble Pie - Sassy Saddles and Coco Pommel

May 27th, 2020
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  1. Newest arc of the Fleur and Marble universe, set in university and focusing on the main plot's interactions with different characters. This time around the dynamic couple of Sassy Saddles and Coco Pommel. Written for the Lesbo thread on the /mlp/ board. Thanks for reading.
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  5. >”…So Doctor Alan Grant states in his book, on page 49…”
  6. >So flat, so dull..
  7. >Marble blew a hair out of her face as she blankly starred at the man droning on the floor level of the amphitheater she was sitting in.
  8. >Lectures like these were double edged swords, at best.
  9. >She found it utterly fascinating, but it was just…
  10. >So boring.
  11. >”…Yet we see from Doctor Malcolm’s radical new theories on chaos in the natural world…”
  12. >It took all she had to pay attention, and she wasn’t certain if she even could, not when it was near impossible to pry her gaze away from Fleur sitting just next to her.
  13. >They only had the one class together, and by far it was Marble’s favorite simply for that reason alone.
  14. >She just sometimes wished Fleur didn’t get so much delight in teasing her.
  15. >Nothing outrageous, they were still in a room filled with people.
  16. >Flirtatious looks and accidental brushes and Fleur’s sweet, trilling voice always sent shuddering shivers up her spine, like little electric shocks.
  17. >Fleur seemed content to mostly ignore her this class though, eyes fixed onto the professor.
  18. >At least, that’s what it looked like to everyone that wasn’t privy to the fact that Fleur’s foot, one crossed over the other, was trailing ticklishly between Marble’s legs.
  19. >Marble was certain her face was red, but that seemed the norm now, whenever Fleur was around.
  20. >”…For the next week, you’ll be in the lab doing a report on famous archaeological digs, and the findings associated with them. I’ve put you in groups of four, with each group corresponding to a particular dig, listing’s are up front…”
  21. >Marble looked up at that, blinking in surprise as the rest of the room let out a collective groan.
  22. >”I get it,” Professor Wells held a hand up to stall any further noises of discontent, “Group projects aren’t everyone’s favorite, but some of these dig sites are huge, more than enough to justify teams to cover most of the major findings and research. You’ll have two weeks. Class dismissed.”
  23. >Marble grabbed her books and jammed them into her worn pack just as Fleur and the rest of the class did the same.
  24. >Fleur made sure, as she was packing her book bag up, to brush against Marble as much as she could, drawing another blush and a squeak from the mouse-like girl.
  25. >Much to her amusement, it seemed, as Fleur began to chuckle at Marble’s hair-hidden, flushed face.
  26. >”Come, Marble, let’s go see what groups we’re in.”
  27. >Fleur grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her down the steps and to the floor of the amphitheater.
  28. >A growing crowd had formed by the time they got there, and more people were flooding in behind them, so they were smashed together.
  29. >Much to Fleur’s still-growing amusement, as her wandering hands weren’t noticed in the thronging crowd.
  30. >Marble flushed and hid her face in her hair as she felt Fleur’s warm, soft hand trailing against her skinny frame, ghosting over her ribs over her thick sweater.
  31. >The crowd seemed to be moving quickly so Fleur could only tease her so long.
  32. >They were pushed to the front of the thronging, but slowly dissipating, crowd.
  33. >Marble hugged her book tight to her chest as she scanned the sheet of paper for her name, and hoped beyond anything Fleur was in a group with her.
  34. >She read her own name first, and then two more of people she didn’t know.
  35. >At the very end of the list Fleur’s name stood in stark contrast to the white sheet of paper, and Marble let out a breath.
  36. >The other two would certainly be wild cards, but at least she was with Fleur.
  37. >Hopefully that would help keep her mind at ease.
  38. >Yet, knowing Fleur, she just might take the opportunity to tease her further.
  39. >They made their way out of the crowd, standing off in an as-of-yet uninhabited spot nearest to the wall.
  40. >Marble was fidgeting with her skirt while Fleur looked around, easily seeing over the heads of most of the other students for their prospective partners.
  41. >Marble had never heard of the two others, but it seemed like Fleur had with the way she was scanning the crowd.
  42. >Fleur’s eyes lit up when she spotted them, a grin splitting her face.
  43. >She waved over two girls.
  44. >One was Fleur’s height, and the other was just a little shorter than Marble.
  45. >”Salut,” Fleur greeted.
  46. >The smaller of the two gave her a shy smile and a nod of her head, but the taller girl just craned her head in acknowledgement.
  47. >”Sassy Saddles,” the tall one said, before wrapping an arm around the shorter one, “Coco Pommel.”
  48. >”Lovely to meet you,” Fleur said, “This is Marble.”
  49. >”I’m aware.”
  50. >Marble cringed under Sassy’s flat, apathetic gaze.
  51. >It was like she was looking through her, not at her.
  52. “H-hello…” Marble muttered to the pair of them, hidden deep in her hair.
  53. >Coco gave her a shy smile and took a step towards her.
  54. >”Sorry about Sassy, she just has to warm up to you,” Coco stage whispered.
  55. “Mhm..”
  56. >”Coco,” Sassy spoke softly, but her voice was firm.
  57. >Coco blushed and smiled sheepishly as she padded back over to where Sassy was standing.
  58. >”Shall we meet at the lab after classes, then? We’re researching the excavation of Pompeii and I’d rather not dally,” Sassy said to Fleur.
  59. >”Oui, I have one more class to complete, as does Marble.”
  60. >Fleur seemed to bristle a little at Sassy’s tone, and when she saw her loop an arm around Coco’s shoulders she did the same with Marble, pulling her in close.
  61. >”We’ll meet you there, then.”
  62. >Her piece said, Sassy strode away.
  63. >Coco was quick to follow, hot on her heels.
  64. >Marble’s head tilted when she saw that Coco was holding her own bag, but there was also another slung around her back.
  65. >Curious.
  66. >”She’s rather rude, no?”
  67. “Ah… Mhm.”
  68. >Fleur glanced at the clock situated on the far wall.
  69. >”Come, we’ll be late if we do not hurry.”
  70. >Marble fiddled with her skirt a little more and followed Fleur’s path out of the classroom.
  71. >Sassy and Coco would certainly be an interesting duo to work with.
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