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  1. David
  2. David is David, he works really hard on making the server function flawlessly, and I respect that. Answers when you ask him for help or queries. David isn't afraid of conflict, which I feel is sometimes good in communities like this.
  3. However, I feel sometimes that the team are ignored; often, this could just be because he is busy, so it comes across as ignoring us. I feel like there are a few aspects of the community that are slacking, which have been mentioned but seems to be ignored, however overall, I could think of worse people to have as an owner.
  5. Nick,
  6. Nick works tirelessly alongside with David and helps us all with questions most commonly related to donations and account support – which goes a long way, especially with increased volumes of questions lately after recent updates with donation status. I often see Nick active on the server participating in activities and getting involved with the community.
  7. However I have noticed somewhat a downtime, sometimes it feels as he isn't here, but we all have an entitlement to be busy, so it's nothing to hold against at all.
  8. Nick is overall a really supportive admin and has done a lot for us all.
  10. Niko
  11. Niko is quick to react to fellow staff members actions and has times where he does not understand what is being said. He often mistakes sentences for something else and will be confrontational about it. I feel Niko needs to not jump to conclusions immediately and to read the sentences again, or ask the person what they meant instead of becoming hostile towards people. I haven't often seen Nik on the server, and again, when he is, he approach towards members and staff is often blunt and forceful.
  12. However, Niko's knowledge on the server makes up for any differences that there are, and I know that if I had any questions that he would be able to help guide me In the right direction.
  13. Rainbow
  14. There's really not much I can say as I've barely seen this person active lately,
  15. I'm sure as time goes on that will change.
  17. Relief  
  18. Again – this staff member has been really quiet lately, and so I've not had the opportunity to talk to them properly, but I've not heard anything bad about them so sure they are doing a good job.
  19. Winning
  20. Constantly has their PM set to off so you cannot get a hold of them if you need them, as regular players. Not seen much activity either, but have noticed the odd few punishment logs. I expect as timezone differences, and we won't see much of each other.
  21. Needs to be more interactive with the community
  22. Needs to be appearing online more.
  24. Hutner;
  25. Hunter has been my right-hand man and has helped me with a lot of questions, and I aimed to help him/her with any questions they have had. Hunter is always active, is always setting up activities and always aims to help provide the community with fun experiences, so mad props to him. I really do not have any bad words to say, mainly just keep it up.
  27. Sarzock
  28. I was apprehensive about this person joining the mod team since all I've ever heard of are bad things, but actually, he seems to be fitting in. I've not seen him much but often pops by on the discord. I think generally just needs to aim to be more active and involved.
  30. Nicc
  31. Nicc is somewhat active, but not really him active for long. Usually just comes by and goes again. Seems to be OK within himself, personality is sometimes confrontational.
  32. Aims to get back with feedback or questions you have.
  33. Should be more active and involved.
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