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Jan 12th, 2019
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  1. Post-Christianity
  2. God is Hell.
  3. The Keys
  5. • Nothing has rejected what Nothing was not, and it was a word. The word was GOD.
  6. • By rejecting everything the God was not, He became guilty of the Universe. He did not create skies nor planets, but he casted them like a man casts a shadow. By denying everyone who He wasn't and everything He couldn't be, the Lord became the reason of Angels and the seed of life.
  7. • Angels are anti-image of God. Breeding nothingness, in which His silhouette looms. By multiplying, they've multiplied life, meaning and laws, inventing the good and evil.
  8. • Angels and animals did not know any compassion, but they felt fear and pain - and any pain feels like the world for it's victim. God was unlike them. He felt empathy towards their pain, crushed by it with a divine torment only He is capable of.
  9. • However strong His agony was, He himself still was the Law. By force, he retracted as many angels, souls and animals as he could back inside, to make them merge with Him. His suffering was lessened as they've dissolved in him and their pain is gone. But being less of himself, he began to drown into Coma.
  10. • Coma is a process that is reverse to Godbirth, a gradual intergrowth of God and Nothing.
  11. • Man is created by angels in the moment of their dissolution in God - he made in His and Their images at the same time. That is why mankind is doomed to be miserable.
  12. • The Appearance of Christ is a gleam of agonizing God's mind. After collecting the pain of his people in himself, Christ has managed to invoke compassion of enormous number of people, so the torture has bypassed the Lord without claiming His senses, making his burden a little less heavy.
  13. • For thousands of years Exoteric Christianity has healed God's wounds, but then the teaching has begun to fade out.
  14. • And then new kind of Christs arrived - evil dictators, their fanatics and millions of innocent victims, all together secretly focused in a world-saving conspiracy of pity and compassion. And these Appearances were not the last...
  15. • After death, a man's soul flows into God, and God becomes Hell for him, for the man became the one with the Lord, stuck between the torture and the oblivion.
  16. • We have to save God so he could save us. If God will continue to consume angels and decay, eventually we'll also become Nothing, simultaneously being the God. This moment of theurgical singularity is more painful and lasts longer than everything that our Lord himself could imagine with His endless mind.
  17. • Prayers, rituals, religious thoughts and living a pious life devoted to God is the way for a man to both separate himself from God-in-Coma and relieve His burden. By saving the Lord and saving himself from the Lord, a man can reach the Exclusion - the blessing of the final non-divinity through un-making his psyche and becoming the Angelic Heaven: a soulless, thoughtless and timeless existence as after death matter.
  18. • The Grey Church priests help the flock by collecting the rot and fat of their souls during confessions and handing the sins to their ecclesial superiors. The reason for this is forbidden to know.
  22. Thanati
  23. "Transmutation through Death."
  25. The Keys
  27. • Our Multiverse is a bleak and miserable place. Its possibilities are limited and poor even for godlike beings.
  28. • Our Lord Tzchernobog is one of the supreme creatures of the First God, and he showed us the way.
  29. • The Multiverse shall be replaced.
  30. • When the weak Old God created the Universe, he couldn't keep it all in his mind, therefore he created the Living, who were supposed to seal the Order of Things by their faith and conscience.
  31. • A truly new Multiverse cannot exist before Infinity becomes Zero.
  32. • The Moment of Now doesn't exist without the Living.
  33. • Tzchernobog is able to create a far more complicated and marvelous world, where we all shall be reborn.
  34. • To achieve the Great Rebirth, it is necessary for us to destroy the First God by sending Him and all his followers into Oblivion.
  37. Cult of Cons
  38. "We exist only to serve"
  40. The Keys
  41. • God sleeps captured in Time, which is nothing but a Trap for him.
  42. • The essence of God is shared among all humanity. The Spark of Him shines inside every human being.
  43. • Any life is priceless. One's happiness and personality mean nothing.
  44. • Every man exist only due to the Spark and his only purpose is to save it through the Time.
  45. • Everything that serves for the survival of humanity is Goodness.
  46. • Any assistance to man that makes his life easier is virtue.
  47. • Any harm made to living body is Pure Evil.
  48. • The Day when God will rise above all and Time will cease to exist, is expected to come after 30 centuries. Humanity must live till that moment in one form or another.
  49. • In that Day all the Sparks will unite into one Endless Fire and this will be the Greatest Goodness.
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