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MWF: Husband in the Bank

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Oct 27th, 2018
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  1. >”Welcome back, everyone, to MWF's Husband in the Bank Battle Royale. >The winner of tonight's main event will win a contract for a future Husband Match that they can cash in at any time
  2. >Remember, all competitors will start in the ring.
  3. >In order to be eliminated, a competitor must be sent over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor. >Already in the ring, we have Hiku the Hinezumi, Sapphire the Salamander, Jelena the Jinko, Barbara the Polar Grizzly, Hela the Hellhound, Oreana the High Orc, and Mindy the Minotaur.
  4. >Due to her huge size, Mindy is the favorite to win this match.”
  6. DING!! DING!! DING!!
  8. >”And the match begins!!!
  9. >And all the other girls have teamed up on Mindy!!
  10. >Look at them go.
  11. >They got her in the corner now and...
  12. >Whoa, look at the display of power!!
  13. >Mindy has just sent all the other girls flying!!!
  14. >How is anyone going to eliminate her?!?!
  15. >Oh, here comes Barbara, she's gotten hold of Mindy... and
  16. > Yes!!! looks like she's locked in her patented Great White Crush bear hug submission.
  17. >But you can't win this match by submissions!!
  18. >What is she thinking”?
  20. >”The other five competitors have gotten back.
  21. >They've gotten over to the two biggest girls in this match...
  22. >Oh my God!!!!
  23. >Through their combined effort, the girls were just flipped over the top rope and eliminated.
  24. >Mindy looks furious, but there is nothing she can do.
  25. >Once a competitor is over that rope, there out!!”
  27. >”Hiku, Saphire, Hela, Oreana, and Jelena remain.
  28. >Who will be the next to be eliminated from this match?
  29. >It looks like Hiku is going to go after Hela, while Sapphire, Oreana and Jelena are just trading blows in the center of the ring!!
  30. >Looks like Hiku didn't think this one through.
  31. >Hela is fireproof and damn near twice her size!!
  32. >Hela has Hiku on the ropes.
  33. >Is she...
  34. >Yes!!!
  35. >She's going for the Clothesline from Hel!!!!
  36. >HELA IS ELIMINATED!!!!! AT the last second, Hiku ducked and pulled down the top rope, causing the hellhound to miss her attack and fly over the top rope!!
  37. >And with that we are at....
  38. >NO!!
  39. >Blue Flame Sapphire was just eliminated by Oreana, after a well placed cunt punt allowed her to easily over power the salamander!!”
  41. >”We are left with Oreana, Jelena and Hiku.
  42. >It looks like Jelena is non too pleased with what Oreana did to her tag team partner.
  43. >Jelena has Oreana in the corner. And is treating her like a well used heavy bag!!!
  44. >Just a flurry of rights and lefts!!!!
  45. >Oh, but Oreana goes and puts her thumb in the Jinko's eye!!
  46. >How low will this orc stoop to....
  47. >Here comes Hiku flying in!!!
  48. >She lands on Oreana's shoulders and...
  49. >YES!!!!
  50. >Oreana is eliminated after a successful Hurricanrana over the top rope!!!!
  51. >Luckily, Hiku kept a grip on the rope, and is still on the apron.
  52. >Hiku goes for the Springboard!!!”
  54. SMACK
  58. >(Announcer's voice plays over the roar of the crowd)
  59. >”The Winner of the 2018 Husband of the Bank Match is: JELENAAAAAA!!!!”
  61. >”That was one hell of a move right there!!
  62. >As Hiku was going for what looked like a flying kick on Jelena, the Jinko countered with a well placed Superkick that caught the Hinezumi right under the chin and sent her flying to the outside!!!”
  64. >”And with that, Commisioner Lady Juliana von Friedrich present Jelena with the...
  65. >Hold on.
  66. >Jelena has grabbed a mic.”
  68. >(In Heavy Russian Accent)
  69. >”You. Little man at table. Get down here. I cash in now.”
  70. >Camera goes to show a rather small man in a nice sports coat slowly take a headset off....
  71. >And he runs as fast as he can away from the victor.
  73. >The fancily dressed Wight takes the microphone from the now despondent Jinko.
  74. >”Don't worry dear.
  75. >They always run like that.
  76. >But let me make it up to you.
  77. >You'll have your match with him at next month's Pay Per View: No escape
  78. >Inside a Steel Cage!!!!!
  79. >And since our play by play announcer is gone, this is Juliana von Friedrich of the Mamono Wrestling Federation, wishing all of you a good night.”
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