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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. trash★™ Officer 10 Nov, 2018 @ 11:47pm
  2. Some cool chat commands
  3. Hello team :)
  5. These are some useful chat commands that you can use in-game:
  8. Description
  9. Console command
  10. In-game command
  11. Alternative in-game command
  12. In-game usage example
  14. The alternative ingame commands tend to work better - in some cases they are the only ones which work as they are meant to.
  16. ! and / may be used interchangably. If using !example, the entire server will be able to see your command. Using /example hides the command.
  18. A message sent to all members in bright green
  19. sm_say [message]
  20. /say [message]
  21. @[message]
  22. Example: @ hello, jab is not gay.
  24. A message sent privately to all staff members in-game
  25. sm_chat [message]
  26. /chat [message]
  27. <TEAM>@ [message]
  28. Example: Say (TEAM): @ hello, jab is not gay.
  30. A message sent privately to any given member
  31. sm_psay [username] [message]
  32. /psay [username] [message]
  33. @@ [username] [message]
  34. Example: @@ Azurite hello, jab is not gay.
  36. A message to all users in the center of their screen
  37. sm_csay [message]
  38. /csay [message]
  39. @@@ [message]
  40. Example: @@@ hello, jab is not gay.
  42. A message sent to all players at the bottom of the screen - this is where the current rocket speed is shown.
  43. sm_hsay [message]
  44. /hsay [message]
  45. No alternative
  46. Example: /hsay red hello, jab is not gay.
  47. A message is sent to all users within the menu panel. Use \n for new lines.
  48. sm_msay [message]
  49. /msay [message]
  50. No alternative
  51. Example: /msay hello, \n jab is not gay.
  53. [Currently not working] A coloured message sent to all players as a hint message
  54. sm_tsay [color] [message]
  55. /tsay [color] [message]
  56. No alternative
  59. When using certain console and ingame chat commands, commands such as "/psay Azurite jab is not gay" may only output "jab " to the user as it doesn't pick up the entire String.
  60. The alternative commands fix this issue, so I suggest learning those as opposed to the ingame/console commands.
  62. When using sm_vote however, the only way write a sentence as a question would be through the console.
  63. Issue a server-wide vote - a question mark is automatically appended.
  65. sm_vote "question" "answer with a space" answerwithoutspace
  66. Broken - use console command only/vote "question" "answer with a space" answerwithoutspace
  67. Example: Console: sm_vote "is jab gay" yes no "no but Azurite is"
  69. Have fun :)
  70. <3
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