Hawaiian Tides

adefrederico Mar 25th, 2019 70 Never
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  1. Hawaiian Tides
  2. --------------
  3. Andrew Defrederico - 2019 Mar 25 14:50
  6. Where the wind blows
  7. I sing a song she doesn't know
  8. Soon you come, soon you will
  9. Be in my arms
  10. In summer fun
  11. As you run, down the hills
  12. Hearing evil those don't know
  13. Those you will be, downing, drowning
  14. Down, and around
  15. Waiting in rows
  17. For all you know, and all you will
  18. Will you just take another
  19. Another, will you kill
  21. For me, my butterfly dreams
  22. For me, the butterfly dreams
  23. For you and I in these Hawaiian tides
  24. It's not what it seems
  25. But it can be
  26. Another one you will see
  27. In these Hawaiian tide dreams
  29. For the wind blows
  30. And I see through the doors
  31. Better if were windows
  32. That could only be more
  33. That could only be
  34. It could only be
  35. Just one more
  37. For the wind blows
  38. But she doesn't know
  39. The Hawaiian tides
  40. On other sides
  41. Is a step through a door
  42. An opening of the window
  43. That would give so much more
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