Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [divbox=#FFFFFF][aligntable=right,0,0,0,0,0,transparent][img]https://i.imgur.com/O93jP8a.png[/img][/aligntable]
  4. STATEMENT FORM[/size][/b]
  5. Statement #
  7. [hr][/hr]
  9. [b]Date:[/b] 2019-08-26
  10. [b]Time:[/b] 00:30
  11. [b]Location of Incident:[/b] Los Santos Freeway, Southbound lanes - North of Las Colinas Boulevard on ramp
  12. [b]Reporter's Name:[/b] Vincent Carbone
  13. [b]Reporter's DOB:[/b] 2019-08-26
  14. [b]Reporter's Phone Number:[/b] 1770450 (phone stolen)
  15. [b]Reporter's Domestic Address:[/b] Valentines Hotel
  16. [b]Reporter's Employer:[/b] Thomas Spilotro
  19. [i]I, [u]Vincent Carbone[/u], make this written statement voluntarily to the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department in the presence of [u]Henry Westley and Kameliya Shishkanova[/u].[/i]
  20. [hr][/hr]
  22. I was kidnapped after being lured by a girl I liked. She invited me for a dinner, her name is Songul. Then two of her friends came, Robbin and possibly a Dom. I know where she lives, 897 Camino del Sol, Richman. So, she invited me for a drink, then a guy and a girl came into the bedroom. They had M4s. The Dom, guy had a blue shirt. Robbin had a full black outfit. Dom is young, he kinda seemed Italian, black hair. Robbin had a blonde pony tail. They were dressed all black. They seem to be a group or something, since they have such heavy guns. Song was wearing shorts and had blonde hair as well, she is caucasian. She is super rich. She acted like she was into me aswell. I've know her for like 3 days. But we see each other for hours. The first time I saw her friends was today, I never saw them inside her house before. I just went twice to the house before. They been calling her Song, instead of her full name. Also, Tommy might have her phone number. I lost mine. So I was about to get into the bedroom with her. Then they all showed up. They brought a pink Huntley then they brought me to Las Venturas. After beating me here and there. They beat me up with guns, they slammed me twice with the back. They shot me in my right arm. They stomped me with their feet. That Dom seemed to be the leader, also maybe the dating girl I liked, the Song girl. They tied me and took my phone and went through my contacts. They didn't take my wallet. They probably wanted to target a friend of mine. So they looked if I have the number. They just wanted revenge. Also, the guy got mad because I was kinda taking his girl. Which I never known she wasn't single. They left me in the desert, I kept begging. Songul is the owner of the house by the way. My employer, Thomas, has her phone number.
  24. [hr][/hr]
  26. [i]I the undersigned do solemnly swear and affirm that all the above written information is true to my knowledge. I understand that the intentional falsification of any information provided in this official statement may lead to legal prosecution. I do agree to testify in court, should the need arise.[/i]
  28. [u]x Vincent Carbone[/u]
  30. [hr][/hr]
  31. [b]LSSD Deputy Information[/b]
  33. [b]Name:[/b] Kameliya Shishkanova
  34. [b]Rank:[/b] Deputy Sheriff
  36. [u]x Kameliya Shishkanova[/u][/divbox]
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