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  2. Lloyd's Mecha Waifu ­čŹ«­čöťAnimeNYCToday at 9:17 PM
  3. I think most fujoshis have and always will be LGBT+ allies
  4. A large majority of fujoshis are homosexual
  5. Anything sexual can be fetishised imo, if you want to look at gay hentai created by gay men it is just as "fetishised" if not more
  7. #cancelschneizelToday at 9:19 PM
  8. tbh, i dont really understand what the fascination w/"FUJOSHIS FETISHIZE THE GAYS BUT HATE ACTUAL GAYS" is -- i feel like it's easier to find a "yuribro" who doesn't think women should have any rights
  10. Lloyd's Mecha Waifu ­čŹ«­čöťAnimeNYCToday at 9:22 PM
  11. There is a lot of theories of this stuff I've heard everything from "fujoshis are secretly lesbians"to "women don't have a safe place to explore sexuality so yaoi is a sandbox" my personal opinion is 1 guy is hot, 2 guys more hot  - it is really that simple
  13. Euphinator GenysisToday at 9:22 PM
  14. I feel like at worst most BL fans have like, problematic conceptualizations of how partnerships should work
  16. Lloyd's Mecha Waifu ­čŹ«­čöťAnimeNYCToday at 9:22 PM
  17. If your like 14 and can't separate reality from fiction
  19. Euphinator GenysisToday at 9:22 PM
  20. it doesn't really seem like, outright homophobic
  21. almost accidentalyl typed 'hobophobic'
  22. but yeah i felt he was painting with an awfully broad brush personally
  24. Lloyd's Mecha Waifu ­čŹ«­čöťAnimeNYCToday at 9:23 PM
  25. As I think ive mentioned before, unless your being creepy and fetishising real life people it really isn't an issue
  26. It is fantasy
  27. As if bara isn't just as horny imo
  28. It's a dumb stupid opinion people use to virtue signal
  30. #cancelschneizelToday at 9:27 PM
  31. a lot of it is probably generally being sexist towards women
  33. Lloyd's Mecha Waifu ­čŹ«­čöťAnimeNYCToday at 9:27 PM
  34. ^
  36. #cancelschneizelToday at 9:27 PM
  37. "women should be uwu pure and cute uwu and not into horny fetishes"
  38. and then how ppl seem to... generally hate:
  39. 1) teenaged girls
  40. 2) stuff marketed at teenaged girls
  41. 3) stuff teenaged girls like
  42. dudes be like "twilight is bad i can't believe ppl would like that" and then they produce garbage like ready player one aka sword art online: america
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