BluntTongs-More DF Faggotry, Dick Sucking edition

Jan 10th, 2014
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  3. >...i-it won’t be that bad, right?
  4. >Acteus just looks at you and cackles
  5. >the swordsdwarf reaches the miner…
  6. >...swings his sword…
  8. >...and lops the miner’s head clean off, but not before taking a mortal head wound from the pickaxe his opponent was wielding
  9. >the crazed swordsdwarf finally bleeds out mere seconds before the year end
  10. >you and Acteus’s cheers are polar opposites
  11. >”YES!”
  12. “NO!”
  13. >Acteus grins a mischievous grin, for he knows that you know what comes next
  14. “Goddamnit…”
  16. >”Alright, Anon…”
  17. >he flies upward above the computer, sticking his limp cock right in your face
  18. >”Get to it, then! I’m not leaving until my seed is in your mouth.”
  19. “Acteus, you are a sick, twisted bastard…”
  20. >but in spite of yourself, you sigh, and then smile
  21. “Ok, then, let’s get it over with.”
  22. >you both move over to the couch to relieve your debt, and Acteus sits with his hind legs draped over the edge of the couch, giving a full look at his undercarriage
  24. >Acteus isn’t quite prepared yet, as his ‘sword’ is still sheathed.
  25. >not wanting to wait anymore, you crouch down and gently caress his testes with your hand, and breathe a warm breath onto them
  26. >you muster up your best lewd voice as you whisper
  27. “Do you like that, Acteus?~”
  28. >apparently, he does
  29. >and his semi-erect member can attest to it
  31. >you take the tip of his flanged dick into your mouth, eliciting a whimper of excitement from the eager Mothpony
  32. >you use your tongue, drawing circles around the underside of Acteus’s glans
  33. >he tries to stifle the lewd noises coming from his mouth, and they only come out as slight moans through his bit lip
  34. >Acteus is now at full length, his salty precum leaking onto your tongue
  35. >you’re really getting a kick out of the cute noises he makes
  36. >how about we delve a bit… deeper?
  37. >fighting back your almost non-existent gag reflex (thanks, Virgo), you take in about three-fourths of Acteus’s entire length
  38. >he’s squirming a bit now, simply writhing in pleasure
  39. >acting like it’s his first blowjob, or something
  40. >but he hasn’t seen (or felt, for that matter) anything yet
  42. >you probe around Acteus’s shaft with your tongue, reaching all the way around his girth
  43. >he’s just throbbing now, and you can feel each pulse in your throat
  44. >Acteus has his wings to their full extent, and his feelers on his head are twitching slightly
  45. >his eyes are closed in ecstasy, and he’s biting his lower lip
  46. >you jerk your head backwards, causing Acteus to flinch a bit
  47. >slowly, you take him into your throat once again, letting him feel the slimy inside of your esophagus
  48. >and you settle into a small rhythm, bopping your head back and forth
  49. >onward and onward you go, Acteus moaning all the while above you
  51. >Acteus tries to move his hips a bit, to glean more of the wondrous feeling of your oral cavity on his member
  52. >he starts to tense up more and more, after each thrust of your head
  53. >he’s close
  54. >you take Acteus’s cock in one last time, your face nearly touching his groin, and his penis n
  55. >Acteus wraps his hind legs around your head, and thrusts your head further down his shaft
  57. >and he ejaculates, his moans growing ever louder as his hot seed spurts from his dick, filling your mouth with the salty and viscous liquid
  58. >you count five long, hard bursts of the thick ropes of fluid, and Acteus’s moans turn to small whimpers of pleasure
  59. >Acteus releases you from his grasp, and you back up from the sofa he was sitting on
  60. >choking a bit, you swallow the phlegm-like substance, and wipe the excess off of your chin with your sleeve
  61. >Acteus sits on the couch, recovering, as his cock slowly slides back into it’s sheath
  62. >”A...Anon...That was…”
  63. >”...Amazing~”
  64. >he turns over and lies on his belly, facing toward you, smiling
  65. “Ah, it was nothing..”
  66. >but in reality, it really was
  67. “...So I’m free from my debt, now?”
  68. >”Yes, yes you are… For now, anyway…~”
  69. >Acteus glances downward
  70. >you do likewise, and notice a rather large bulge in your trousers
  71. >”But I feel that you overpaid your debt; I now owe YOU something in return…”
  72. >you know where this is going
  73. “Er, maybe you can repay that later. For now, let’s just finish the fort, alright?”
  74. >Acteus looks a bit crestfallen, but agrees to the sentiment
  76. >mere hours later of hard working and stout labour, you’re both finished with the mancave-fort
  77. >it’s a beautiful thing to behold; the disco ball, the dance floor, the bar with beer dispensers, all sorts of comfy seating, a large bed for the weary…
  78. >it’s perfect
  79. >you and Acteus both celebrate by drinking straight from the beer tap and dancing drunkenly
  80. >your mirth fills the air, and your hips sway to the music in sync
  81. >soon, you both make it to the bed, both tired and intoxicated, pushing Acteus onto the bed, him laughing the whole time
  82. >what exactly you did on that bed, though, is a story for another time…
  84. ~END~
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