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  1. # Tell us a little background about your character
  2. #### Michael R. Foan tries to be a good guy and help those in need. He feels compelled to give to the needy. He would even go so far as to cut his lunch in half to share it with a panhandler. They're still people, just a little down on their luck, if giving them half a turkey sandwich helps them at least a little, he's willing to do that. He was raised in central Oregon, the son of a local sheriff. his grandfather was a MP during WW2, and came home to continue his career in law enforcement. If accepted, he would be the third generation in his family to join the force. His mother was a defence attorney, which made for some interesting family dinners when the arguments about due process inevitably erupted between mom and dad. His parents split up when he was 13 because his dad couldn't handle 'loving someone who cares more about due process than justice.' as his dad said. Mike was raised by his dad and grew to love his sense of justice and the fight for it, but he also adored his mother in her struggles to ensure people had their rights in tact. He disagrees with his father on certain issues, for example, he understands the importance of due process, and maintaining the rights of everyone in custody. However, he also agrees with his father's quest for justice.
  3. In his free time, he likes to build and drive off-road vehicles, shoot guns, and he can make a mean Denver omelet.
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