Rindou vs Anastacia

Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [16:50] Ryo being too focused on combat seems to not even mind the whack against his face. But she just looks down at Rindou for a moment, blinking. Without much of a word, she moves.
  3. ''Move.'' She demands, walking over the woman and aiming to head towards the training fields. Stopping in front of Tobias, she just waits for him to shift.
  4. (Anastacia Loki)
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  7. [16:53] Tobias winced. He wouldn't bare to watch this rollercoaster of bad luck. It was a tragedy. But, his eyes did happen to catch Anastacia as she walked over the blind woman. His eyebrows furrowed, clearly perturbed by that gesture.
  9. "Hey, what do you think you're doing? That was messed up." he stated to the Loki as he crossed his arms, not budging from his position.
  10. (Tobias Ulrich)
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  13. [16:56] Canting her head to the side, she just squints at Tobias for a moment. Taking a second to look back at the down Rindou, she turns her head back to Tobias again.
  15. ''I'm walking, obviously.'' She smiles, crossing her arms over her chest too. ''And I am going to continue to walk, now if you can move out of my way.''
  16. (Anastacia Loki)
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  19. [16:58] "As if I'd move for someone like you. You just stepped right over my friend." he quipped back, remaining stationary. His cape billowed in the wind dramatically, as he had no intention of moving out of the way. Remaining a roadblock in the middle of the square.
  21. "If you want passage, you're going to have to walk around me! Or, we're going to have a problem." he affirmed.
  22. (Tobias Ulrich)
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  25. [16:58] To the square she floats, still sipping on those freshly brewed agility boosters. She'd gone through a few now, that much evident by the empty bottles clinking together inside her pockets.
  27. "Not doing a very good job at walking if you can't move around someone," she muses, having been just the slightest bit late to the conversation. She'd heard enough, though. Down the hatch another agility potion goes...
  28. (Maisie)
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  31. [16:59] Anders Storms says, "Stars above... You're so saccharine it makes me want to blast her away, Tobias. Quit being so nice."
  32. [17:01] Rindou rightfully ate a bit of dust after her horrible strike of luck. While she was in the process of trying to recover she felt something pressing down - forcing her down to the ground. And again. And again. Someone was... actually stepping all over her, treating her like trash. Treating her like she was some good for nothing.
  34. Just like Aurora had.
  35. Just like Isaac had.
  37. And now, a complete stranger dared to do it? It.. was a bit much. Too much. Far, far, far too much. While Tobias acted as a roadblock to Anastacia the young woman found her hands pushing up against the ground below her. Her body rose up like some sort... odd robot. Her motions were all too direct, without grace, without personality.
  39. She turned around, stepped forward just enough to hear the voice of the one that had dared to treat her like trash and... sent a fist flying to the back of her head. Without any sort of restraint.
  41. Oh boy.
  42. (Rindou Sakamoto)
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  45. [17:12] Tobias wouldn't move? ''It's her own fault for laying on the floor, no one told her to be there.'' An idle shrug, as she seems to keep that smile present. ''If you don't plan to move, then I can also stand here. It makes no difference to me, hmm?''
  47. Her red hues shift to look at Maisie for a moment, raising an eyebrow towards the woman. ''Why should I move for someone else? Or move around them if they are laying in the way.'' A finger moves up to her chin, tapping several times.
  49. Before eyes shift back onto Tobias, unknowing of the rising Rindou behind her. ''So what kind of probl--.''
  51. The fist collides with the back of her head, a resounding smack echoing out throughout the square. It's strong enough to cause her to bend forwards, looking down towards the ground with screaming pain rushing through the back of her skull. Compared to someone that used weapons, she was far more fragile to taking hits.
  53. It was like for a moment, even while she was stood... Consciousness fades for but a moment, before those bloodred eyes of hers turn back to normal. Pain, it wasn't the worst kind she has felt before... But it wasn't like she was entirely used to dealing with it, after having been around for a few years.
  55. A sharp breath, before she brings her head up again. She was clearly hurt by the attack, which is quite obvious when that smile isn't present anymore. She seemed dizzy, mostly. Before an unamused look crosses her features, hands moving up to gently touch against her head.
  57. No words just yet, but she does slowly turn to look at the person responsible.
  58. (Anastacia Loki)
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  61. [17:18] "It's called being courteous of other people. There are people other than yourself, you know. And, it's not her fault that she fell to the ground. She lost her eyesight! The woman can hardly get around, just how inconsiderate can you be?" he asked, his mood only worsening further.
