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Jan 29th, 2016
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  1. Jon,
  3. After one week using the site, I see the potential to really add to
  4. social gaming in a major way. There are sites that allow you to write
  5. about games, but none of them are really worth using. It's just a
  6. blog, usually, and someone has to seek that out. This really has the
  7. potential (and has already done so, even with our limited userbase) to
  8. start real conversations about games with complete strangers, and make
  9. new friends in the process. It feels natural.
  11. I'm loving it, every minute of it.
  13. The games list works quite well (even though it's culled from
  14. Wikipedia at the moment) for finding games and creating an internal,
  15. searchable database. The trophies give a good sense of contribution,
  16. while not getting in the way.
  18. As for what I don't like, well, nothing. You have my suggestions (and
  19. expect more) but that isn't something I don't like, it's just things
  20. that aren't present and/or bugs. I think you've got a solid framework
  21. here, and an even more solid start.
  23. Three things I'd like to see:
  24. -- More community interaction. Perhaps the main page could have the
  25. most recent posts and/or comments, most popular games people are
  26. talking about, etc.
  28. -- More interaction with *other* communities. The ability to post
  29. things automatically to other networks, and more network possibilities
  30. (tumblr, wordpress, livejournal (if anyone still uses that)).
  32. -- More people! I don't know anything about getting users to a site,
  33. but it can only thrive with more people. I'll help out in any way I
  34. can.
  36. Thanks again for thinking of me for this-- it's an honor to be on the
  37. launchpad for this site.
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