daily pastebin goal


Manhim Jun 30th, 2011 107 Never
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  1. A little hope
  2. Tests with Furmark and Prime95.
  4.  - Testing Windows bare-bone: 30 Minutes stress, no freeze.
  5.  - Installing an Anti-virus and some software, restarting computer.
  6.  - Testing with Anti-virus and some software (No drivers installed): 30 Minutes stress, no freeze.
  7.  - Installing audio drivers, restarting computer.
  8.  - Testing with the audio drivers: 30 Minutes stress, no freeze.
  9.  - Installing the latest graphic drivers from EVGA's website (without 3d vision since I don't use it), restarting computer.
  10.  - Testing with the graphic drivers: 30 Minutes stress, no freeze.
  11.  - Configuring Windows to my liking and installing more softwares.
  12.  - Running a 20 hours long CPU stress test (Prime95). Will see the results tomorrow.
  13.  - Still working. No freeze. I'm going to do some more "real-world" tests before raising the victory flag.
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