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Apr 6th, 2011
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  1. Is there anybody in there? by 1211
  4. Some people would say this map is bad or uninteresting but this map is perfect.
  5. The Gameplay reminds of a modern art of a metanet map. The rocket are a perfect duo for a challanging and interesting map. This map isn´t to hard and not to easy, it´s a "middle" map with a great concept. You only don´t like this map if you don´t play it.
  7. E0L3 - Nun in the Sun by Tommy_Wiseau
  10. This is a big piece of the of Tommy_Wiseau´s mapcake. The jump mechanics are spectacular.
  11. A Door and a floorguard lock you way. Than come two gausses to kill you like a assassin.
  12. But a Ninja isn´t easy to kill and a Ninja want to be rich so he catch some gold that is in a little mine cave.
  13. At last the Ninja must escape. A Gauss and a Floorguard guard the dooropener.
  14. With a skill jump the Ninja can catch the opener and do some high jumps to activate the exitopener.
  15. That was a rise of any Ninja. Now is you turn.
  17. Afternoondragon Step04 by Dragon_Moon
  20. To draw a good dragon is hard for lot of people. To draw it on paint is more difficult.
  21. But Dragon_Moon did something unbelieveable. A perfect Dragon, looking in the sky. Behing him the shiny sun.
  22. To draw a perfect dragon like this on N-game is a Masterwork. Every Objekt is perfect placed.
  23. The colors are mixed to the perfect dragon color. Also shiny and thin Wings. This should be in a museum.
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