Yellow Pearl order (SU One-shot)

Jan 14th, 2016
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  1. Based as a "continuation" of: https://i.imgur.com/2Unom90.png
  3. Be Yellow Diamond’s Pearl
  4. >You were supposed to help her
  5. >You were supposed to serve her
  6. >But your Diamond… y-your Diamond… she…
  7. >”CLOD!”
  8. >”Oh yes, more”
  9. >Just a call made her like /that/. And this… that stupid gem is doing more than you have done in a week
  10. >Those lonely nights that you made sure she was pleased
  11. >Those mornings which you were ready to await any order she had for the day
  12. >You couldn’t think of another gem touching your precious Yellow Diamond, not even other Pearl
  13. >Someone else kissing those tempting lips… holding her tight like you haven’t before…
  14. >She… she…!
  15. >”Pearl, I commanded you to do something, are you disobeying me?”
  16. >Oh no, you were so angry in your thoughts that you disobeyed an order from her!
  17. “N-no my Diamond, I was just… just”
  18. >”No excuses, now go away. I shall meet you on my throne as I said” Yellow Diamond said, as she looked again at Peridot FACET 2F5L CUT 5XG, continuing the call
  19. “Yes, your majesty” you say while taking a bow to her, not looking at her eyes but at the floor
  20. >You exit the communication room as you heard that bastard gem yelling at your Diamond again, trying to make her mad but failing in the attempt
  21. >”Yes… more, more! Call me more! Being insulted by a pebble just turns me-“
  22. >The doors behind you close as you step outside
  23. >You can’t keep hearing on her. This is stupid, that gem is stupid! EVERYTHING IS JUST STUPID
  24. >Why Yellow Diamond got all of the sudden like that with her and not me!
  25. >If only you had ignored that call!
  26. >If only you could find a way to please Yellow Diamond without trying to compete with that gem
  27. >One which isn’t about calling her so vulgar words
  28. >You sit on the floor behind the big doors of the communication room and put your hands over your head nearly pulling your hair
  29. “I’m her pearl… I’m her only pearl… she needs me…. /I/ need her”
  30. >Behind the door was Yellow Diamond talking with a lower ge- no. SHE was a traitor, Yellow Diamond was talking with a traitor and she was enjoying her presence
  31. >You hit with your right hand the floor as anger takes the best of you
  32. “Stupid traitor, stupid me, stupid call!”
  33. >Hit after hit you stop as you get without energy
  34. >You breathe heavily as you take your energy back
  35. “Okay Pearl, ignore this. Just wear the suit as she-“
  36. >But you heard something behind the doors
  37. [Muffled Yellow Diamond moaning]
  38. >Was that… coming from Yellow Diamond?
  39. >You never… heard her like that before
  40. >Your hands tremble and sweat come out of your forehead as you continue listening to her majestic voice
  41. >Would you disobey her… just this once…?
  42. >Your hands start to lower a bit to your special place
  43. >Is not like you aren’t going to wear the suit and disobey her
  44. >You feel as your body fills with enjoyment
  45. >Is just… her muffled moaning is just so… charming
  46. >You keep hearing her voice through the door, thinking about her, your Yellow Diamond
  47. >You slowly start rubbing your chest, where your entity is located
  48. >The room you stay starts getting filled with your humming as you play with your little spot
  49. “Yellow… Diamond…”
  50. >You start rubbing more and more as your lips started to quiver from the pleasure of your body
  51. >You bit the lower part of your lip and try to take a hold of yourself
  52. “Hnng…”
  53. >You fail. You need this; you really needed this before continuing working
  54. >You rub horizontally your sensitive place, but something broke your concentration
  55. >There is no more moaning inside the communication room…
  56. >Is Yellow Diamond done with her call with the traitor…?
  57. >What if she finds you in this way, so dirty, so horny on the floor?
  58. >You can’t let yourself get caught like this, your pride with your Diamond is high and-
  59. >…
  60. >Your legs… you can’t move your legs! They are quivering on the floor and your hands started again to rub your chest!
  61. >This isn’t good, what if she really-
  62. >The doors open behind you, knocking you into the floor
  63. >You yelp as you hit the floor, it wasn’t so hard but that wasn’t the worst part
  64. >The WORST part is that Yellow Diamond was looking at you, with an unamused expression
  65. >”Pearl, didn’t I order you to do something?”
  66. “…”
  67. >You couldn’t respond, what was worst, you could stop rubbing your chest. Your legs were quivering both for fear and pleasure and you couldn’t get up
  68. >This was your end. This is it, maybe she’ll call another pearl and you’ll be replaced
  69. >And for what? For getting horny by her voice
  70. >This is the worst day of your entire existence
  71. >You close your eyes as you await her verdict
  72. >”My, I didn’t know you were so desperate. I’ll give you a punishment you’ll never forget, starting on my room”
  73. >Wait… that didn’t sound as menacing as you thought
  74. >…That punishment
  75. “My Diamond, I’m s-“
  76. >But you couldn’t talk as her fingers stopped you from saying more
  77. >”Hush now, we’ll talk about your manners tomorrow. For now, you shall follow me as I commanded. Forget the suit; it will be used for another occasion”
  78. >You stopped from rubbing your chest. The pleasure was slowly leaving you, something else replacing it. What was it? You didn’t know
  79. >Was this a dream? Where you gone? This couldn’t really be happening
  80. >You tried to stand up but your legs didn’t want to obey you
  81. >”Disobeying me more? Or is that you can’t really move? Tsk. I have a naughty pearl, don’t I?”
  82. >You smile nervously as she takes you with her arms and holds you
  83. >Maybe this was a dream… oh but who cares, you are so happy right now
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