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  1. He slid his hand across the wall, calmly looking for a gun, as well as some ammo. He would prefer a pistol, as it could be easily hidden inside his clothes.
  2. Of course, this pistol was just for self defense.. Wasn't it? Wasn't it? There were no guns, no shit, why would there be guns here? This is a prison, if there were guns they would be somewhere else. "Damnit, I thought the hosts would put weapons here." Kiriko sighed, yawning. He kept checking for anything he could use for self defense and could be hidden in his coat.
  3. "Cmon, cmon..." Kiriko said, digging through boxes of literal shit. He found a pen. Those can be used for stabbing so they count. He sighed, putting the pen in his pocket.
  4. "I wonder..."
  5. He started searching for a clean (no pages filled or covered) journal, and a magnifying glass. He also looked for some glass bottles.
  6. "Nice!" Kiriko shouted, trying to do 2 rp's at once. he also looked for: Blood collection kit.
  7. Bloodstain pattern documentation kit.
  8. Excavation kit.
  9. Fingerprint kit.
  10. Impression kit.
  11. Pattern print lifter kit.
  12. Trace evidence collection kit.
  13. Trajectory kit. He didn't find those things because why would they be here. Kiriko went to the same place he found the previous magnifying glasses, and grabbed one.
  14. He then flopped on some packing peanuts, falling asleep there. Kiriko finally awoke, and all he saw in front of his face were tiny little pink.. peanuts?
  15. He slowly got up, feeling awful because of his horrible sleep.
  16. He saw that what he had been sleeping in was an empty box of packing peanuts.
  17. Kiriko decided to look around for a cozy jacket.
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