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Jun 4th, 2020
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  1. I am once again suffering from very obvious limitations with my account. I would like to kindly request these not-so-invisible blockages be lifted, again, so I can continue to use the platform for the reason it was intended to be used.
  3. According to @Jack today, there are principles that Twitter wants to uphold.
  7. I will self-reflect on each of these 5 points in the order @Jack listed them:
  9. 1. My account has given no indications that ANYBODY will EVER be harmed in ANY way. That is not who I am, and I would NEVER willingly associate with a person or group that has said intent.
  11. 2. There is ZERO bias towards any person, group, idea, or fact on my channel. Quite the contrary. I am interested not only in the truth, but also in finding other people interested in the truth. Bias cannot exist when the goal is to seek documented facts/data. Other accounts that are pushing clearly false information and/or hate are allowed to continue to propagate and flourish, while I am censored for attempting to network with people that have obviously diverse characteristics/backgrounds.
  13. 3. This one does not apply to me, it applies more to Twitter's rules, which I have pledged to following in the effort to avoid community controversy.
  15. 4. If you look closely, the accounts I've followed and attempted to interact with have MASSIVE diversity. I'm connected with only a few hundred people, and within that short list, there are different people from all sorts of backgrounds, who live all over the world. I'm actually going out of my way to attempt to connect with all types of people with all types of qualities.
  17. 5. There has never been any content published from my account that indicates anything would/could/should happen that would implicate Twitter in any type of legal or financial accountability. I said in my last note to you folks that I take full responsibility for all content posted on my account. That's ME taking ACCOUNTABILITY. I am in no way a liability to Twitter or it's assets.
  20. I have not done anything against terms of service, nor have I even come close to being in any way negative or controversial.
  22. Why is my account suffering from constant visibility limitations?
  24. I'm behaving according to all Twitter's rules. I'm liking posts I like, I'm retweeting posts I deem worthy of sharing, and I'm keeping a calm and positive demeanor, along with adding an air of togetherness with people worldwide.
  26. This is the second time I've suffered some kind of search suggestion limitation, search constraint, and overall visibility restriction.
  28. If I've done something wrong, I'll face it, I'll admit to wrongdoing, and suffer the consequences. But if the principles that @Jack, himself, today, are not what you folks are actually implementing, where can any user see the actual principles that are being applied? I feel targeted. I am a good person (yes, I'm a human being) with good intentions and good values, raised by people that have held both earned and elected positions. I'm not doing anything weird or wrong here, by just about any reasonable person's standards.
  30. I would like to ask, for the second time in less than a week, that my account is restored to normal.
  31. Also, the fact that I have to contact you in this format is ridiculous. I may be missing something, but this seems to be the only way I can get a note to you folks.
  32. I hope to find soon that my account is functional again.
  33. If this note has a tone of impatience, it's due to frustration with the undeniable unfairness I am experiencing on the platform.
  34. Feel free to contact me via email concerning this issue.
  35. Sincerely,
  37. [i put a fake first/last name and my contact info here]
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