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  1. X@gmail.com>
  2. 11:05 AM (4 hours ago)
  4. to support
  5. Hi,
  7. I was told by the Reddit CM to contact this email for help. I have just been banned for Ban Evasion. Account name is *. Previous account name is *. I want this to be reversed or be reimbursed because I just paid for 3 months and only played one day.
  9. Some backstory: some eleven months ago I posted a thread in the forum support section. I was having a bad day and I was upset that I hadn't been able to get the ESEA client up and running because I couldn't get my Steam ID to work in my profile. This was back when we needed to add it manually. The instructions were misleading. I asked for help and communicated my disappointment with those instructions that led to errors and an inability to join pugs. Lpkane helped me by changing it himself. I thanked him, and again made a point that this could have been avoided if the instructions were clearer. Lpkane didn't want to hear about it and he told me to drop it permanently.
  11. But I don't deal well with authority: if I think I'm right and what I say can help others, I will not be silenced. So, before I went to play I went in the suggestion forum and posted my suggestion there to make the instructions clearer. It was a simple post with absolutely no malicious intent whatsoever. I see now that the system has changed and ESEA uses the "sign in through steam" to avoid any confusion, which is perfect. If it had been like this from the start I would have never been banned for suggesting to improve it.
  13. Now, I ask you to please revise this decision. Please revise this case. I did not deserve this ban. I have looked through the list, and the only thing I might have deserved was 'disrespecting an admin' or 'website abuse' which are both only one day bans. To be honest, I don't even believe I deserved these. What I did, as a matter of fact, is *annoy* one admin, who convinced himself that he was right and I was wrong, and nothing more.
  15. So again, please review my case. I would like to play on esea. If you believe the ban was absolutely fair, then I would simply ask to to be reimbursed for the 3 months I just paid for (minus the day I played yesterday) and I will never have anything to do with ESEA ever again.
  17. Thanks for your time
  20. ESEA Support
  21. 11:32 AM (3 hours ago)
  23. to me
  24. You (*) evaded a previously placed ban (previous account : *) and have been banned for ban evasion. Your current ban expiration is set to coincide with the expiration of the original ban, and will not be removed any sooner. Once your ban expires feel free to return. If you continue to evade your previous ban, you will continue to be re-banned. Your original ban is justified, and we do not offer refunds.
  28. X@gmail.com>
  29. 11:33 AM (3 hours ago)
  31. to ESEA
  32. I did evade a ban, indeed. But how was it justified? Can you show me the evidence that demonstrates that I have behaved maliciously and indeed deserve to be banned for an entire year in the first place? Thanks
  35. ESEA Support
  36. 11:37 AM (3 hours ago)
  38. to me
  39. Malicious activity bans are placed based on the administrators discretion. We do not release evidence pertaining to any ban.
  42. X@gmail.com>
  43. 12:09 PM (3 hours ago)
  45. to ESEA
  46. That sounds like a very convenient response to avoid the case altogether. Discretion? I have the same evidence that he does and I want to dispute its legitimacy. The threads are public, and the PMs hold nothing in them that were malicious and if I could sign into my account I could prove it. There were a couple PMs and a couple threads, nothing else. 'Might makes right' is what you're saying. That because he had the power to do it, it must have been legitimate.
  48. But it's not. Just like the fact that nature gave me the power to make a fist and punch someone, but that doesn't make it right. And as the victim here I have a reason to expect you as a business to treat me as fairly as you can. Look, I'm not the asshole here. I'm not saying 'the customer is always right'. That's bullshit and the customer can be wrong, me included. But the opposite is also bullshit, admins aren't always right just because they are admins.  An admin is just a human being who can make poor judgments as well. All I'm asking is for you to show this customer where exactly he behaved maliciously. It's the least you can do considering I pay for this service. Do we put people in prison without making it clear why they were sentenced in the first place? It's an extreme example but it's the same thing. You're telling me 'the admin is always right', all punishments are justified. Then show me the evidence. Show me that it was justified as you say and is therefore fair. If you do not present this evidence, then it's only fair to assume that the 'malicious activity' category is just completely arbitrary and was put in place to avoid any standards of fairness.
  50. I understand how, despite my best efforts, I must be annoying for being persistent, but it is precisely this persistence that annoyed the admin who banned me. And the point is that annoying a person (unwilling) and behaving maliciously are two completely different things. All I'm asking is for this to be acknowledged, and my punishment adjusted accordingly. If not, I want to be reimbursed. There is no way in hell that any business should get away with treating someone so unfairly and taking their money on top of it.
  52. Thanks for your time
  55. X@gmail.com>
  56. 12:50 PM (2 hours ago)
  58. to ESEA
  59. A couple more things:
  61. If you refuse to review this case, and believe that ESEA has nothing to hide, I would ask you to kindly send me the logs of the PMs between me and lpkane on the account *. I have checked my emails and the PMs do not show up, and my ban prevents me to access the inbox.
  63.  If this cannot be resolved between you and me with common sense, I will make my case public and show the PMs and the threads and let people judge for themselves if they should do business with ESEA or not. It will be my last recourse as a dissatisfied customer. I really do hope it doesn't have to go there. If I do not receive a response in the next few hours I will assume you have decided to ignore me and I will go on with this.
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