  63. And, that's when the punch happened. He had seen Rindou approach, but he hadn't said a word about it. He watched the woman slug Anastacia in the head without even warning her. But, it did merit a slight gasp from Tobias. Followed by a slight grin.
  65. "I suppose you can call that poetic justice." he muttered, sounding amused.
  67. Though, the red haired man from before was quick to step between them where Tobias didn't. Features that were strikingly familiar to him, causing his eyes to widen. "Huh? You're just like Setsuna." he commented, awaiting to see how this would escalate.
  68. (Tobias Ulrich)
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  71. [17:20] She could feel it; the weight of her fist colliding with the back of the girl's head was something that filled her with relief. A lot of relief. She finally felt like she was where she belonged, like she got the upper hand, like this silence was an applause to her rising up to the level she was meant to be at.
  73. It wasn't enough, though. She hadn't heard an apology. She hadn't felt the one who dared to crush her at her lowest struggle and fall after her own disrespect. She wanted more.
  75. Her right leg moved forward, locking to the side as a surge of mana was sent traveling through the ground. Her hands were kept before her center, acting as a guard while all of her other senses - mainly hearing - were vigilant over what was happening.
  77. The ground before her foot rose up, rocky tiles being sent flying left and right as a wave of scorching earth advanced forth, threatening to catch just about anyone who was in front of her, friend or foe. Herimpaired mind brought forth the kind of words you'd expect from a mad person, one that had clearly been hurt.
  79. "How do you like that, huh?! How does it feel to meet someone who won't take your shit!"
  80. (Rindou Sakamoto)
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  83. [17:20] A finger lifts and her mouth opens, but it wasn't to protest the woman's logic. No, in fact, it was going to be a warning, but she thought better of it. The strike rings true and Maisie flinches, the sound of knuckles against skull far from the most pleasing sound in the world.
  85. She seethes under breath a little, almost as if she herself could feel the punch waylaid against the back of her head.
  87. "W-well-... that had to hurt, I guess." As painful as it must've been, she didn't exactly have much sympathy for the woman. As much as she wanted to give advice on how to be a good Samaritan, now wasn't exactly a good time with the rising tension.
  88. (Maisie)
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  91. [17:22] It's mostly casual, murmured chatter with his brother by the time the Hirai makes his way back into the square, arms loose by his side all the while, and those lips curled ever so slightly-- a peaceful day, relatively, all in all... and he wasn't particularly going to complain.
  93. --until those ocean hues drift over to the square just in time to glance upon Anastacia being smacked in the back of her head. There's a blink, yet another, and then the Chieftain allows just the faintest of sighs to escape outward, stepping closer.
  95. He didn't know much of what was going on, or as to why the Sakamoto decided such was a good idea, but his head slightly tilts over to the side, watching-- the assaulted blonde didn't appear keen on responding in kind, to say the least.
  97. A couple more blinks follow suit at Rindou's words.
  99. "Whatever it is about... if this is to escalate, take it off the square, yeah? Don't even attempt to initiate any sort of ape brawl in here-- doesn't matter who started what."
  100. (Elyon Hirai)
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  103. [17:23] Vetani's eyes look just a bit dull and glassy at the moment. Rindou may not want to be left with her thoughts, but times like these were way, way too loud for the girl to sense.
  105. No words are said to anyone. It's what Vetani believes, to just take the right course of action and to execute it the best she could.
  107. "We won't be in the square... nor any sparring field," she interjects toward Elyon.
  109. For the first time, a hand comes down to place itself on Rindou's shoulder. "Reito? She's a sleepy old lady, so we gotta get to her quickly, Rindou."
  110. (Vetani)
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  113. [17:23] Rindou Sakamoto exclaims, "Oh? Are we in the square? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you being treated like -shit- in your settlement, Elyon!"
  114. [17:24] Yasuyoshi asks, "What in the hell?"
  115. [17:24] Tobias Ulrich says, "Hey, don't diss the settlement. I don't even know this girl."
  116. [17:24] Elyon Hirai asks, "That person-- is from your settlement, Rindou. She's from Huangzhou. That aside; what's even going on?"
  117. [17:24] Tobias Ulrich says, "And I live here."
  118. [17:25] Tobias Ulrich says, "Rindou tripped and fell, because of her visual impairment. Then, this woman stepped over her while she was on the ground. Instead of.. god forbid, going around someone."
