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  1.  Chemtrails is one of those subjects that exist in the back of peoples minds that Deep down they know its true but at the risk of sounding like a nutcase to their peers, they openly state they do not believe the government is spraying our skies, or that what people are seeing is contrails. Even when so much evidence exists to the contrary. Today they admit that in the spring of 2019 they will be conducting a experiment and are going to be spraying our skies (as if they havent been for the past 60 years) in a what they are stating as a attempt to block the sun in effort to cool the planet even though Nasa states the planet has been cooling for a few years now. Obviously theres more to it than what they are saying.
  3. Even so , people largely regard the idea of chemtrails or the act of spraying our atmosphere with chemicals to geo engineer our atmospheric conditions and or weather as a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately it isnt a conspiracy as you will learn here. This is a document detailing a nasa operation to do just that in the 1980s, this same document states they have been doing these experiments for 20 years prior to this. So, in essence they have been conducting these experiments for over 60 years, almost 70.
  5. Instead of showing you video after video of planes spraying our skies, we figure we will show you the hard proof. The proof that Nasa, our favorite liars,in conjunction with the department of defense have been involved in experiments spraying our atmosphere utilizing different chemicals for over 60 years. Whom by the way just received a 21 billion dollar budget. Your taxes hard at work spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere to rain down all over the globe.
  7. As stated, In the following document; during the 1980s NASA freely admits the follwing: quote, Historically, chemical releases have been conducted for scientific studies from several hundred sounding rockets over the past 25 years. Similar releases have been conducted from several orbiting vehicles at large distances from the earth and in one case at an altitude of 960 km over polar regions. To our knowledge these experiments have not produced an adverse public reaction in the sense of concern over environmental effects.
  9. Similarly, the scientific community has not been concerned with environmental effects except for the alteration of the natural abundance of lithium at altitudes greater than 80 km and for this case it was, in general, found that the release experiments contributed to, rather than handicapped, the scientific studies that were effected.
  11. End quote.
  13. It goes on to mention 2 chemicals , often referred to in chemtrail discussions. quote:
  14. Barium Metal and its soluble compounds are poisonous; however, much or most of the atmospheric input will reach the lower atmosphere and ground as barium sulfate (BaSO4) which is highly insoluble, chemically inert, and nontoxic. A simple, semiquantitative discussion given as Appendix C demonstrates that the contribution of CRM sources to the existing barium in the biosphere (lowest atmosphere and upper ocean) is very small (of order 10.6 or smaller).
  16. Lithium:
  17. One would expect a detectable enhancement upper atmospheric lithium as a result of contemplated CRM injections but there is no known hazard resulting from this.
  19. End quote.
  21. Its says it didnt consider other chemicals becaues no known health risks exists from them, not because they didnt spray more chemicals as you will soon see. Note the terminology used in the barium description. Quote, Appendix C demonstrates that the contribution of CRM sources to the existing barium in the biosphere (lowest atmosphere and upper ocean). Upper ocean is a interesting choice of words but we will move on to the environmental impacts they state. Remember this is 1980s.
  23. Quote;
  26. Upper atmospheric visual glows resulting from Li, Ba, Sr, Na, etc. releases may be readily visible to the general public. They are transient (duration of some minutes) and produce no long-term or harmful effects.
  28. Effects on Human Health due to Toxic Materials, See Appendix C for an estimate of the perturbation due to barium. In view of both the small relative injection as well as the insolubility of at least part of the material (BaSO 4), there is no data that would indicate a hazard.
  30. Effects on the Ionosphere,
  31. Under certain conditions high-latitude chemical releases appear to have triggered small geomagnetic substorms (W. W. Berning, private communication). It is thus possible that, under conditions of full-scale, high-latitude CRM operation, up to 10 percent of small geomagnetic substorms may occur somewhat earlier than in the absence of chemical releases. (The principal effect of such a sub- storm is possible interference with ionospheric HF radio communication.)
  32. The release of barium or other materials in the F-region produces local enhancement in ionization, which could change HF radio propagation characteristics. However, the scale of these perturbations
  33. lies within the natural variability in the ionosphere, and it is unlikely that natural and artificial perturbations to HF propagation can be separately identified.
