Sep 20th, 2021
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  1. Hi there! This is just a list of potential actions you can do in the QUEST "SHARDS" Don't feel the need to stick to EXACTLY what's listed, I reward creativity and thinking outside the box so long as enough people suggest it. Have fun!
  3. 1. OTHER
  4. - Do anything not listed here, these are just SUGGESTIONS of what you could do.
  5. 2. TAKE A CLASS
  6. - You currently generate 1.5 CLASS POINTS a year which you can redeem at a 1/1 ratio to take a CLASS
  7. - The current CLASS ROSTER is here: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html#1004629
  8. - The only thing not listed there is you could work at the BLACKSMITHS for [1000 a TIME POINT]
  10. - You can INSTRUCT SOMEONE on how to do a certain task, giving them SKILLS or STATS that they might not have or improving existing ones
  11. - If you TUTOR a student you gain [1800 SHINIES] per student and can teach up to 3 per TIME POINT
  12. - This is a good way to get a PUPIL to become your TA as they would get very specific teaching
  13. - Some students CAN'T AFFORD to get you as a TUTOR, and you can take them on anyway
  14. - Generates stress
  15. - You could also STUDY or PRACTICE something with a SKILL TEACHER or on your own like LOU XIN and the MIND AND BODY DOJO
  17. - Doesen't cost TP , lets you get CUSTOM THINGS for your HOUSE, ROOM, APPEARANCE, or anything else
  19. - These will be announced as they come in the thread, common ones are ones like VISITING DOPUS WITH NUBS or GUILE WITH RIICHI, unfortunately RIICHI moved back home
  20. - You can make up ACTIVITIES to do if you like as well
  22. - This is the MAKE A THING action, if you have a BLUEPRINT or DESIGN or IDEA you can try to make it, it might take a while, but each TP spent adds to the progress made!
  23. - New researches will be listed in the thread any time they are unlocked or previous researches are completed
  25. - You can meditate to do 3 things right now
  26. - READ A MEMORIZED BOOK, this lets you learn the contents of a book, doesent gain bonuses as you're focused on reading
  27. You DO NOT LOSE STRESS when meditating this way, but have a chance to earn FP if you are at 0 stress
  28. - MEDITATE NORMALLY, lets you work on your MIND PALACE, construct buildings for STATS and other things
  29. You CAN LOSE STRESS when meditating this way or gain FP
  30. - MIND AND BODY MEDITATION, lets you work at 1/2 pace on your MIND PALACE but also gain ATHLETICS XP as you do
  31. You DO NOT LOSE STRESS when meditating this way
  32. - You default to NORMAL MEDITATION unless otherwise stating, if 3+ people suggest your new default meditation style is M&B then I'll update this doc.
  33. - All forms of meditation have a 5% chance of giving you a TEMPORARY BUFF of some kind
  34. 8. REST
  35. - A more GURANTEED way of reducing a lot of stress at once
  36. - Typically you spend time at home doing recration activities with your buddies but not furthering your BOND
  37. - Has a chance for RANDOM TEMPORARY BUFFS to appear as a result
  38. 9. BONDS
  39. - Spend [1TP] with a buddy, grow or make new bonds. This is essentially you spending dedicated time with someone.
  40. - You still spend time with others normally, this just improves your BOND LEVEL and generates STORY BEATS with these characters
  42. - Generate a story beat with a specific character over a meal or other activity you spend money on, the QUALITY and TYPE of event can lead to bonuses happening. (like TEA with NICO)
  43. - LOW (4S (shinies) Per person), NORMAL (8s Per), HIGH (16s Per), and EXQUISITE (30 per) quality meal.
  44. 11. EXPLORE
  45. - Go out in the world, a RANDOM EVENT will be created where you meet someone new or find something interest
  46. 12. NEGOTIATE
  47. - Find new groups that want MAGITECH, see what you can offer them and they can offer you
  48. 12a. HUNTERS - They want WEAPONS and ARMOR
  49. 12b. FOOD VENDORS - They want CHI-LLERS and QUALITY OF LIFE improvements
  50. 13c. OTHER - Find or create a new group via suggestion that wants to do business with you
  51. - You can assign others to this task and they'll take a small fee for their services and the legwork required to get you a GOOD DEAL. Some are better than others at certain groups. IGNIS is GREAT with ROYALS and GOOD with just about everyone else, but maybe others IN THOSE ORGANIZATIONS could also be effective too.
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