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Mar 1st, 2016
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  1. The creators of Bible Black series, the best selling S&M hentai anime series ever, are proud to give you
  2. Discipline, a sex-filled dreamy story of campus life where the gals are slutty, and the scenery is so cock-bursting!!
  4. Original story with a plot that can harden the limpest dick! See a variety of sex scenes, from raunchy, passionate, humorous to romantic!
  6. Takuro, our hero, is drowning in sex! All the sexy girls with huge tits are after his manhood. And who can blame them. It’s a throbbing monster that keeps growing when inside a girl’s mouth and pussy! It can cum again and again for god knows how many times!
  8. Superb animation quality and great character designs! The animation is so lifelike you’d want to literally fuck the girls and touch them yourself. At St. Alcadia, you’ll see lots of cosplays from pink nurses, bondage and all kinds of sexy outfits for all types of tastes that can rival any high fashion runways or strip joints. Talk about works of art that can make you laugh and cum!
  10. View original pencil sketches and see how our talented artists developed each character and frame to fulfill your fantasies.
  12. Watch sexy Discipline gals caress their tits & hips and fuck like wild animals!
  13. Check out their watering holes, and get disciplined!!
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