  35. Effects on Weather and Climate,
  36. It appears that at least some metals (Na, Mg) may reduce stratospheric ozone by a catalytic cycle. However, the quantitative effect of metals from CRM injections is unlikely to be significant.
  38. There are controversial suggestions of solar activity-climate interactions through the triggering of auroras or substorms (in example, geomagnetic activity). Insofar as releases may perhaps trigger substorms there might perhaps be some interaction. However, we do not consider this level of perturbation to be of significant impact.
  40. End quote.
  42. They stated barium can produce enhancements in ionization, something required for and can be used to strengthen lightning discharges in storms. Also breathing Ionized air molecules potential danger with this is that humans don't usually breathe ionized air, and many studies show that electromagnetically charged particles can damage lungs. Also, if an oxygen molecule bonds with two others, it becomes O3, or ozone. Ozone can irritate airways and exacerbate breathing-related problems but they conveniently not mention these dangers and relegated it to the effects it has on high frequency radio waves.
  44. As you will see later and beginning to see now with the terminology, and the clever craftsmanship of this report ; the health effects are not of high priority in these experiments and often avoided or downplayed as the results these experiments produce outweigh any environmental concerns which they admit to later.
  46. Quote;
  48. The CRM program proposes to create a multi-user facility, Space Shuttle launched, which inter-changeably accommodates a large number of chemical canisters for a variety of alternate chemical release experiments during the timeframe 1982 to 1986. These limited and controlled releases into the upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere have a capability for contributing toward the solution of key problems (for the earth and other planets) in atmospheric/magnetospheric coupling, space plasma physics, atmospheric dynamics and chemistry, gas dynamics, auroral phenomena, ionospheric communication disturbance, solar wind magnetosphere interactions, physics of comets, and more.
  49. Moreover, the ability to move ahead on projected economic utilizations of space involving large scale operations such as those inherent to the Solar Power Station (SPS) and the creation of large space structures is, in part, dependent on knowledge of the environmental effects of releases in space. The CRM releases can provide the types of information necessary for understanding the relevant interaction mechanisms and their effects. These studies will be a valuable by-product of the CRM science experiments.
  51. The findings are that adverse effects are not expected because of the small masses involved and the transient nature of the environmental changes induced by the chemical releases. No health effects are anticipated because the relatively small chemical release masses, diffused globally before reaching the earth's surface, are greatly diluted and their concentrations are many orders of magnitude below even the most stringent toxic standards.
  54. Other than a short term and operationally insignificant change in lithium in the upper atmosphere, no significant compositional changes are expected. Because of the small masses and low energies involved, no changes in the magnetosphere are anticipated.
  56. No significant effect on astronomical "seeing" is anticipated because the limited luminous clouds created low in the atmosphere are generally short in duration while the deeper space clouds are of limited angular size and diffuse rapidly as they traverse the sky. Coordination with the astronomical community is recommended. Finally, no significant effect on weather or climate is anticipated since no significant changes in upper atmsophere composition or processes are expected.
  58. End quote.
  60. Leave it to NASA to say its ok to spray toxic materials in the atmosphere becaues when they reach the ground , they anticipated,  yes anticipated,  no adverse health effects because of dilution. So they based the globes population exposure to toxic materials on a educated guess and sprayed the skies, as they have been doing for 20 years before this and they continue to do so now to this day at unimaginable levels using aircrafts. Such massive spraying was hinted at while they were obviously soliciting some panel for a green light with these operations, that they received, in the very next paragraph which reads quote;
  63. If the CRM program proceeds as proposed and according to plan, there should be no significant impacts on the physical, biological, or socioeconomic environment as described above. Cost-benefit considerations indicate the high advantage of the program not only in terms of the scientific data to be obtained but also in terms of small scale pilot tests of the massive releases involved in projected space engineering projects.
  65. End quote.
  67. Massive releases involved in projected space engineering projects. Thats right massive releases. What we are seeing today.
  69. In the following slides are lists of typical chemicals used in spraying and the experiments carried out which include but not limited too, wind generation, artificial comets,  auroral modification, generation of acoustic gravity waves, atmospheric modifications and more.
