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  1. DREP: Silvercorp, Deer team up to compel anonymous accusers to identify themselves
  5. 21-Sep-11
  6. 08:57   Silvercorp, Deer team up to compel anonymous accusers to identify themselves
  7. Story  
  10. Silvercorp Metals (NYSE:SVM) and Deer Consumer Products (NASDAQ:DEER), two companies operating in China that have been accused of fraudulent activities by anonymous short-sellers, have teamed up to compel their accusers to identify themselves, reported the Globe and Mail on 21 September.
  12. Silvercorp CEO Rui Feng said in an item from the newspaper's Report on Business section that lawyers from the two companies are working together and that the two companies will jointly launch a lawsuit aimed at subpoenaing those behind the allegations.
  14. Meanwhile, the report noted that Deer has already initiated its own legal action against Alfred Little, a research firm that has launched some damaging allegations. Last month, the New York Supreme Court gave Deer permission to serve the research firm with a complaint and summons. According to the report, Silvercorp, which has refuted allegations of wrongdoing in the Alfred Little reports, is contemplating pursuing its own legal action.
  16. Source  The Globe and Mail
  18. Target  Silvercorp Metals Inc. (SVM)    DS   Int.
  19. Other   Royce & Associates, LLC     Int.
  20. Other   Renaissance Technologies    Int.
  21. Other   (Canada - British Columbia region)  Int.
  22. Other   Van Eck Global  Int.
  23. Other   Deer Consumer Products  Int.
  24. Other   Rui Feng    Int.
  26. Intel. Grade    Confirmed  
  27. Countries   Canada
  28. China  
  29. Sectors     Mining  
  30. Intel. ID   1234556
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