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  1. You were entirely unsure of why fate had its sights on you today. For whatever reason, you had found yourself in a freak string of bad luck. First you lost your wallet this morning, then your date stood you up, and finally you had accidentally torn a part of your pants. Specifically, in the back, much to your embarrassment. It wasn’t a huge hole, but anyone who looked close enough would see a bit of your snow-white underwear. As such, you made an effort to not give anybody a reason to stare at your ass.
  3. Unfortunately, you were so engrossed in your own thoughts that you had failed to see the small girl you were walking directly towards, knocking her over as you walked home. Quickly you apologized, asking if the “little girl” was alright.
  5. “Excuse you!?” She shouted back, staring at your extended hand in disbelief. “I am not a child!”
  7. She huffed and pouted, staring at you with anger in her eyes. It seemed like your initial guess was wrong, and she was just rather short. Once again, you apologized for the misunderstanding and still offered to help her up.
  9. “Don’t you patronize me! I can get myself up just fine, thank you very much!” You sighed. Clearly this girl wasn’t going to accept any apology you were offering. After seeing her stand up and dust herself off, you opted to take your leave, walking past her.
  11. You couldn’t have gotten very far until you heard her voice again.
  13. “Hey, stop right there!” You craned your head back, looking behind you to see the girl walking towards you. Now that you got a better look at the way she was dressed, the best way you could describe her was…bat-like. You questioned what she wanted, but she didn’t seem to care about the words you were saying.
  15. “How can you call someone else childish…” She began, her hands digging into your pants. “When you were kid underwear like tighty-whities!?”
  17. The small woman hauled your underwear up your rear end, your hands immediately cupping your crotch as the snow-white material dug into your backdoor.
  19. “Jeez, and I thought Hikage’s grannies were stretchy.” She mused to herself as the cotton poured out of your pants, the legholes not even showing despite the brutality of the pull. You clearly did underestimate this girl, despite her size she was immensely strong!
  21. “Dork! Dork! Dork!” She chanted as she delivered rapid tugs to your underwear, tears welling up in your eyes as your crack was stuffed to the brim with the cotton.
  23. Suddenly the girl flew over your head, taking your underpants with her as they stretched far beyond your head before snapping onto your chin.
  25. “Hmph. Normally I’d be satisfied by this, but you really irritated me.” The girl flatly stated, hands still on your waistband as she contemplated what to do with you. Your crack was in so much pain right now that you couldn’t even think of something worse than this. But as if a lightbulb went off in the girl’s brain, she began pulling down on the waistband some more, stretching it all the way down to your crotch before sliding in between your legs and feeding the underwear back through.
  27. This continued several times. The girl would fly above your head, then slide back in between your legs, repeating the brutal atomic so many times that you were surprised your ass wasn’t literally smoking from the sure amount of friction in it. By the time the fabric stopped stretching, you resembled nothing more than a wad of cotton with limbs.
  29. “Hmph. Let that serve as a lesson to you. Dork!” She reprimanded you further before you tipping you over, causing you to roll down the sidewalk you were previously walking down.
  31. At least it couldn’t get any worse than this.
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