  71. As far as public safety they had this to say; quote:
  73. It is considered that the benefits accruing from the proposed actions will far outweigh any environmental effects. Such effects are not considered significant on the basis of information currently available. The benefits which accrue are very considerable ones in solving key outstanding ques- tions of the large-scale behavior of our upper atmosphere/ionosphere/magnetosphere environment and plasma behavior. The expansion of information due to this CRM program is also applicable to our exploration of the magnetosphere of other planets. Moreover, the data obtained also has a high degree of applicability to such applied areas as communications, and the general economic utilization of space and military needs.
  75. The environmental costs of the CRM are regarded as not significant. Some chemicals, in example, barium, will be introduced into the upper atmosphere in minuscule amounts having no health consequences. Perturbations to civilian communications are unlikely and at worst brief and transient. With appropriate scheduling and spacing, no effects on other spacecraft or any other space system are foreseen.
  77. End quote.
  80. military needs of course and, not significant, because of small amounts and the dangers they neglected to disclose. Not to mention those future massive releases this document doesn't cover. So What about a full environmental impact report you may ask, well since nasa said there is little impact, they simply advised there shouldn't be one as it reads here, quote:
  82. It is recommended that no environmental impact statement be prepared since no detrimental environmental effects are foreseen. There are, however, several not well-understood, potential impact areas of uncertain and low operational significance in which a continuing effort should be made. These include (a) lithium lifetime in the upper atmosphere and (b) the lifetime of ions in the plasmasphere at low-latitude distances of 2 to 5 earth radii. Specific limited chemical releases are perhaps paradoxically among the best way to obtain information on (a) and (b) and are recommended.
  84. End quote.
  86. Yep, you heard that right. The best way to know exactly what these chemicals will do, and how long they will last in our atmosphere is to release them into the atmosphere. This is the old; we need to pass the bill to know whats in it routine and methodology.
  88. So what were they worried about besides their data? Well, what you the people thought of it of course. So they all but advised a propaganda campaign to inform and calm any concerns before they got started as it reads here, quote:
  90. The CRM program has a potential for public controversy because of the reaction that might be generated by the sighting of the luminous clouds involved in many of the chemical releases-if there is no public preparation. It is considered that any adverse public response can be virtually eliminated by an active public information program that will reach and inform the population in the appropriate areas prior to conducting a release. It would also be advantageous to inform certain specialized groups, such as radio amateurs and the astronomical community. Such a program has been conducted in the past for specialized chemical release operations and has elicited positive and favorable response.
  91. End quote.
  93. A favorable response because Nasa would never lie to us right? they would never try and make the public believe they were doing something they were not right?
  95. Nor would they have anthing to gain from making the public believe they were interacting with things that wasnt really there, in a environment they were not really in, now would they?
  97. Apparently even with a 20 billion dollar budget mistakes still happen, this poor bloke was caught with his pants down interacting with a virtual object someone forgot to pipe in to the live feed. These simple lies are available for anyone to see and there are many, many more examples. Point is , if they will lie about being in space to the public, would they lie about the safety of these chemicals and the threat they pose to the environment and the public. You know the answers to these questions. Some people have been studying what these chemicals are doing to our environment and us such as these individuals.
  99. More over, even if just one lie can be proven and we just showed you 2, and again there are many more,  does that not call into question everything they, Nasa, have ever said and done? It should. What sort of impact you think some of these metals you have unwittingly ingested in high concentrations will have in a 5G environment? Whats obvious is these 2 blatant human experiments to exposures of not only toxic electromagnetic radiation and all their effects but the impact those effects has when combined with the effects from exposure to the chemicals and metals found in chemtrails we have been ingesting for well over 60 year, especially during the last 20 years,  should be a grave concern to every human being on this planet. The poisoning of humanity must stop and it only stops when we the people demand it to stop. Act like your children's futures and lives depends on it becaues they do. This was a collaboration with our hack back anonymous family, much love and respect to all of you.
  102. We Are Anonymous.
  103. We Are Legion.
  104. We Do Not Forgive.
  105. We Do Not Forget.
  106. Expect us
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