  119. [17:25] Tobias Ulrich says, "Rindou got angry, and punched her."
  120. [17:25] Elyon Hirai says, "Well, someone from Huangzhou being an asshole towards another from Huangzhou-- who, in return, responds in kind."
  121. [17:25] Elyon Hirai says, "I think it's natural for me to say take the matter back to Huangzhou, or, well... anywhere away from our square."
  122. [17:26] Arms crossed, looking distastefully at the situation, amber-hued eyes went between Ely to the group, "...Fighting is allowed if someone is being trashy, just take it off the square and do not maim. Unless it is a honour duel agreed by BOTH sides, that agree to maiming and the like...In that case, feel free." If one decided they wanted the chance to lose an arm? Then so be it.
  124. whatever was going on definitely had his attention however.
  125. (Eshmun Hirai)
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  128. [17:28] The comments at her back were heard quite clearly, and the pain resounding through her skull still present. Ryo now arriving, he seemed to be ready at his side to defend her. But he was a little too late, as she had already been assaulted.
  130. But no, Rindou doesn't stop there. Even when others seem to ask her to take it elsewhere, the rising of tiles that are aimed to be launched her direction. Rindou clearly had no set target in mind, making anyone close to Anastacia a target.
  132. Yet; something quite unpleasant forms rather quickly. A hand raised up with its palm aimed towards Rindou and anyone close enough to her to be injured too. In the end, she was defending herself from these flying pieces of the earth... But most likely using a lot more force than she needed to.
  134. The surge of dark magic explodes forth, the shadow canon eating up each piece of earth that entered its pathway. And if Vetani and Rindou didn't move out of the way, they would most likely find themselves caught by the suffocating magic.
  136. ''I'm sorry, you'll have to take a reign check on seeing my aunt. I am sure she'd rather not waste her time, hmm? Attacking people with their backs turned to you is unhonorable, but I can tell you have very little honor.''
  137. (Anastacia Loki)
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  140. [17:31] At any rate, there were magmatic waves of scorched earth advancing towards them! Tobias reached for his staff, not using it as a weapon, but instead as a conduit for his defensive magic. A shield was raised around himself, a barrier of holy magic shielding himself from being caught in the crossfire.
  142. "It doesn't look like they have any intention of taking this out of our square, Mister Hirai!" he shouted, as the shadow cannon burst forth. "I'll evacuate the nonmagi civilians for now, to make sure no one gets hurt in the crossfire." he decided, which is just what he'd do.
  144. Tobias would spend the next few moments yelling towards any civilian who would listen to get out of here, attempting to clear out the settlement's square. These traders and vendors would need to go elsewhere for now. And for the people who didn't receive the news in time?
  146. He'd have to use his holy magic to defend them as the fight escalated.
  147. (Tobias Ulrich)
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  150. [17:35] Like an unstoppable force of nature the woman's body only seemed to toughen up when a mass of occultic energies made their presence known. A shroud of holy magic surrounded Rindou's body as mana crashed into one another, creating spark - creating nothing but pure chaos.
  152. Aunt.
  154. Another person who couldn't understand the pain she felt or the way that the world had dealt her the most horrible of hands. This was someone from Isaac's family, she was sure of it. Whether it be another entitled white-winged precious baby or god-forbid someone else who came from the darkest of beings mattered little. The mere fact she was from a place who couldn't understand the kind of pain and despair that overtook Rindou was enough for her to be on the Sakamoto's most hated list.
  156. She wished she had it that easy. That she could just step on others and not care about the rest of the world - that the Shogun would praise her for it. But it wasn't the case.
  158. Piercing through that purple light a blind woman emerged, fist first and with battle on her mind.
  159. (Rindou Sakamoto)
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  162. [17:41] Vetani tried to hold steadfast, getting close to Rindou through shattered earth and rock uprooting the square. Getting close to Rindou, and maybe-- definitely way too close to the fray. It wasn't working, this wasn't working.
  164. Many times, she herself had been comforted by a friend at her side, or a hand on her shoulder. But. Rindou's mind was too clouded in something, beyond the significance of one battle.
  166. "Useless, this is useless..." and "hey, stop," are heard, but only very faintly. The words were swallowed by likely noise.
  168. Vetani attempts to blast away both occultic energy and rock hurling towards her. Part of the dark magic catches on her, and she hisses as it tears at her sleeve.
