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Dec 12th, 2019
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  1. Many people tend to believe that the Civil War was really second Revolution. This thought may or may not be valid based off of reasons for both of the wars. Throughout this essay reasons for both wars will be discussed, as well as the main issues.
  2. Yes, the Civil War ended with Slavery being an unresolved issue and the American Revolution started because of slavery, but why? During the 1800s the United States was very distinctly divided between the north and the South. The north, included some presidents, wanted to fully abolish slavery. The south kept getting to have their way and keep slavery entact because the Supreme Court was made up mainly of southerners. Slavery was one of the very main issues of the Civil War and American Revolution. The reason for this being that the United States was fully divided between knowing what was right and wrong. Although of course smaller things led up to starting these two wars. Such as fights, arguments, and or scuffles between white people and African Americans where somebody would usually die.
  3. Slavery was the main cause for these wars, but there were other reasons like land dissputes. During this time the United States was a new world and because of this people did not know where to draw the line, literally and metaphorically. Americans have always fought over land. Whether it is about who can live where or who gets however much. People are greedy, especially Americans.
  4. In conclusion I agree with the statement the American Revolution could be considered a second Civil War. They were both American vs American and started and ended for many of the same reasons.
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