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  1. /help [Page] - Shows a list of commands. 7 per page.
  2. /playerlist - Shows a list of players
  3. /reload - Reloads config
  4. /listbans <IP or bans> - Gives a list of bans
  5. /banip [Player] <Reason> - Bans the player's IP
  6. /unbanip [IP] - Unbans the IP
  7. /ban [Player] <Reason> - Bans the player
  8. /unban [Player] - Unbans the player
  9. /mute [Player] - Toggles mute on player.
  10. /tp [Player] - Teleports to player. Credits to Zet from SA
  11. /tphere [Player] - Teleports the player to you
  12. /kick [Player] <Reason> - Kicks player
  13. /item [ID] [Amount] <Player> - Gives items
  14. /kit [Kit] - Gives a kit. To get a list of kits type /kit
  15. /listwarps - Gives a list of available warps
  16. /home - Teleports you home
  17. /sethome - Sets your home
  18. /setspawn - Sets the spawn point to your position.
  19. /me [Message] - * hey0 says hi!
  20. /msg [Player] [Message] - Sends a message to player
  21. /spawn - Teleports you to spawn
  22. /warp [Warp] - Warps to the specified warp.
  23. /setwarp [Warp] - Sets the warp to your current position.
  24. /removewarp [Warp] - Removes the specified warp.
  25. /getpos - Displays your current position.
  26. /compass - Gives you a compass reading.
  27. /time [Time|day|night] - Changes time
  28. /lighter - Gives you a lighter for lighting furnaces
  29. /motd - Displays the MOTD
  30. /modify [player] [key] [value] - Type /modify for more info
  31. /whitelist [operation (add or remove)] [player]
  32. /reservelist [operation (add or remove)] [player]
  34. /joinchannel [channel]
  35. /leavechannel [channel]
  36. /newchannel [channel] : You automatically join this channel after creating it.
  37. /delchannel [channel]
  38. /ch [channel] : Change your current output channel.
  39. /settag [channel] [tag] : Set the tag of that channel.
  40. /channels : List all channels available
  41. /chlist *[channel] : List everyone in your current channel. *Optional: Specify channel.
  43. Cuboid selection : when holding a wood shovel, right click on a bloc, then another bloc. On This image, the two points you have to set up are A and G. It displays messages, and you're ready to type a treatment command. Issuing a treatment command on a cuboid DOES NOT reset the selection.
  44. - Needs the right to use /protect or /cuboid command
  45. /protect <player> g:<groupName> <name of the cuboid> : The big one. This sets the owners of the selected cuboid. Only owners, members of the specified group, and unrestricted players can build and remove blocs in an protected cuboid.
  46. The command is NOT case sensitive. "John" and "john" will be considered the same player. Protection is active on server restart (I plan to make this a choice).
  47. Groups members are checked as often as needed. This means that if you allow the "merchant" group in a certain cuboid, then insert "john" into the "merchant" group, he will instantly be able to interact with the cuboid.
  48. Here are some examples of commands : /protect Relliktsohg home--> I will be the only owner of the area, now called "home"
  49. /protect g:admins g:moderators John Potatoe --> any member of admins, moderators and john will be set owners of an area called "Potatoe".
  50. /protect Relliktsohg g:mages hey0 magesTower --> the order doesn't matter.
  51. - Requires the right to use /protect command
  52. /!\ Beware : you cannot - yet - set cuboids inside one another. Err... actualy you can. But the priority is not yet taken into account, so the older cuboid always has priority. I'll modify this in a future update.
  53. Wood Sword : Right-click when pointing to a block to know its owners. "g:groupName" means anyone in the group can interract with the block.
  54. - no right needed
  55. /listprotected : will output the list of the protected cuboids, by name.
  56. - Requires the right to use /protect command
  57. /unprotect <protected cuboid name> : will remove the protected cuboid. Another alias is /removeprotected
  58. - Requires the right to use /protect command
  59. /toggleprot : turns on/off the cuboid protection (worldwide). If there is any problem with the protection system you can turn if off easily.
  60. - Requires the right to use /protect command
  61. /creload : re-reads the data file, in case you edited it manually
  62. - Requires the right to use /protect command
  63. /cfill <bloc ID|name> : Fills the selected cuboid with the specified blocType. accepted IDs are between 1 and 84 (the only real blocs available). This has proven VERY handy to repair griefed areas.
