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Aug 18th, 2011
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  1. From HP-earning-call-live-blog:
  3. Must be a crazy day for all employees working on webOS. One of our CrackBerry forum moderators was actually at a HP event today and reported back this:
  5. I have kinda a funny story about this. I was invited (through my day job) to an HP event today to show us WebOS and more specifically the Touchpad. I tweeted a pic while I was there so you can see the proof!/Shao128/status/104236657628282880
  7. After 2 hours of telling us how great the WebOS/TouchPad was, and HPs level of dedication in the long run etc...
  9. Just as we were wrapping up I got a BBM about the news, I read the quote from the press release out loud infront of a group of about 30 people and the guys from HP. Their first reaction was it was all rumours. Until I told them it was a press release from HP.COM.
  11. I told them sorry to rain on your parade but it was relevant to what they were trying to pitch us.
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