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  1. Normally, to fix this issue, I would re-install the operating system, and it would be gone for good. But since you want to keep the photos on the computer,
  2. I ran a script which removes the "Windows is not genuine" dialog. The drawback with this, is that it is a little less reliable. So, I've included easy instructions below on
  3. how to fix it in case it happens again. Also, I cleaned some viruses, adware and bloat software so the computer should run a little faster aswell.
  5. If this ever happens again, take the following steps:
  7. PART A
  8. =========
  9. 1- Open the Start Menu (Button on the bottom left of the screen)
  10. 2- Search 'cmd'
  11. 3- RIGHT CLICK the first search result and click "Run as Administrator" and press "yes" if a box pops up
  12. 4- In the black screen, type "SLMGR -REARM" exactly as I typed it (without the quotation marks)
  13. 5- Press enter
  14. 6- A box should pop up and you just press the "Yes" button on it. If you can't see the box, look at the bottom of the screen to see if there is something flashing orange. If so, click that to see the box.
  16. If you followed the above instructions and it works, you're done.
  17. If you followed the above instructions and it says something like "you have exceeded .... " in the popup box, then continue to PART B
  19. PART B
  20. =======
  21. 1. Press “Windows + R” you will see Run dialog. Or Go to Start, click Run.
  22. 2. Type “Regedit”. Click Ok. You will see Registry editor window.
  23. 3. Click on Arrow mark which is left to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”.
  24. 4. Click on arrow mark which is left to “SOFTWARE”.
  25. 5. Click on arrow mark which is left to “Microsoft”.
  26. 6. Click on arrow mark which is left to “Windows NT”.
  27. 7. Click on arrow mark which is left to “CurrentVersion”.
  28. 8. Now click on the word “SoftwareProtectionPlatform” not on arrow mark.
  29. 9. Right click on “SkipRearm” in the right window.
  30. 10. Click on “Modify”. Change “Value Data” to “1”.
  31. 11. Restart PC.
  32. 12. Redo PART A
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