Shaman King and Kesshouha

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  1. Shaman Fight RP:
  2. The world of 2020, where humanity has progressed greatly throughout the years. As a result of that progress, however, nature has been stifled and tarnished again and again. Massive rainforests are burnt down without assistance from humanity, or started by greedy humans. People drill into the planet for oil, and wage war over habitats that were previously sacred, stomping on the fertile grounds of the Earth herself and leaving it in tatters. More than ever, there is a need for a new Shaman King. The last has retired himself and the Patch Tribe is at a loss for what to do as the world seems more and more hellbent on ruining the connection between spirits and the natural world. The comets Ragoh and Keito have once again pierced the solar system, as they always do when signifying the emergence of the contest to be held within the Shaman World. The contest that will signify who is most worthy to become the Shaman King--- He who bonds with the Great Spirit and obtains the power to act as God over the planet. To find this lone person, a competition known as the Shaman Fight will be held; connecting Shamans from all over the world and their families as they attempt to become 'The One'.
  4. In this Shaman Fight in particular, several families native to Japan have become making moves as this Shaman Fight has become more important than perhaps any other...
  6. The world of Shaman King is first and foremost about bonds. The bonds created between people and spirits, and the bonds between those on a planet constantly being destroyed by the people around them. This RP will focus on the correct answer to the modern world and its progression, quite literally harming and killing nature spirits while alienating shamans from modern society to disasterous, violent results. However, there will also be a large focus on moments of companionship and healing. After all, a Shaman's duty is to guide, heal and help the spirits of the dead pass on to the afterlife: dealing with the leftover feelings and regret those who have lost their lives, be it in the past 20 or 1,000 years have had.
  8. Within this particular Shaman Fight, players will create young shamans who although they may have trained for a great deal of their life, for the most part will be new to the larger applications of their abilities. Meaning it's fine to not have a large amount of knowledge of Shaman King. The RP will focus on exploration of PC and NPC characters through their interactions with the spiritual world beyond the eyes of humanity and the growing issues Shamans have with the modern world. The tone will contain a mixture of lighthearted moments between the cast and deeper drama and the trauma that comes from the state of the world as is, alongside the trauma of members of the Shaman Fight and the conflicts they are constantly thrust into. With a setting that revolves around death, a lot of situations may become rather dark in nature, but Shaman King's themes revolve around understanding pain and sorrow and how to live on without being swallowed by negative emotions. Although the setting's conflict revolves around the Shaman Fight and Shaman King, part of the RP will always focus on Ghosts and their interactions with the living world, and the first 'arc' on helping spirits and setting up not only what exactly the Shaman Fight entails, but the motivations of various people involved that may take precedence over a simple tournament mission. Shaman King's abilities revolve around working together with a Shaman's Guardian Ghost(s), a partner spirit either from Nature or a Human's soul. Together, they create an 'Oversoul' that can have various forms depending on the user's imagery, the spirit's ego, and the medium the spirit is used with. Though there are various other types of Shamans and Shamaniac abilities, this method is the RP's baseline for its player characters.
  9. At the very start, most players will use the most basic of bonding techniques between spirits known as Hyoi-Gattai(lt. "Spirit Fusion") which bonds the soul of a Spirit to their own, allowing them to utilize the skill and techniques the spirit had in life, usually with a weapon similar to their prefered.
  12. Kesshouha:
  13. An original RP revolving around a group of Japanese highschoolers. Dead in the night, a group is linked together by a meteor shower that devestates the forest and local moutain in their home. The crystals embedded into the meteroite pulsate with a power that bonds itself to each of the young explorers to this crash site. Each of them discovers a strange crystal dyed a shining white. These crystals upon touch absorb into their skin, granting them enhanced physiology and changing their bodies internally. These crystals reconfigure themselves into a far more portable and angled form that appears in the palm of the hand of its wielder and shines with a shade of color representing their specific holders. They're the key to a great mystery happening within Kyoushu City, as alongside the appearnaces of these crystals are strange creatures known as the Kesshoujuu(lt. "Crystal Monsters") that have seemingly emerged from the very ground. These beasts quickly begin terrorizing the residents of the island and with their overwhelming power, the relatively peaceful life of its residents is thrown into dissary.
  15. However, the gift of these strange crystals, known more simply as 'Kesshou', have far more gifts to bestow upon the ones who have taken them. The Kesshou can be used to summon a piece of armour around the user's body, its size and properities dependant on the person. By manifesting the image of their soul upon themselves, the Kesshouha(lt. "Breaking Crystal") don a powerful strength allowing them to stand up to the [insert crystal monster name]. However, the burden that comes from such mysterious powers will change the lives of the people who have awakened them forever, as the state of their home is thrown into a horrible conflict as a result.
  17. This RP is centered more around the conflicts of man vs monster, with an invading force of creatures there is little information about. The drama that extends from the player characters receiving their abilities will affect them and the people of the city as a whole. As it is an original idea, there are a lot of paths it may take which will require more effort to be put into its setup overall. Still, the server should focus on the battles to keep the city safe and the different ways the supernatural events shape the people thrust into its conflict, as well as discovering more of the nature of Kesshouha and the strange items they've all found. The armours gained heavily vary, thus players can be encouraged to tailor their character's powers to their own likes rather than follow a hard set system, within reason.
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