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  1. Dearest Frontline Policing,
  3. It is with deep regret that we must notify you that our leadership team have determined that a partnership with yourselves in not viable, appropriate nor mutually beneficial.
  5. A series of assessments were conducted and upon conclusion, we found that if we were to merge, partner or operate together in any form that there are significant measures that would require improvement.
  7. We have outlined these concerns to Will Scott-Barrett, a community leader within Frontline Policing. One of the primary concerns was around a huge dependence on a single member of the community. This was a clear single point of failure for Frontline Policing.
  9. In being transparent, I have included a brief explanation of our concerns that lead us to immediately cease all work together.
  11. Upon considerable investigation we concluded that devolved powers offered to those in the community, namely 'Gold command' Barrett and Scott, did not have any merit and were not of any actual use and therefore conversations about any sort of partnership with anyone other than Tom Jones, the community owner, would be pointless as they would most likely be changed or completely overturned.
  13. Multiple members of the community's 'Bronze', 'Silver' and 'Gold' command have shared frustration and concern with the huge dependence on Tom and the lack of return offered by it. Furthermore, the community shared examples of where there were clear failings, and slow development such as 'addon cars were provided and not installed' and that this had been present for 'over two weeks'. Another member shared that they were inexcusably able to do their job without the fear of being sanctioned or punished or a member leaving.
  15. We also note, over the brief 4 day period that we began talks with Frontline Policing, that member numbers had dropped by circa 10 members along with a huge decrease in recruitment, and to our knowledge, no members joined during that period.
  17. Additionally, we monitored interactions with members and noted a systemic issue with 'in-fighting' with members being undervalued and overworked.
  19. Individually members offered advice around the community and did offer some positives, they shared positive words on the CAD and leadership of Barrett however when questions were asked about the other two prominent leaders (Tom Jones and Chris Scott), a clear negative sentiment was shared.
  21. Furthermore, I shared a brief conversation with Jones and Barrett in a private area. Barrett suggested multiple items, and Jones appeared to me, personally, dismissive and resistant to positive, advantageous and quite frankly necessary change. I also note that Jones made offensive, and dismissive comments to me personally and SoSA-RP, the larger community, concerning our Rules and Regulations and overall operations. It was at this point that I sought the advice of the Community Board at SoSA-RP who confirmed unanimously that all relationship with Frontline Policing should cease.
  23. I want to be clear that the simplest of the issues is that Jones has shared what we believe to be a blinding example of disconnect from running his community including terms such as 'all of our members are don't break rules', at which point he was reminded of two people who had most recently broken rules and were subsequently banned. Barrett has also on multiple occasions shared that there was inherent, and possibly still existing, systemic homophobia that is rife within the community posing potential risks for any endorsement.
  25. Legal counsel in the form of Gerald was sought for advice on our legal stance for exiting pre-contractual negotiations, and it was confirmed to be within our warranted rights.
  27. Wholly, the work that Barrett has done and continues to do is fantastic and he is a credit to Frontline Policing. SoSA-RP would be incredibly proud to have a member like him, however, on this occasion, it was clear that in our opinion Barrett's vision did not clearly align with Jones and that our vision also did not align with Jones making it impossible for us to work together.
  29. I wish you the very best.
  33. Kindest regards,
  35. Governor Connor G. | 1A-001
  36. Founder & G8.1 Governor/Community Director
  37. Governor's Office, State of San Andreas
  39. @GovSanAndreas / /
  40. Discord Server:
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