[RGRE] (short) that one egg thing i just wrote

Dec 16th, 2019
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  1. >>34726840
  2. I remember that.
  4. >Be Anon
  5. >Today is Easter
  6. >It's not a recognized holiday for ponies, but it is for humans
  7. >You still want to keep a few Earth traditions in your heart, and an Easter egg hung is just the thing you need!
  8. >You've already decorated a few emptied-out chicken eggs, and you've hidden them around town.
  9. >Sure, you already know where they are, but you have to make due with just one individual being involved: you
  10. >Besides, it's still fun.
  11. >So here you are, wandering around with a basket, trying to search for your eggs.
  12. >The only thing is that they aren't where you remember putting them.
  13. >You're the only one who knows about Easter eggs, so you have no idea why anyone would think to hide them.
  14. >And why would someone steal a shitty painted hollow egg?
  15. >You search high and low, genuinely enjoying yourself now that you're actually trying to find them.
  16. >Maybe you should let ponies in on this tradition!
  17. >Maybe you can even organize a hunt for Cheerilee's class!
  18. >You catch a patch of purple and orange high up in a tree and give a whoop of success.
  19. >That's gotta be one of your eggs!
  20. >Climbing up, you spot your egg...
  21. > a big-ass bird's nest?
  22. >It's huddled in the middle of a pile of eggs, all of which are much bigger than the one you're responsible for.
  23. >Jesus, those are as big as ostrich eggs.
  24. >Wild.
  25. >You're starting to think that you're not the only creature in town that's been going around collecting eggs.
  26. >Either that, or you have a GIANT bird to worry about.
  27. >All you've gotta do is push these big eggs out of the way - christ, why are they warm? - and grab YOUR egg...
  28. >CRACK
  29. >OH FUCK
  30. >CRICK
  31. >CRACK
  32. >"Wehhh!"
  33. "What the actual fuck?"
  34. ---
  35. >Be Rainbow Dash
  36. >You're heading back to your nest after having gone looking for some colourful stuff to decorate it.
  37. >Now EVERYPONY will know you're the best mate!
  38. >And naturally, that means you'll be the best mama once you get a certain some-human to agree to touch your eggs.
  39. >You found a bunch of really neat chicken eggs all around town, and so naturally you took them.
  40. >They're already colourful, and they're EGGS!
  41. >That's practically Harmony itself telling you that these were meant to be a part of your awesome nest.
  42. >Now maybe that sweet piece of flank will realize how great you are.
  43. >Your dancing didn't convince him.
  44. >Your chirping didn't work.
  45. >When you presented your soft vulnerable underbelly to him in order to silently communicate with body language that you trusted him (and that you wanted him to touch The V), he just ended up giving you belly rubs.
  46. >But to be fair, those were pretty good belly rubs.
  47. >But you love it when they play hard to get.
  48. >You already get lost in his eyes, and you could get used to them being the very first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.
  49. >So, maybe this will convince him to crawl up into your nest and-
  50. >"OH FUCK"
  51. >...was that Anon?
  52. >>"Wehhh!"
  54. ---
  55. >You are Anon
  56. >It is an hour or two later
  57. >You and Rainbow are sitting in a tree.
  58. >K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
  59. >But seriously, you're actually up in a tree.
  60. >You've got an affectionate blue pegasus curled up on your lap, and between the two of you are three sleeping tiny baby pegasus ponies.
  61. >They've all got Rainbow's fur colour and her mane gradient, but a few of the distinct colours look like they've been swapped with the specific colour of your own hair.
  62. >And before the tiniest one fell asleep, it looked right up at you.
  63. >You recognize those eyes - they're the same ones you see in the mirror every morning [spoiler]when you glare hatefully at yourself and wonder where it all went wrong[/spoiler].
  64. >Apparently, this is just how pegasi work.
  65. >This is just your life now.
  66. >You idly pet Rainbow Dash's soft fur, making her coo in her sleep.
  67. "You're lucky I have a massive crush on you."
  68. I don't know how to write endings.
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