[RGRE?] Penis Inspection Day

Jan 30th, 2017
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  1. >>Why do you have a doctor measuring your dick?
  3. ---------------------------
  5. >You nervously tug the hem of your pants just a tiny bit higher up your bare stomach.
  6. "Are.... are you sure this is completely necessary?"
  7. >Nurse Redheart smiles comfortingly at you and nods, humming in the affirmative.
  8. >"Absolutely, Anon. All stallions have to go through a monthly penis inspection day to make sure that they're healthy and cancer-free."
  9. >F-Fair enough, you guess.
  10. >You get chills at the words "penis inspection day", but you pass it off as nerves.
  11. "So, uh, how does this work?"
  12. >Nurse Redheart nudges your leg with her muzzle and directs you towards a table with crinkly sterile paper rolled out over the surface.
  13. >"Normally, the stallion lays down on the table for the inspection. But you, Anonymous-"
  14. >She pokes your thigh playfully.
  15. >"-are much too tall for that. You'll have to just stand up against the wall. Is that alright? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."
  16. >She tilts her head at you and waits for an answer.
  17. "Yeah, yeah... I guess that's fine."
  18. >Nurse Redheart smiles cheerfully and nudges your belt with her muzzle.
  19. >"Great. Pants off, please."
  20. >You busy yourself clumsily undoing your belt and tugging down your pants while the nurse pony prepares herself for the examination.
  21. >"You know," she says with her back to you, taking off her nurse's cap and placing it on a table, "We used to have to do this under the inspection of at least two male facility members."
  22. "No kidding?"
  23. >"Mm-hmm!"
  24. >Redheart removes the pin holding her mane up in a bun and swishes her mane around like she's in a shampoo commercial.
  25. >"The board of directors seemed to think that the female employees would do something inappropriate to the male patients."
  26. >She turns around to face you and stifles a giggle with her hoof.
  27. >"Crazy, huh?"
  28. >You guess?
  29. "Sure is."
  30. >Nurse Redheart approaches you and eyes your growing member with professional interest.
  31. >"Alright, Anonymous. I'm going to see how far down my throat your penis can go, and then we'll begin the actual tests."
  33. "I'm sorry, wh-"
  34. >Before you can stop her, Redheart opens her mouth wide and shoves her face down onto your crotch.
  35. >Her tongue wriggles all over the bottom of your cock, and you can feel her throat constricting around you.
  36. >She slows down as her nose approaches your groin, and seems to really struggle with the last inch or two.
  37. >You reach down to grab her head to shove her away, but all you end up doing is cradling her cheek and running your fingers through her mane.
  38. >It's an easy mistake to make, to be fair.
  39. >Redheart hums in appreciation and, were it not for the cock in her mouth, would be leaning into your palm.
  40. >You nearly cum right then and there when her tongue snakes out of her stuffed mouth and begins to lap at your testicles.
  41. >You DO cum right there and then when her throat starts to swallow around your cock.
  42. >You haven't had sex since you arrived in Equestria; it's been a long 8 months.
  43. >Thus, you're on a bit of a hair-trigger.
  44. >Nurse Redheart's eyes open wide in surprise and she pulls herself back, coughing at the salty intrusion in her throat.
  45. >The last few spurts land on her face as you ride the tail-end of your orgasm.
  46. >"V-Very good, Anonymous," she says, catching her breath, "Very good."
  47. >She casually walks over to a nearby desk and picks up a pencil in her mouth, which she uses to write on a clipboard.
  48. >"You made it about three-quarters down the length of my throat, putting you at a solid six-point-five inches in length. Your girth is around average, there were no lumps that I should be worried about..."
  49. >She laps at the strands of cum still covering her muzzle and smacks her lips.
  50. >"...and your output is at the ideal consistency."
  51. >With a happy little hum, Nurse Redheart write a big checkmark onto the paper and turns to you, smiling innocently.
  52. >The effect is ruined slightly by the cum - your cum - on her cheeks.
  54. >"You've passed your penis inspection day, Anonymous. Don't bother checking out with the secretary; he already knows that you were scheduled for an inspection today."
  55. >You've barely gotten your pants buckled up before the good nurse shoves you out the door.
  56. >"I'll see you again next month!"
  57. >The door closes and locks with a sharp CLICK.
  58. >....and you realize that you've forgotten to grab your shirt.
  59. >You stumble your way towards the entrance of the hospital, feeling a bit dazed and light-headed.
  60. >What the actual fuck was that?
  62. >You are Nurse Redheart.
  63. >You're laying on top of the table with the crinkly paper on it, and you've got your nose buried in Anon's discarded shirt.
  64. >The cum on your face has since been consumed, and the paper you were writing on has been torn up and discarded.
  65. >You can't believe that Anon fell for that.
  66. >Stallions are so gullible.
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