BMxsugarbelle (perfect pear feels something)

May 13th, 2018
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  1. More importantly, he cried in her hooves when perfect pear happened
  2. >"Ah' can't believe these ponies knew something like this all this time and never told us anything!"
  3. >"It's a hard subject to bring up,"
  4. >"You know, Ah' never told you how much you look like her,"
  5. >"I know,"
  6. >"You do?"
  7. >"Yes, Granny showed me a photo, she even said I sounded just like her and started crying,"
  8. >"W-why'd you never told me that?"
  9. >"I... I didn't want to make you remember, we've been together for a while now, and I understand how much they meant to you and how much it... I just didn't want to see you sad is all,"
  10. >"Ah... Arhm, you're right, Ah'm a stallion, Ah' shouldn't be cryin' like that, sorry, Ah'll just--"
  11. >"No! That's not what I meant, of course it's not what I meant, it's just that seeing you cry like that, seeing my big, strong stallion cry like that just makes me really sad myself, not just because I don't like seeing you like that, but most importantly because I don't really know how to help you,"
  12. >"... Ah' just don't--"
  13. >"But, if crying makes you feel better, then I don't care,"
  14. >"Sugarbelle--"
  15. >"If cuddling my stallion is the only way to make him feel better, then I don't care,"
  16. >"..."
  17. >"I'll just cuddle and hug and kiss him as much as he wants, because I love him,"
  18. >"Ah' love you too,"
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