Dec 7th, 2015
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  1. Fixed recipes
  2. blank slate requiring T3 altar
  3. TFC to vanilla hopper exploit
  4. fixed recipe requiring only oak chest, can now use any chest
  5. Added recipes for Technofirma oil lanterns
  6. can be filled with olive oil, oil, or fuel
  7. Fixed ritual stones recipes
  8. Removed wheat seed conversion recipe
  9. Changed stone button from requiring raw stone to requiring rock
  10. Fixed being able to make crafting tables from greatwood
  11. Added "Leaf Biters," crafted from TFC shears as a means of aquiring leaves
  12. Added primitive stiching recipe for large hide
  13. Note: only a full stone knife will work, and will beconsumed upon crafting
  14. Added better pipe sealent recipe
  15. Made RC tanks more expensive than IE tanks
  16. Fixed detector recipe
  17. required only granite bricks
  18. Made the berth more expensive
  19. Rebalanced track recipes
  20. Removed vanilla stick recipe from sawmill
  21. Changed aprentice blood orb to require amber, which is now minable, instead of an emerald
  22. MC fish is now crafted with a piece of lumber next to TFC fish
  23. Tier 3 altar now requires TFC oil lamps in place of glowstone
  24. Fixed quests
  25. Tweaked Carpenters Blocks settings. Slopes are more fluid, upped durability on tools, removed the safe
  26. Fixed physics:
  27. Physics
  28. clay not falling
  29. mud bricks
  30. TFC additions
  31. log piles
  32. logs are round, and now log pile behave as such
  33. rock dust
  34. concrete
  35. Removed chisel presents
  36. Increased hostile mobs' hatred for light sources
  37. Added TFC fruit tree saplings to the ore dictionary registry of treeSapling
  38. Disabled placement of trapped chests
  39. Fixed soul sand not showing in NEI
  40. Fixed TFC fish randomly becoming MC fish
  41. Disabled placement of the vanilla crafting table
  42. Removed chisel cobblestone
  43. Removed trapped chest
  44. Fixed boat desync
  45. Day/night length is now dependent on the season
  46. Added mods
  47. TerraFirmaTweaker
  48. ContentTweaker
  49. FluxedCore
  50. LogisticsPipes
  51. TooMuchTime-TFC
  52. BetterBoat
  53. SAPManPack
  54. Updated mods
  55. TFC
  56. WAWLA
  57. Forge
  58. v.
  59. Better Sleeping
  60. caps out sleep meter, and won't go above it anymore. Should fix sleeping once and never again issue. (takes effect only after your meter drops below max again)
  61. Immersive Engineering
  62. TFC cellars Addon
  63. Open Computers
  64. Open Printer
  65. PlanetGuyLib
  66. RemainInMotion
  67. Technofirma
  68. Fixed Thaumic Steel ingot pile
  69. Added Amber ore
  70. Added ores to prospector pick list
  71. Added Technofirma oil lamps
  72. Removed Mods
  73. asielib
  74. computronics
  75. crashed with forestry
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