Alterac Character List

Nov 12th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Alterac:
  3. Prince Alric Perenolde
  4. Young second heir of Alterac. Prince Alric has straight hair that goes past shoulders that is black and he has a short tidy moustache. He usually wears brown breeches tucked into new riding boots and a brown leather jacket on top of white undershirt. He prefers to use a khaki chaperon to cover his head.
  6. Captain Normand Garside
  7. Former quartermaster of Royal Life Guards of Alterac. He was ordered by Aiden Perenolde to escort Alric into safety and make sure that he will grow into a just and good man. Now he is a man over fifty and the age shows. His medium length hair and short beard are both gray and heavy lines mark his face.
  9. Maura Garside
  10. Wife of Normand Garside. A lovely person and surrogate mother to Alric.
  12. Trader Beric of Strahnbrad
  13. Alteraci trader who is known for shady deals. Bald, short and lean man, who is sometimes mistaken as a tall gnome. Very volatile and likes to swear.
  15. Lieutenant Austyn Cromwell
  16. Footman still loyal to Alterac. Veteran of the Second War and after that he fought as a mercenary until people loyal to Alterac were called together by Garside. Fights with heavy two-handed battle-axe. Has a wife Lidia, two boys and two daughters. Looks like a soldier, talks like a soldier, is a soldier.
  18. Lieutenant Richard Beckston
  19. A Kul Tiran foot soldier who after Second War went into mercenary business. He has his comrades have worked aboard ships for many years until he and others decided to find employment from Lordaeron. After a bunch of tavern brawls he and his men were hired by Alric Perenolde. Has found home in Alterac and sees himself as part of the Alteraci military and not as a mercenary anymore. Is married to an Alteraci woman called Linda and has a good singing voice.
  21. Sergeant Jon Maxwell
  22. A footman from Stromgarde. Veteran of the Second War that went mercenary after the war ended. Has served numerous employers with a good track record. Hired by Alric Perenolde in 14 ADP and has served him since with good record.
  24. Bill Rover
  25. Former Royal Gamekeeper of Alterac. Now in his early 50s, this scruff man is an expert with a bow and with his loyal tracking hounds, he can track nearly any prey. Just don’t expect him to do any real fighting for long.
  27. Arthur and Alfred Rover
  28. Two identical brothers and sons of Bill Rover. They are in their early 20s and both have scruffy hair. Arthur is more easy-going, while Alfred is the more serious of the two.
  30. Raleigh the True
  31. Raleigh is a Paladin of Silver Hand who is loyal to the fault to the order. He knows the basics of the magic used by Paladins and is a good fighter. He has auburn hair and beard.
  33. Sir Alan Radan
  34. A knight turned into a bandit. Doesn’t really like his work, but does it for survival. Cares his men and tries to think the best of them. Remorseful of his past actions. He is of average height and has short brown hair. Otherwise he looks bit like a rat
  36. Sir Gravis of Knott
  37. A knight who is looking for more glory. With him are Empleton, Thomas and Joe. Gravis is a young man with black clothing and mid-length black hair.
  39. Sergeant Benedict
  40. Benedict is a large man with grey short hair and a burly moustache who previously served Kavdan. Now serving Alric Perenolde as a sergeant within his military. He is a thug through and through.
  42. Sergeant Walter Hahn
  43. Walter Hahn is from Capital City. He is average size and is calm. The men he commands like him as a leader.
  45. Sergeant Dennis Eaton
  46. Dennis Eaton is a small and scrawny man. He has the skill to motivate his men to go a bit further when it is needed.
  48. Matthew Davis
  49. Foreman in The Headlands. A former miller and the current foreman in Dawnholme. Frantically tries to get things to work there.
  51. Eligius
  52. Eligius is a man in his thirties with shaggy hair, tidy beard and moustache. He commonly wears black or grey clothing with a white robe. He is a scribe during days and a warlock during nights while being trained as a spymaster. Skilled in the theory, but requires a lot of practice to learn how to use the powers.
  54. Lady Malevus Silverthread
  55. Malevus in a High Elf serving Voren'thal the Seer. Still early in her career, she was sent to Hillsbrad to find Alric Perenolde and to provide help and to protect him. She is young and inexperienced, but trusts that Light will guide her path. She has red amber hair that she keeps short on her forehead and swept to the left, but otherwise lets it grow. Has a beautiful singing voice. Is a part of the renowned Silverthread family that are known for being master couturiers
  57. Chief of City Guard Stein
  58. Stein is an average man with an awful sense of direction. He is a good fighter.
  61. Neutrals:
  63. Kris Legace
  64. Freeroaming trader with connections to the Syndicate. Is allowed to operate in Syndicate controlled territory without any problems as long as she pays enough tribute, acquires them supplies or gives them information.
  66. Mayor Fowley
  67. Mayor Fowley is a small bookish man who is more a businessman than the mayor of Tarren Mill. He sees the town as his business to run and has done relatively good job.
