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Tyler's recent job story

ChrisLAS Jul 31st, 2018 230 Never
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  1. Tyler writes...
  4. Hey Chris and Wes! It's been a little while since TechSnap was on the topic of 'Finding a Job in Open-Source', but I wanted to share my story and thanks for the advice that was giving awhile back. After finding Jupiter Broadcasting shows a little over 3 years ago, I started my journey with Linux and open-source software. It wasn't too far into my endeavour that I came to the conclusion that I wanted to work with Linux and open-source technologies as a full-time job. I had always had an passion for managing my own servers and spinning up open-source solutions to make my life (and those of my friends and family) easier.
  6. As a recent college graduate, I was working as technical support for an alarm security manufacturer in southwest Missouri. During any free-time I had, I would study for the LPIC and practice everything in Linux Academy or a DigitalOcean Droplet. Knowing that I didn't have any previous professional experience as a SysAdmin, I took good advice given from TechSnap and started working on a website to blog about all of the different open-source projects that I was working on. My hope in doing this was to not only display my level of knowledge and attention to detail, but to show that this wasn't going to be a fleeting hobby; It was important to show that a future employer could invest in me just as I was trying my best to invest myself in learning how to best utilize Linux. I knew that it also wouldn't hurt if I got my Linux Essentials certification (with some help from Linux Academy).
  8. A couple of years passed, and thankfully a position opened up at my current employer looking for a Systems Administrator. I was also pleasantly surprised that out of the other major employers in my area, my current employer utilized far more Linux servers and open-source technologies while the others were stuck with Windows. Needless to say, I applied for the position and got it! Now i'm working mostly with Linux servers every day and learning a lot currently about what the Elastic Stack and SALT Stack have to offer (among other things). =]
  10. Just wanted to thank all of those who gave their advice through those episodes and for the two of you for working on TechSnap every week. It has made 'Finding a Job in Open-Source' far more exciting than just finding 'another job'!
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