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  1. > Be the off-his-rocker indigo
  3. W(OO)uldn't that des(ribe alm(OO)st every indig(OO)? It (ertainly w(OO)uldn't apply t(OO) me!
  5. > Be the *judgmental, rowboat using* indigo
  7. At least y(OO)u tried, hehe!
  10. Your name is ARISME SIIONI. You are an INDIGO BLOOD (#450093) of EIGHT sweeps. Your caste deems you should probably be pretty damn violent and ornery , but that's just not you!
  12. Well, mostly not you. You're always sure to have a cheery demeanor about you, acting as if nothing at all can really bother you. Truth be told, nothing really seems to! Not in that ludicrous "HONK HONK fuckin miracles" way but more like you've just learned to pull the stick out of your rear, unlike so many of your highblooded compatriots.
  14. For instance, you love to go rowing about the various rivers around your hive. You think the sights are nice and pretty, and you're always willing to offer a ride to strangers. Strangers who you make tell their stories, and drown depending on the story. Some would deem you a vigilante, or maybe a judge. You don't particularly care, you just think it prudent to remove trolls you deem unsatisfactory! Your cheery demeanor helps with this, never letting slip just how much you may disapprove.
  16. But you're not always on a mission to wipe the world clean of trolls, you've actually got some decent hobbies of your own! For instance, you like to compose rather imposing sounding PIPE ORGAN music! You happen to be a fan of the instrument, and you sometimes compose songs for particularly memorable things you've seen or heard. You also enjoy looking into things deemed OCCULT or otherwise. The demons of troll myth (what little there is) greatly interest you, particularly ones involving judging and sailing! It might seem strange to worship a few sailing demons, but you think it's good for your luck! And only you ever seem to think that for some reason. Plus you like to read about other mythological creatures, including rainbow drinkers! Not the trashy romantic kind, those are dumb and lame, you prefer the actually creepy and dangerous ones of yore! Sightseeing actually *is* one of your favorite hobbies out of them all, and is the primary reason why you first began rowing across the rivers. You finally like to collect rather OLD coins of odd nature. You think they're very interesting, and sometimes see if you can haggle them out of people you help cross/die. They usually don't have any, but you'll be damned if you miss one for lack of trying!
  18. You were raised by your LUSUS, a CRANE, who was actually kind of harsh. He didn't tolerate nonsense, and brought you up to his very exacting standards. He's kind of a judgmental, fancy asshole. Normally he just hangs around the watery area of the MARSH, instead of inside your hive. He actively encourages your habit of removing trolls by your own decision, calling it "proper training for your caste." At least, you think that's what he means when he's squawking up a storm in your ear.
  20. When talking to trolls nowhere near your boat, you act pretty darn cheerful! Always asking questions with a smile, never really faltering. Those shy lowbloods and others interest you the most, if only because holy damn they've probably got all the GOOD stories hidden in their heads! Highbloods can be just as interesting, if a bit rude to you. Seadwellers actually annoy you a fair bit. Drowning someone who can breathe underwater is impossible, plus they've got that whole stuck up attitude thing going on! You don't really know much about subjugglators, but you're not really a fan of them. They make you look rather silly for having their caste level, plus that makeup is kinda dumb in your opinion.
  22. Your FETCH MODUS is ORGAN TUNE. Every item you collect gets a specific pipe organ sound attached to it, and then the item is hidden from view. You've either got to listen to a lot of pipe organs, or just remember which tune goes with which item. It has actually produced many headaches for you for these very reasons.
  24. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is allocated to bowKind. Not one of those silly "Take several minutes to carefully string and aim" kinds of bows! A crossbow suits you just fine. It figures that slinging a large rod of indeterminate material into somebody actually hurts a lot, plus it's actually useful as a moderate club, if lacking in the strangling properties of 1/2 bowKind.
  26. If someone manage to harass you into playing a GAME, you would be the ROGUE of HOPE in the LAND of CAVERNS and WATER.
  28. Your trolltag is jocundJustice and you tend to type with a H(OO)ll(OO)w smile t(OO) y(OO)ur (arefree w(OO)rds.
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