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  1. Abrams
  2. [post]
  4. DumbassTMToday at 8:55 PM
  7. Lunya HawkeToday at 8:56 PM
  10. scaly thotToday at 9:07 PM
  11. The cycle begins anew, I guess.
  13. I'm not gonna respond to that directly bc abrams ain't even in this server anymore, he's not gonna see it.
  15. and I know at least half of you here have no context whatsoever. Luna, Kevin, Kate, and so on, there's a lot to unpack here and I'm sorry you have to see this.
  17. but like... I've said it before and I'll say it again, this has happened already. We went over this already. It's hard not to see the writing on the wall.
  19. But he's right in that we can't go on, just... not talking to each other. Talking to everyone except each other. Goading others into talking to people on our behalf.
  21. Otherwise the cycle continues.
  22. Like I literally told Whisper earlier today that I was scared we were gonna fracture again.
  24. Lunya HawkeToday at 9:09 PM
  25. I have a general idea of past issues now but this whole thing is like ridiculous now.
  26. I plan on leaving if this gets any worse.
  28. DumbassTMToday at 9:12 PM
  29. i'm gonna put my two cents in since lbr its pretty easy to know im part of the "whisper & co."
  30. but a lot of us were literally just waiting for all of it to die down, so everyone could talk rationally together about the events that ended up happening
  31. like you said gira, it makes no sense to make anything to direct towards abrams since he's not here anymore. i just wish that instead of exploding like he did here in a game server where EVERYONE is, he just shared his peace with those involved in a PM server.
  32. especially since i can only imagine what shit people who don't know anything could have imagined with reading his messages.
  33. im sorry all of ya'll had to see that with no warning.
  35. scaly thotToday at 9:15 PM
  36. That wasn't going to happen, though.
  37. It wasn't going to "die down" in that people would forgive each other.
  38. It was going to die down in that people would go back to not talking about the fact that they didn't like each other.
  39. So like honestly, if that rational discussion is going to happen, it should probably happen sooner rather than later.
  41. fashion thotToday at 9:36 PM
  42. yall...........
  44. fashion thotToday at 9:52 PM
  45. abuelita is disappointed
  47. DumbassTMToday at 9:53 PM
  48. bruh same
  50. Nyoctis HawkeToday at 9:56 PM
  51. It was more about not taking a day or two to sleep on everyone's immediate emotions before talking about things, not just waiting it out and hoping to brush it under the rug.
  53. nasty thotToday at 9:59 PM
  54. I dont even know what this is about anymore.
  56. fashion thotToday at 9:59 PM
  57. seeing as whisper and kelli were mainly brought up
  58. your relationship
  60. nasty thotToday at 10:00 PM
  61. If its that. I dont understand why so many people are involved.
  63. fashion thotToday at 10:00 PM
  64. same
  66. scaly thotToday at 10:07 PM
  67. there should have only been three and thats generous
  69. fashion thotToday at 10:09 PM
  70. no three is correct
  71. bc three people are the only ones needed to sort this out
  72. and not repeating the murry incident
  74. scaly thotToday at 10:21 PM
  75. so then how did this happen.
  77. fashion thotToday at 10:22 PM
  78. idk man all I know is that this is an unnecessary irl love triangle
  79. how it got to people making group DMs..... have to ask them
  81. DumbassTMToday at 10:41 PM
  82. i'll be the person to talk for the others cause whisper is at work still rn, two of them are out, and one just shouldn't even have to deal as the mediator again
  84. the group chat wasn't even a place of gossip. it was a place we went to to talk about games with each other, watch shows together, and just have a good time. hell it wasn't even called "It Tea Time" till my ass went into the chat all WHO WANTS SOME TEA over a meme i saw on my twitter dash. the name of the group was a joke. we even made the icon a tea cup to put it all together.
  86. abrams came to me to ask about what was happening with all of it, after he told me kelli went to him to vent. he wanted the full picture, so i added him to the group so he could get the full picture from whisper and yume.
  87. they told him everything from their side, even providing evidence to back it up. he kept asking them things they already answered, already shown. people got frustrated, and what should have just been a "we'll fill you in, do with it as you will" turned into just a sour argument that shouldn't have happened.
  89. fashion thotToday at 10:42 PM
  90. oof
  92. DumbassTMToday at 10:42 PM
  93. y e ah
  94. i gotta brb and grab whisper from her work, but i'll reply to anything else when we get back.
  95. my main priority rn is to calm her down because of this happening in here when it shouldn't have.
  97. fashion thotToday at 10:44 PM
  98. yee
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