  170. But. Vetani could not put her whole heart in a fight like this, unlike others with friends. Not when it seemed so... negative. Unclear.
  171. (Vetani)
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  174. [17:49] There's a way a bit of smile graces along those pale features, except for the fact that the corners of his lips are practically twitching ever to slightly. The Chieftain's head tilts over to the side, expression of visible annoyance, at this point.
  176. "Yes, yes, Tobias, please do. That'd be really helpful."
  178. It's spoken with a strain in his voice, and when ocean gaze flickers back towards the square; Rindou already jumping in for the assault-- going all out for whatever bizarre reasons present.
  180. When lips part, it's a long, dragged out sigh which follows suit, and he'd gaze about yet once again, if only to make sure any civilians weren't caught in the middle, or so. As the greyed mist shrouds about his form, amidst the crackle of marble lightning, and the way world drains into black and white-- there's an attempt to minimize the damage from crossfire as much as possible.
  182. The two would be dealt with accordingly afterward, for sure, however.
  183. (Elyon Hirai)
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  186. [17:51] Anastacia Loki whispers: (im not a demi-angel
  187. [17:52] Drifting eyes ever so slightly moving across the parties present, a small thankful nod is given towards Tobias. It was good to have at least someone thinking about the non-magi and merchants, a singular statement is given by Eshmun however.
  189. To both of the parties that were already getting into the thick of it, something very simple, "Do not go overboard." Be it a threat or not, they just began watching, ready to deal with any possible issues.
  190. (Eshmun Hirai)
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  193. [17:54] Tobias was being the good guy in all this, not daring to get involved in this physically, but rather, protect the non magi as anyone gifted should. Truly, it was an act that Yoshi should replicate, however, it wasn’t in his nature to do such a thing.
  195. When the lightning’s of the ‘Grand Chief’ started to hit against the marble on the floor, Yoshi’s sienna hues danced against his facial features before feeling a hint of overwhelming ‘energy’ coming out of them. As such, the kitsune best prepared himself the only way he knows how.
  197. With his left hand being focused on the fires to come from his person, his right hand moved to grab the red-and-black Kitsune mask, pushing it over to cover his entire face. The flames that were in his left danced around him before it wrapped around him perfectly in beautiful, circling embers.
  199. Gravity started to become heavy around him, but Yoshi was lighter as a feather as soon left the marble stone below. His focus was clear on what was going to happen, and the only thing he could do was be ready for when the shit truly hit the fan. “
  200. (Yasuyoshi)
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  203. [17:54] ** Rindou Sakamoto has inflicted an injury upon Anastacia Loki. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  204. [18:05] It would be hard getting used to fighting like that if she had to do it more. From bumping into people to running into stalls of food and equipment alike the noblewoman found herself barely able to follow her target. Surprisingly enough she managed to keep her focus on the target alone, too, leaving innocents and bystanders to only almost be pulled into the fight without their consent.
  206. By the end of it all Rindou shoulder-checked Anastacia against the wall of the temple, forcing the red-eyed one to face the fragility of her hubris. The Illuminated's right hand reached out for the blonde's hair, pulling her by it and sending her face towards the ground with somewhat of a cruel gesture, though Rindou believed it had been warranted.
  208. She may have been blind but in the heat of the moment she wouldn't miss. Her left leg rose up above Anastacia's head, only to come down against the back of it, to step onto her.
  210. "DO YOU THINK—" Stomp. "YOUR UNCLE'S WAY OF—" Stomp. "ACTING IS RIGHT?!" Another stomp, this one with her foot grinding at the back of the Loki's head, making the weight of her previous actions - to consequences of her demeanor truly fall upon her. Things would definitely had been less violent if she wasn't related to Isaac, but as it was?
  212. This was someone who couldn't understand. Who had it all.
  214. Someone Rindou had to act as to make herself not want to be like her right now.
  215. (Rindou Sakamoto)
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  218. [18:11] The moment drakanite exited the temple, satisfied with the work done, he can't help but glance Anastacia's and Rindou's way. This would certainly warrant.. quite a conversation later - he had no doubt that she would tell about this to Isaac later on. Still..
  220. "Huh. Uncle? She doesn't look like Elisheva to me."
  222. Unless they had more secret children or something similar to that? In truth, as much as he disliked the ways of Shimasu, he saw a particular wrong in having this girl judged just because of her relation to Isaac - even if she thought about his ways like that. She likely never had anything else in her life.
