A few questions for us

Sep 25th, 2018
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  1. Omkar writes...
  3. I eagerly wait for your shows to get released every week. I listen to show in mostly audio-only format sometimes live that too linuxunplugged.
  4. I have hopped on every distro like arch linux, manjaro-kde, fedora, ubuntu, solus, elementaryos, kubuntu, LFS and lot more still at the end I am remained with Linux mint, cause' I find it very stable which is my main distro.
  5. My 1st Linux Distro was Linux mint 7 and currently use Linux mint 19 (cinnamon) on Lenovo ThinkPad t430. My all family members use Linux, some are on Linux mint 18.3, Ubuntu 16.04 and my boss is on Elementary OS 0.4.
  7. I find Wes knowledgeable and the way he explains stuff on techsnap and linux unlplugged is fascinating. Since you changed the format of the shows, I started to like audio shows than video shows (except if you are live/recorded show at various linux fest).
  9. I have few questions for you.
  10. 1. What kind of hardware setup you have configured for Proxmox-ve and which version of proxmox-ve are you using.
  11. 2. What are the droplet specs for gitlab and peertube instance.
  12. 3. Have you used Traefik? If not in what scenario you would like to use it. (Well, I am asking this question cause' I was testing on digitalocean droplet using docker compose with additional
  13. containers as odoo (ERP), (mail))
  15. I hope you produce great shows in the future.
  17. Thank you very much.
  18. Omkar
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