build links without any tool

Jul 2nd, 2020
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  1. build links without any tool
  2. possible? manual register web2.0 and blog commenting is exhausted.. no spinner, no GSA etc
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  14. Just curious how an expert can build link without using any tool?
  16. Yes a lot of marketers still use manual link building techniques, but honestly it requires a lot of time and hard work.
  17. In manual work:
  18. 1. Guest blogging on high pr and authority sites.
  19. 2. Forum posting on relevant boards.
  20. 3. Blog commenting on authority and niche related blogs.
  21. 1. Guest blogging on high pr and authority sites.
  23. Yeah. It will work perfect. But we need to spend lot of time and need hard working. :(
  24. yes possible, but you need to spend lot of time
  25. you can outsource / hire someone
  26. Why build manually if you can just set an automated software to use a low amount of threads and sleep, do other things, and still get your backlinks.
  27. Do manual link building through guest post and blog post services. Find good PBNs and Guest blogs out there in BST and get links, or search for quality blogs in your niche and approach the blogger to post an article about your service with a link back to your site. It requires patience and perseverance.
  28. Ofcourse its possible and really its what i do.. ;)..
  29. Just build some web2.0. Write a few lines myself and submit ;)
  31. Ofcourse its possible and really its what i do.. ;)..
  32. Just build some web2.0. Write a few lines myself and submit ;)
  33. Only a few lines? So how do you outrank a site that has more backlinks that you all high PR with only a couple of lines of web 2.0 that start with PR0? I'm not ironical, just dead curious how it works. I mean, yeah, you get a lot more credit using 2.0s but still...
  34. as a newbie just starting out, i made the mistake of trying to do everything manually so that i can startup my business with zero investment. i don't know where that idea came from, but it's a romantic notion and it really held me back for the longest time.
  35. fact, is, i do quite well in my offline job, and i could've easily gotten started ages ago building sites, buying content, paying for backlinks, etc.
  36. i tried to do it the manual way for almost 2 years. what a waste of time. i had to force myself to do most of the dull, mind-numbing work. forum posting, yahoo answers, blog commenting, etc
  37. i mean, unless you have a service and you get paid to do blog commenting, it's a great way to overspend all your motivation and willpower to a deficit.
  38. as human beings, we need to balance out long term planning and short term results. if all you're doing is busting your tail for some event in the future, you'll burn out really fast.
  39. i suggest you start outsourcing from the beginning. treat IM as a business. eg, this month you save up to get 10 500word articles done, next month you save up to get tier 1 web2.0's the month after you save up to blast those sites. there really is no rush.
  40. i'm speaking for myself here because manual labour really drains the living shit out of me until i cant function. if you can get it done manually then more power to you.
  41. cheers, and all the best!
  42. Basically, the best way is to guest blog on someone else's blog. Preferably the blog must have a high PR. You can do so by convincing the owner of that blog that your content will attract more visitors to his blog, so it must be related.
  43. Also, don't think of blog comments or social media links as most of them are no-follow links, which means that search engines won't follow them.
  45. Manual Link building is best way. Just create web 2.0 blog & write a article & put your main website link there.
  47. You can hire some freelancers to outsource the mundane tasks to.
  49. yes you can, just that manual links building is quite time consuming, but you can have better control of the quality as well as the links.
  51. Possible but since it consume a lot of time, I use it for build high power link (such as blog network). The great of this method you will minimize footprint.
  52. as human beings, we need to balance out long term planning and short term results.
  53. That's actually very true. I was finding myself getting bored quickly in the past few days and now i understand why. Thanks
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