  224. "Rindou, calm down." There's an attempt at intervention when she actually tries to set her foot over the girl- because he simply wasn't here when the initial assault was done. Needless to say, disagreement or not, this could still qualify as sudden burst of violence..
  226. "I mean it. Stop." A grasp at blind woman's shoulder.
  228. "I know how you feel, but you cannot attack people like this. It's not allowed." Nor you should judge people for having certain heritage.
  230. But that's another story.
  231. (Keitaro)
  232. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  234. [18:21] It seems things escalated, which were unavoidable. Rindou was on a warpath, from traumas even Anatasica had no idea about. But she may have been the trigger, which has her moving back constantly.
  236. The dark magic that threatens to eat away at the ground, even catching onlookers in its path. While energy itself spirals out from her palms, with crystals that seem to struggle to form. Stalls and buildings being in the way, with tiny pieces of shards sticking out of their edges.
  238. Not enough for Anastacia to claim and energize herself, not enough for her to use it to her advantage. Instead, Rindou's shoulder causes the teen's fragile body to fling back and bounce off the wall of the temple. A slight gasp, as her hair is snatched and face forced into the ground.
  240. Her body already unable to take much punishment, so the onslaught of attacks don't help. Following up from being slammed into the ground, Rindou makes the effort to stomp on Anastacia's head.
  242. Over and over again, her face bruised and bloody. Even strands of blonde have marks of her own blood on them. Until finally it's forced into the ground completely, Rindou twisting her boot against her head while it's pressed into her own patch of blood.
  244. Red. Covering over her face, even causing her to vomit crimson onto the ground. Those ruby eyes of hers should be trembling, but instead, they seem steady.
  246. Both hands press against the ground, pushing herself up even as Rindou aimed to press her down. No... This was nothing, wasn't it? You have taken much harsher punishments back in Valmasia, as the family wouldn't simply allow for failure or weakness. This wasn't the first time people have aimed to ruin your face, and it wouldn't be the last time either.
  248. ''Disgusting...'' She trembles for a moment, before pushing herself up to stand. Compared to before, her facewas a beaten mess. But she brings a hand up to the surface, shaking as she casts what little amount of illusion magic she can. If not to fix it, but cover her features in shadows.
  250. ''This will not go unforgiven... And it's only a matter of time until I establish myself soundly. Rindou.'' She chokes, leaning forward to spit a glob of blood onto the ground below. ''To respect the laws of the city, I will not push this agenda any further...''
  252. Even in her weakened, defeated, and poor state. Those rubies gaze out from the shadow formed over her broken face, with clear hostile intent. If Rindou could see them, it might have even prompted for further hostilities.
  253. (Anastacia Loki)
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  256. [18:25] It wasn't a drawn out skirmish, no-- concluding relatively quickly, with Rindou managing to snatch the victory despite the countless hurdles about the square there. Tobias evacuating most civilians and merchant helped, to say the least-- and he'd merely attempt to nullify whatever little collateral damage that might take place, by absorbing and soaking stray spells, or so.
  258. However, as the stomping continues, there's a way he'd take those steps towards the two of them, and while Keitaro's attempt to calm the situation down is far more subdued, Requiem is already out of its sheath by the time he gets closer.
  260. "Why, pray tell, did you think that was a good idea, Rindou?"
  262. It's somewhat hissed outward by the time he comes to a halt, eyes narrowed all the while.
  264. "Risking the lives of those around. Risking the lives of my citizens over your pride, and a squabble?"
  266. Pausing for just a moment as ocean hues drift over to the side, towards Yasuyoshi.
  268. "Fourfold Officer, are you not? Give me one reason to not take any drastic step here."
  269. (Elyon Hirai)
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  272. [18:26] The amount of violence was glorious, he enjoyed it from behind his mask to watch the battle commence from start to finish. However, it was when he remembered that he was an Officer of the Fourfold, and this wasn’t acceptable behavior of the Illuminated, at all.
  274. When Rindou put that foot down on the head of the Loki, behind his mask, he smiled. The entire notion of seeing such violence was akin to when he stomped out a Cultist for assaulting him on Gehenna soil. That was when he felt alive, that was when he showed violence to multiple people.
  276. However, this was the Niece of Isaac, the Shogun, and as such, more than the worst could happen if it was reported. It was even worse that it was in the fields of Gehenna, where the laws were much more different. It was also of note that Elyon was about to step in, oh no.
