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  1. Gut Ding will Weile haben. That's a German idiom saying that a good thing usually takes a while. Well, it took quite a while to complete the beta, that's for sure. Today we are proud and happy we can finally announce it. Our hope is that you will find it at least as good as a "Gut Ding" and enjoy the new audio features of Synfire Pro as much as we do. We are convinced this is a major breakthrough.
  2. New Installers
  4. Now that the software consists of multiple programs and utilities, we have reworked the packaging and installation procedure. Synfire Pro now comes as a native OS installation package for both Mac (mpkg) and Windows (msi). Most, if not all, of the annoying quirks with folder permissions on the Mac and UAC dialogs popping up on Windows should be history now. The native installer launches our custom installer after it copied all neccessary files and prepared folders appropriately. We will move towards an entirely native installation in the future.
  5. Tips: Audio Engine
  7. The Audio Engine scans for installed plugins on your computer on first start. If it does not find any (Windows only), you will have to set the directories manually: Open the user interface of the engine from the system tray and run a scan from the main menu.
  9. We strongly recommend that you start with making yourself familiar with the Audio Engine (Synfire's built-in host) before you go and sync with a DAW. While DAW sync works great for playback and mixing (sample-accurate timing with other DAW tracks), it has a few disadvantages:
  11.     The DAW can not create new Drones on command
  12.     You cannot open a plugin's editor from within Synfire
  13.     Live MIDI input is delayed by 10-30 ms (lag)
  14.     When recording phrases via external keyboard, the playback of the DAW may lag behind or run ahead of the MIDI that is arriving at Synfire's external MIDI ports (10-30 ms usually, but very noticeable). Unfortunately this lag is unpredictable. This is not the case with the Audio Engine, which has pretty good response times and communicates about its exact timing specs with Synfire.
  16. Instead of an external MIDI port, you can also enable a DAW Drone for MIDI input in Synfire. This ensures your play is timestamped correctly in sync with the DAW playback. I'm curious what your experiences will be with this option.
  17. Audio Engine vs. DAW
  19. We recommend always using the Audio Engine for prototyping and move the instruments over to a DAW when the project approches a certain maturity. There's a cool "Relocate" feature that does this for you. If the project nears completion, you should export all rendered MIDI to the DAW by grabbing and dropping a Drone's contents to your DAW arrangement. I'll show this in a video in detail.
  20. Tips: DAW Drones
  22. You will probably have to try out the best combination of VST and/or AU usage in your host. Some hosts like AU better than VST (native Mac apps like Logic), others use bridges to host AUs internally, because they were originally developed for VST (Reaper for example). As a general rule of thumb, you should use the AU Drone on the Mac, if the host originated from the Mac platform, otherwise try VST. If possible, always load AU plugins into the Drones. These tend to have less issues with graphics and keyboard on the Mac (Reaper has ugly issues with the nested plugin editors, but they are cosmetic only).
  24. On Windows things are much simpler, because there is only VST.
  25. Pro Tools (RTAS)
  27. We've had some problems making the RTAS version of the Drone for all platforms. Currently only the 32 bit version is available for the Mac (Pro Tools 8 and above). We will continue working on this.
  31. Simplified Opening Documents on Windows
  33. It is now possible to double-click open documents in the Explorer when Synfire Pro is already running (seems trivial, but unlike on the Mac, this behavior is not natively supported by Windows and every developer is required to provide their own dirty hacks for this).
  35. More Ports
  37. The number of supported MIDI ports was increased to 64.
  39. In addition to the changes listed below, we will try to address a few more AR's related to the transport, CCs and rendering in general, that have been around for a while. Based on the improved and more clean framework, it should be easier and more logical to incorporate these changes.
  41. As a consequence of these major refactorings, documents saved with 1.2 will use a new file format for some vital objects and hence can't be opened by previous versions. Therefore, if you go about to test 1.2, please be sure you backup your projects before installing 1.2, just in case you might possibly need to return to 1.1.11 for some reason.
  43. CC editor provides tabs for viewing inherited definitions (customCCs.png)
  44. customCCs.png
  46. Full physcial range indicated along with the selected paying range (ranges.png)
  47. ranges.png
  53. Download links:
  55. http://bitshare.com/files/bxf4cc4x/download.part1.rar.html
  56. http://bitshare.com/files/ll9eu66y/download.part2.rar.html
  57. http://bitshare.com/files/o9d6vdsb/download.part3.rar.html
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