  64. This beach has been emptied by glass-hungry people ? No worries ! "/cfill sand" and it is good as new.
  65. This lake has flowing water on the surface, and is no longer flat ? Haha, here comes the /cfill stillwater !
  66. etc...
  67. Please do not abuse. I put that here for moderating purposes, not for you to instantly build 50-blocs-high-walls.
  68. - Requires the right to use /cuboid command
  69. /creplace <bloc ID|name> <bloc ID|name> : Replaces all specified blocTypes with the last blocType specified, within the selected cuboid.
  70. For instance : /replace grass sand goldore will replace any grass(2) or sand(12) block by gold ore(14).
  71. You can also use itemIDs if you like, or mix both : /replace 2 sand 14 will do the same as above.
  72. - Requires the right to use /cuboid command
  73. /cdel : Simply removes any bloc withing the Cuboid. I've removed a lot of unwanted constructions with this thing.
  74. Same as above, please do not abuse. (Though it is tempting to use this to flatten the area for you soon-to-come huge manor )
  75. - Requires the right to use /cuboid command
  76. /csize : Displays the number of blocs inside the selected cuboid
  77. - Requires the right to use /cuboid command
  78. /ccircle <radius> <block ID|name> [height] : You only need to select one point. It draws a circle on the ground with the specified block type. Optionally, you can specify a height to create a cylinder. (negative height is possible - carful with going through bedrock)
  79. /csphere <radius> <block ID|name> : You only need to select one point. It builds an empty sphere around the selected center, with the specified block type.
  80. /cball <radius> <block ID|name> : You only need to select one point. It builds a filled sphere around the selected center, with the specified block type.
  81. /cfaces <block ID|name> : Needs two corners selected. It builds the faces of the selected cuboid. If you're afraid of the dark, don't place yourself inside, place some toches beforhand, or build it with glass
  82. /cwalls <block ID|name> : Needs two corners selected. It builds the faces of the selected cuboid, without floor and ceiling. Also, resolves the fear of the dark, as sunlight can now go through the roof \o/
  83. /undo : Reverts the last action performed on a cuboid (doesnt work will with circles / spheres /balls yet)
  84. /copy and /paste : select two corners of a cuboid, copy it, then paste it. Carful, the copied cuboid will be deleted once you select another cuboid. In other terms, you can copy, select a point, paste, select another point, re-paste etc... but as soon as you select two points in a row, I'll remove the copy from memory.
  85. One more thing : you cannot - yet - undo a paste.
  86. The selected point should be the North East lower corner of the copied cuboid. I haven't found an easy way to orientate the thing, so this will have to do, for now.
  87. /csave <name> : select a cuboid, type /csave <name> : it will be saved server-side, in a folder called "cuboids", and a sub-folder of the player name. Type /csave <name> overwrite will write over a previously existing file.
  88. /cload <name> : select a single point, type /cload <name> : this will paste the requested cuboid. You cannot - yet - undo a paste.
  89. /clist : prints the list of available cuboids. Unrestricted player can also type "/clist <player name>" to access the list of this player.
  91. - players allowed to use the "/griefalert" command can use "/gcheck" to teleport to the last incident, or type "/gcheck <label>" to teleport to an older one.
  92. - the alert system in on by default
  93. - allowed groups members can type /griefalert to turn the alert system on/off
  94. - when turned on/off, allowed members will be displayed a message
  95. - /GAreload (not case sensitive) will reload the content of the watchedBlocks.txt
  96. - Bonus : plalyers with the right to use "/degriefstick" can remove any bloc by holding a stick (id 280) and right-clicking on it. (Works great to remove obsidian, admium, and any griefer bloc)
  98. /setatm - Sets a block location where blocks need to be positioned to deposit correctly.  See atm.png for example of an atm.  As admin, I stool in the gap (on top of the middle brick) of the atm and did /setatm.  This sets the location of the ATM to where my feet are.  I then finished the ATM by placing the wood blocks on the top and added a sign.
  100. /buy [itemid] [amount] [cost] - Flags next right mouse click to set block hit as shop block.  Players that right click that block will have account deducted for cost and have amount of itemid spawned. (ex. smooth stone stack costs 5 bux : /buy 1 64 5)
  102. /pay [player] [amount] - This will transfer credits from one player to another.
  104. /account - Lets player see account balance as well as sets up a new one if they don't already have one and credits them 10 poembux.
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