Batch Script to Cleanup A LibreOffice Parallel Installation

Jun 1st, 2014
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  1. @ECHO OFF
  2. REM If you use LibreOffice in a language other than english, then
  3. REM please uncomment the below line and add its language code
  4. REM SET keep_lang1=zh-CN
  6. rmdir fonts /s /q
  7. rmdir readmes /s /q
  8. rmdir win /s /q
  9. del /Q *.msi
  11. cd program
  12. rename resource resource_old
  13. mkdir resource
  14. move resource_old\*-US.res resource
  15. IF DEFINED keep_lang1 move resource_old\*%keep_lang1%.res resource
  16. rmdir resource_old /s /q
  18. cd ..\share\registry
  19. rename res res_old
  20. mkdir res
  21. move res_old\*_en-US.xcd res
  22. IF DEFINED keep_lang1 move res_old\*_%keep_lang1%.xcd res
  23. rmdir res_old /s /q
  25. cd ..
  26. rename extensions extensions_old
  27. mkdir extensions
  28. move extensions_old\package.txt extensions
  29. move extensions_old\dict-en extensions
  30. IF DEFINED keep_lang1 move extensions_old\dict-*%keep_lang1% extensions
  31. rmdir extensions_old /s /q
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