  278. “Chieftain, please, let me handle this, I'm a Fourfold member, so I feel like it is in my right to handle my own people,” The Kitsune was pleading at this point, but that plead soon made him turn around to face Rindou, and when they stopped stomping on the head of Anastasia, he moved forward with the tri-tipped staff in hand.
  280. “As an Illuminated member, you should be showing the values of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, understanding. You are not showing those qualities at all, and you’re doing this! Overdoing it by a high degree!” Worried, hopelessness was on the tip of his tongue, and he continues to speak.
  282. “You cannot do this on Gehenna soil, you cannot do this anywhere, this isn’t even the enemy that everyone is looking for. I don’t know what happened to you when you went missing, but you only have two options.” The flames were ready, but he wasn’t going to pursue just yet.
  284. “Pay penance, a good fine that the chieftain gives you, or serve jail time.” Simply options that could make everyone happy, “If you choose penance, you also pay for the medical coverage.”
  286. However… “If you choose to run, I will have to take you in, something I don’t want to do, but will do if it comes down to it.” He sighed. “Please, make the right decision.”
  288. (Yasuyoshi)
  289. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  291. [18:29] Tobias took some steps forward whenever Yasuyoshi made his verdict, raising his hand. While he may have believed Rindou to have gone a bit too far, he was still on her side in this matter. "You said that she'll need to pay for the medical coverage, right?" he asked.
  293. "Well, I just so happen to be a doctor for free. So, she can receive my services free of charge. No expenses involved on either side." he made clear, smiling. He didn't want Rindou to be punished anymore than she had to, because of where he stood on this situation.
  294. (Tobias Ulrich)
  295. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  297. [18:39] She was pulled away from the girl before she could cause more damage than she already had, Keitaro trying to calm the situation down while both Yasuyoshi and Elyon approached her from the other side. While she saw none of their expression or the one that her opponent wore she could easily tell that there was a lot of tension in the air. The rage that the latter fell was quite obvious to her, as were Elyon's disappointment and Keitaro's best attempt at 'scolding' her. Yasuyoshi on the other hand came out like an asshole who was more afraid of the Shogun's reach than he was willing to do the right thing.
  299. And finally Tobias. The one who'd try to redeem himself and live up to Rindou's unreal, pain-fueled expectations of a friend. Thus far he really had done everything right. Still, that... jealousy of the divine blood she believed pumped through Anastacia's veins was the source of it all.
  301. "I'm sure you'll force your will down people's throat, just like that man." She responded to the blonde's threat, still spitting venom before facing vaguely in both Elyon and Yasuyoshi's direction, feeling as if Keitaro needed not to be addressed after he had played the part of pulling her off.
  303. "She stepped onto me. Unlike Kabu I didn't submit to that kind of treatment. If you think that her being related to the Shogun gives any right to treat everyone like trash, then you may as well go back in Huangzhou to help him beat his wife or kill more of his allies."
  305. She really did not like that man, openly so, too.
  307. "Tobias can fix her; We wouldn't want her to look the way she is deep down, yeah?"
  309. This was far from kind, respectful, or even understanding.
  311. .. Yet Rindou's glow was still present. Dim, but present. Even despite her blindness— what gives?
  312. (Rindou Sakamoto)
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  315. [18:47] ''It's forgiven.''
  317. Like venom, those words spit out from her bloody mouth, soft and delicate while she most certainly wasn't in any good shape at all. The use of illusion magic to cloud her features with shadows, but those red eyes are wide and do not shift from Rindou for even a second.
  319. If anything, it probably seemed like the worst thing to happen... To be forgiven rather than punished or locked away. As if something much worse were to happen.
  321. More blood spewed out onto the ground before she brings her fingers up to her nose. A disgusting sound of regurgitating, before spitting more unwanted blood at Rindou's feet.
  323. ''Isaac is my uncle, but what I do and he does are two separate things. He will not act due to someone beating me down, and I will not go running to him because of it. You can take that as something good or something very bad.
  325. Either way, I hold no authority in Huangzhou even if family. What happens to me outside of the city or in it... Means nothing.'' There was only one way to deal with people like Rindou, and that wasn't by getting someone else to do her work. If anything, there was quite the feeling of bloodlust radiating from the little Loki's form... As if that smile was still present behind illusionary shadows.
