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  1. In 2015 as the US pulls out of Afghanistan, a convoy assigned to tear down FOBs heads back. Sandstorms have kept helicopters from being able to extract people, so a convoy consisting of non-combat MOSes protected by infantry and MPs finds its way moving down a road.
  3. What happens next leads to the events of Don becoming the "Hero of Houston". Don puts down four of his guys and is court martialed for murdered, but cleared on any murder charges as he's found justified due to reporter(Diaz's footage of the incident). He's committed to a mental health ward and receives an honorable discharge. He becomes an alcoholic for a year, which Jackie helps him out of while he works as a bank security guard.
  5. Somewhere in 2017, an all-out gang war takes place and Don goes into the Hartford PD's academy, but ends up getting pulled aside. His past is torn apart in front of him, his dead family, his estranged sister, his prankster(specifically getting on top of the roof of a house with a fishing line, some tape, and a family sized bag of doritos and causing someone to fall out of a two story window) past, etc.
  7. They find that he's better suited to undercover work due to his capabilities as being a potential leader in the department and because "he doesn't sound or act like a cop". After some time "getting to know the right people" Don proves himself to the Irish mob.and ends up training them in how to become better criminals, introducing himself by walking into his "interview" with a dummy grenade in his hand, pin out, spoon still attached.
  10. He throws the dummy grenade and everyone runs for cover as Don walks out, laughing maniacally. After this, they hire him on for just "being a wild man" alone. He proves himself to them and teaches them tactics and basic firearm competency. Jackie keeps tabs on him and his handler. Due to Don's capability in advising and assisting the Irish mob, they end up taking control of Hartford's crime syndicate. They start whacking innocent people which causes Don to start raising alarms with the HPD's leadership. It all comes to a head when one of them decides to throw a molotov at Jackie's car which leads Don to beat the ever living shit out of him.
  12. Due to this, Don is investigated by the mob and nearly executed in a harbor. He cooks up a story about how that's who his source has been who tells him when the cops show up, his wife being the reason that he knows how police procedure works("Get her a little drunk and she is a fuckin' faucet of information! Among other things of course.") At some point, he gets tailed, notices it, and sneaks up on them. He gives them their last warning, telling them that he has been more than kind and generous enough to not go fucking killing them all.
  14. Around this time, mob boss's daughter(Sarah) comes back from her trip to Ireland and quickly deduces most of Don's habitual weaknesses. She figures out Don's marriage is struggling under the double life he's forcing himself to live, that his daughter is trying to get Don out of that life, saving up her money while also barely getting her high school diploma.
  16. She develops feelings for Don and two weeks before Don's divorce, the two bang. Don quits his undercover position against the HPD's protests, with him threatening to leak his activities online, shit on his shoes or not.
  18. Cue the events of Don's story in the work.
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