  69. Orion Hampton.
  70. Former Paladin of Silver Hand. His training had just begun when the Second War started. He served with honor, but lost his right hand, the sword hand during the Siege of Capital City. Since then he has acted as a priest and wandered the lands to bring the Light to the peasants before settling down to Tarren Mill.
  72. Monica Sengutz
  74. Innkeeper in Tarren Mill. Has a burgundy shoulder length hair and usually wears a green dress. She has a crush on Alric, but knows that he can't return the feelings. Best friend of Alric
  76. Magistrate Maleb
  77. Magistrate Maleb is the leader of Southshore. He is a firm man who thinks about what benefits Southshore. He is loyal to Lordaeron and the ideals of King Terenas. Wears blue robes usually.
  79. Magistrate Burnside
  80. Magistrate Burnside is the leader of Hillsbrad. He is a man who works for the benefit of his town and tried to find ways to make most profit. But he does have his morals and senses still in place.
  82. Lord Blackmoore
  83. Aedelas Blackmoore is the cruel and ambitious ruler of Durnholde Keep and the Commander of Internment Camps. He has a long black hair and brown beard. Owner of the orc gladiator called Thrall.
  85. Karramyn Langston
  86. Karramyn Langston is the second in command of Aedelas Blackmoore. He is a coward, but serves Blackmoore loyally.
  88. Taretha Foxton
  89. Taretha has a long blond hair and a sweet smile. She is the mistress of Lord Blackmoore and a good friend of Alric and a big sister to Thrall.
  91. Uther the Lightbringer
  92. Legendary Paladin. The man who signed the death warrant of Kingdom of Alterac. Respected everywhere and whose voice will be heard.
  94. Arthas Menethil
  95. Crown Prince of Kingdom of Lordaeron. Arrogant piece of shit that will end up getting everyone killed.
  97. Jaina Proudmoore
  98. Daughter of Daelin Proudmoore, the ruler of Kul Tiras. Studies magic in Dalaran and is considered a prodigy. Apprentice of Archmage Antonidas.
  100. Archmage Antonidas
  101. The leader of Kirin Tor. The most powerful human mage in the world. Puts the interests and safety of Dalaran above everything else.
  103. King Terenas Menethil
  104. The old king of Lordaeron. A skilled statesman and someone who will do everything he can for his kingdom. Fair, but harsh.
  106. Queen Lianne Menethil
  107. The queen of Lordaeron. Mother of Calia and Arthas.
  109. Calia Menethil
  110. Daughter of Terenas Menethil and big sister of Arthas Menethil.
  112. Prince Kael'thas
  113. The heir and Prince of Quel'thalas. Prideful, but pragmatic heir of his people. Strong mage and excellent swordman.
  115. King Varian Wrynn
  116. The king of Stormwind. Martial king that fights for his homeland. Detests Orcs and those who work with them. Would do anything to defend his people.
  118. Lady Katrana Prestor
  119. A prominent member of Stormwind House of Nobles and a wealthy noble lady. An ally of Prince Alric.
  121. Lady Nalice
  122. A servant to Lady Katrana and a skilled arcanist. Is very proud of her skills and abilities.
  124. Edwin VanCleef
  125. The Guildmaster of Stonemason's Guild. Cooperating with Prince Alric.
  127. Erefor Pelija
  128. Master Mason of Stonemason’s Guild. Working in Dawnholme.
  130. Captain Reginald
  131. A Captain in Regional Defenders and now stationed in Dawnholme.
  133. Othmar Garithos
  134. A Colonel and the commander of Regional Defenders. A large brutish man with a hatred towards Orcs and other inhumans.
  136. Chief Lodrig
  137. Lodrig is the leader of Stonedon. He is a stubborn man, but he sees his people's survival as the most important thing in the world.
  139. Ragis
  140. Housecarl of Chief Lodrig. A tall bald man with a short braided beard.
  142. Michael Trand
  143. Michael Trand, formerly a Commander in the Army of Alterac in the service of King Aiden Perenolde. Currently the representative of the Alteracis in Capital City to King Terenas.
  145. Kastor Kavdan
  146. The son of Colonel Kavdan and in service of Michael Trand.
  148. The Barovs
  149. Alexi Barov is the professional of the siblings, Weldon is the indifferent one with interest on horses and Jandice is a master illusionist and an archmage of Dalaran.
  153. Syndicate:
  155. Prince Aliden Perenolde
  156. Aliden Perenolde is the son of Aiden Perenolde and the heir to the throne of Alterac. He is in his 40s; though his body is strong, his grey hair shows his age. His clothing and armor often feature the Perenolde crest. Aliden currently leads the Syndicate, a bandit group that includes Alterac's fallen nobles who seek to reclaim their kingdom.
  158. Lady Behind A Cloth
  159. Mysterious woman who has been recruiting informants and spies for The Syndicate. Has sent information to Alric through Kris Legace.
  161. Lord Falconcrest
  162. A leader in the Syndicate, right hand man of Aliden Perenolde
  164. Lord Creedy
  165. A leader in the Syndicate.
  167. Ieastyn Reeves
  168. A bald, broad shouldered man with a face full of scars. Rogue in the service of the Syndicate
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