  327. But now it was time to deal with the pain, and Tobias had already offered up his free medical care. Turning her attention away from Elyon, Yasuyoshi, Rindou, and Keitaro. She limps her way over towards the blonde crusader.
  328. (Anastacia Loki)
  329. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  331. [18:50] “I don't care about Isaac, I don't care about the girl, I care about what you're doing and making the Illuminated look bad. We're not about this, we're above this,” he said, trying to stay relatively calm about the situation, but not letting up just yet.
  333. “I care about the law, I care about the things you are doing right now. You can't just beat someone up because they were being disrespectful...” He took a pause, a simple hypocrite in all shape and form, he lavished in his memories of just doing just that, and taking lives of people who even dare threaten him.
  335. If it wasn't for the mask, people would tell he is smiling. “If you keep choosing the hard way, then I will have to arrest you for this. If you come quietly, pay your fine, all that other stuff, we can work something out and make sure that everything will be okay.” He had simply things to do, simple, easy ways to solve this, but somewhere, deep down, he wanted her to try.
  337. He wanted to exact that little bit of violence.
  339. “What will it be, Sister under Jiuweihu's light?”
  340. (Yasuyoshi)
  341. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  343. [18:51] A quiet sigh escapes her, but at least all the damage had been done that was going to be done. However torn up the streets might've been, she tried not to think about it, instead turning her attention towards Tobias and the limping Anastacia.
  345. "Tobias, is there anything you might need? Like a lax essence, if there's anything to be numbed?" It's the least she can offer-- and likely the only thing she can offer, thanks to her alchemical capabilities. But it's something!
  346. (Maisie)
  347. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  349. [18:51] In truth, this was far from scolding.
  351. Keitaro harbored a lot of dislike for the Shogun and those he called allies, and that showed- but there was also the line which he believed could not be crossed, and that's beating down someone like this on public. After all, if Rindou's words were true.. couldn't she simply challenge Anastacia to honor duel?
  353. And claim her coward if she declined?
  355. It's reluctant sort of involvement, just for the sake of law alone; yet, when he sees Elyon step in, the drakanite has no more reason to pursue any further involvement. His gaze turns elsewhere - he remembered that there were other things to be done as well.
  357. "I trust you have that covered." A glance given to Elyon. "Best of luck."
  359. And just like that, he stepped away.
  360. (Keitaro)
  361. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  363. [18:53] Tobias Ulrich says, "It'd be great if I could have your help, Maisie."
  364. [18:53] Maisie asks, "Will you be off to the clinic, then?"
  365. [18:53] Tobias Ulrich says, "Yeah."
  366. [18:53] Maisie says, "I'll be there in the blink of an eye, then. Or, well, technically several blinks-... But it won't take me long to come back with the lax essence."
  367. [18:54] Yasuyoshi tosses Maise a whole lax essence.
  368. (Yasuyoshi)
  369. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  371. [18:55] Maisie blinks. All she sees is something sailing towards her at the very last second, but through some miracle of luck, she catches it, fumbling it left and right before actually getting a proper grip on it. "Wh-... oh! Well! I guess I have the lax essence covered already."
  372. (Maisie)
  373. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  375. [18:56] Tobias Ulrich says, "Let's go, then."
  376. [18:57] "She stepped on you-- while you returned it in kind, punching her while being about her blindside, as far as Tobias' explanation went-- someone there from the start. Yet, it should've stopped at that-- she stopped, yet you kept going, Rindou. Drifting as far as to using magic just to hurt her. Be it out of hatred for her family, or your own pride."
  378. As Requiem is lifted upward, its blade drifts along, brushing past her darkened strands, before the cold metal almost casually appears right against the side of her neck, with the blunt edge pressed to her skin.
  380. "If Tobias didn't evacuate those around, there might've been casualties. So much for the righteousness that you sought? Don't even pretend that you're justified in the slightest-- realize such, and apologize, first thing."
  382. The Chieftain didn't particularly pay much attention Yasuyoshi's words-- yet the prospect of paying a fine wasn't close to what he'd ever aim for. To seize money for such offense was irrelevant, pointless.
  383. (Elyon Hirai)
  384. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  386. [19:02] "I'll apologize for the others that were around, but not for what I've done to her. She deserved it."
  388. Those words came as cold as the steel of Elyon's blade, Yasuyoshi's demands were pushed aside for now, as things had gotten more personal with Gehenna's chieftain at this point.
  390. "I hope that's good enough for you."
  392. She may have lost some of her marbles, but some of them remained - she was smart enough, kind enough to know that innocents could have been hurt, especially with her completely blind. But that desire for revenge, that need to show that she wasn't weak - that she wouldn't bend the knee to those who stepped down on her was enough to make her snap.
  394. A hand rose to the weapon, a grasp being made.
  396. "Unless you're the type who wants to see someone grovel and beg."
  398. There was no need to compare him to Sors, Ashalle, or Isaac. Elyon knew well-enough to be awareall of those other leaders would make her do something like that, if not worse. It was up to the Hirai to pick his own path.
  399. (Rindou Sakamoto)
  400. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  402. [19:18] "Returned it in kind, yet pushed for more. She deserved it-- because of the hatred for her family, or because of your damaged pride? At the end of the day, regardless of whatever it was; you put the reasoning above the lives of those around... but such is a mindset that I don't care about. Point is that you put your pride, or your hatred above my settlement's regulations, and her people. And by the choice of your words; you'd continue to do so."
  404. As the Sakamoto's hand reaches out to grip upon Requiem's blade, he'd slightly shift it about-- on purpose, if only to have those edges somewhat dig into her skin.
  406. "And so, this might just repeat itself. I should kick you out, Rindou. I should ban you from Gehenna. Give me one reason as to why I shouldn't? One reason as to why I should believe that this shit wouldn't repeat itself?"
  408. Theweapon's pressured even further against her palm as his gaze narrows ever so slightly.
  410. "No, I don't care whether you beg or not-- if I make a decision, it'll be followed through nonetheless. Though an attempt would be appreciated."
  411. (Elyon Hirai)
  412. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  414. [19:24] The blade pressing into her skin brought about the sight of blood, a shallow cut that barely did enough to bring some red upon both the blade and the woman's hand. Where she stood at an ultimatum had been put forth - one that she couldn't back off from. Honesty was the favorable choice here.
  416. "I'd rather be able to visit my friends."
  418. .. That was it, right? That should be it, of course, but Elyon was speaking to a woman who had been put down and hurt while she was at rock bottom, a woman that envied the lives of others - that wanted most people, if not everyone to leave her alone. That's why she made that trade in the first place. She just had to add to it. It was completely unrelated, and might just distract the man enough, but it would serve a purpose beyond just that.
  420. "Tahldrig informed Isaac of our agreement. He took it the moment she told him."
  422. It was clear that Rindou was not in herbest state.
  423. (Rindou Sakamoto)
  424. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  426. [19:25] Yasuyoshi says, "Pe...guess"
  428. [19:34] The younger Hirai was never the one to care much for people, in all honesty-- or their feelings. Regardless of the struggles they ended up facing, or otherwise, yet...
  430. As eyes drift to a close, there's a longer, drawn out sigh, and then Requiem is pulled back with a jerk, almost certainly somewhat slicing past and making that cut wider, and deeper-- unless somehow resisted, that is.
  432. "Don't really care whether you have it, or Isaac does, so long as expedition isn't jeopardized."
  434. When the relic is placed back into its sheath, his eyes remain closed. At the end of the day, it was truth... he didn't particularly care-- yet, this was different, wasn't it? With the Sakamoto's condition being that much similar to his own upon the capture by Ashalle's hands... having the ones he believed cared for him merely turn their backs, and not many any efforts to save him or so, as well as the absence of care upon his return.
  436. To be betrayed-- to feel the lack of love that one believed was always there, and to be envious of others, all while going through utter hell. It was all too familiar... and despite the greyed mist which embraces his form; the entire situation did hit a bit of softer spot
  438. "Pull this shit again and no one upon this entire isle would be able to stop me from chopping your arm off. Respect my city while you're in here, Rindou."
  440. Murmured words, and he didn't really add much else to it before taking slow, small steps westward.
  442. (Elyon Hirai)
  443. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  445. [19:40] Rindou's hand released the blade when it moved away from her. She couldn't see the man's expression nor feel the fact he seemed to be emotionally touched by her words, for all she knew he merely changed his mind, or was affected by the fact she wanted to be left alone and happy. Perhaps this was her shot at another life - Vetani had told her to just... stick in Gehenna, where Isaac was not.
  447. If only life were that easy.
  449. Rindou departed from the square soon enough - not wishing to speak to Elyon after his lack of care for the trick that had been pulled on her over blades.
  450. (Rindou Sakamoto)
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