Julius Caesar

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  1. 【 LUKEWARM 】
  3. USERNAME : NicsyyMin
  4. PASSWORD : my first and last
  6. FULL NAME :
  7. English name: Lianne Min
  8. Korean name: Min Ri Han
  9. NICKNAME(S) :
  10. - everybody calls her Lianne, well nobody wants to really invent a nickname for her because they don't know what's coming for them if they do.
  11. - her father calls her Lili, she loves that nickname because her late grandma calls her that.
  13. BIRTHDAY : February 25, 1997
  16. NATIONALITY : Japanese and Korean (does nationality ever expires? because if they do, Japan probably don't consider her a japanese anymore. v(=∩_∩=)フ)
  17. ETHNICITY : Japanese-Korean
  19. BIRTHPLACE : Osaka, Japan
  20. HOMETOWN : Daegu, South Korea
  21. LANGUAGE(S) : Korean, Japanese and English. She only knows basic of English and Japanese even if she's half japanese because they left japan when she was really young.
  23. FACE CLAIM : Twice's Mina
  24. BACKUP FACE CLAIM : Pristin's Rena
  26. 〖 WAKE UP 〗
  28. SLOT : Julius Caesar
  29. BACKUP SLOT : Hamlet
  32. When she was young, not younger than 4 years old, they left Osaka because her mother died. Little Lianne doesn't know what's happening so she was happy when they flew to her father's country, their new home, as her appa said. All was well with life until her father had an accident at work when she was 10 years old. Fortunately, her father didn't die but was now unable to move his right leg. At a young age, Lianne knows how to be independent because of the condition of her father. They have a small store that helps for their everyday expenses but Lianne realized that it is not enough so she applied to various jobs and luckily she was hired as a waitress at the hotel. When she started working, she realized taking orders for the customers was hard, especially of they were rude, but experience honed her that's why she's still working there.
  34. FAMILY :
  35. Father | Min Young Hoon | 49 | 5
  38. - Lianne's personality is heavily influenced by her family, specifically speaking, her father. She is a very loving daughter that always takes care of him. She became the breadwinner when she was really young so she is responsible and selfless. There will be times that she will lie to her father about eating a full meal but eventually it is not true just to support him and save money for her father's medicine and her tuition. Taking all those responsibilities, she became a very reserved person. She will be quiet at times but when she needs to talk she will be very straightforward that others will be intimidated by her. Of course she wouldn't know that, because in her head that's not what she wants to portray and she only knows she is stating her opinions. Having all those stress in her life, humor, volunteering and painting became her outlet. When she has spare time she either paints for extra income or plays with the children on the nearby adoption center. As for humor, she loves jokes. Lame ones, funny ones, sexual ones, she don't judge. For her, the manner of coming up of a joke is an art because it's hard! It needs lots of concentration and delivering one needs a lot of practice. She practically owns tons of joke books that is placed in a box underneath her bed. Yes, she is weird and bipolar like that.
  41. - jajjangmyeon (she eats jajjangmyeon almost everyday)
  42. - soju
  43. - dogs, cats
  44. - taking a walk near any body of water most especially the han river
  45. - sleep
  46. DISLIKES :
  47. - cucumbers
  48. - intestine soup
  49. - snakes (she hates snakeu, yep, sorry)
  50. - being alone
  51. - rude people
  53. TRIVIA :
  54. - she is a total wife material! I mean cmon, being independent at the age of 10? She can be married already. (but no one knows that because, yeah. She's julius caesar)
  55. - she has a great voice, her singing can pass on various singing auditions (but yeah, only her father knows that)
  56. - she can eat 5 bowls of jajjangmyeon in 1 seating. (:D)
  57. - when there's no work at the hotel and all her assignments and artworks are done, she sew stuffed toys to donate for children who are in the adoption center she volunteers in.
  58. - she accepts drawing and painting works for extra income.
  59. - she have those ancient phone with keypads. she thinks it's a waste of money to buy a new phone
  60. - she is afraid to answer phone calls. (ㅋㅋㅋ weird girl)
  61. - she prefers watching cartoons over news and dramas.
  62. - she always have a comedy show inside her head, every situation she was in, she can make a laughingstock out of it, but yeah, she only knows that.
  63. - she has a lot of jokes under her sleeves, so if you two became close enough, be ready for a lame jokes every minute like
  64. "what do you call to people who guards a samsung store?
  65. .
  66. .
  67. .
  68. Guardians of the galaxy!!" (again, i am sorry)
  72. COLLEGE MAJOR : Fine Arts
  75. - yes she likes it. and she doesn't have any choice but to like it. the job is nice and the pay is good enough to pay for her school. and her co-workers are nice as well! her customer service skill is like, really good. some regular customers sometimes ask for her to personally get their orders.
  78. 【 ENGINE 】
  80. LOVE INTEREST : Jaehyun
  83. HIS PERSONALITY : he is the opposite of her, jolly and carefree on the outside but a little mysterious on the inside.
  86. Beginning: She knows him. Who wouldn't? They are from the same school and everybody knows him for being goofy. So at first, it will be the normal cold exterior. Because she also thinks that these new boys are a burden.
  87. Middle: them being around each other almost every time, became comfortable. and her true personality is slowly showing because of the constant goofing around of love interest.
  88. End: This will be the start of them, being the weirdest couple out there because they will always be on their own joke world with jokes only they can understand.
  90. HOW HE ACTS AROUND YOU : beginning: Well, he don't know her. She only saw her at school maybe once or twice but that's it. So him, being himself, comes up to a goal to always goof around her to melt the ice.
  91. Middle: eventually, the ice is melting and his heart is also melting. Becoming nervous and stuttering became his habit whenever she laughs.
  92. End: surprise hugs, surprise kisses, surprise gifts, surprise visits and many more. He will be so sweet. (gosh im jealous)
  94. RELATIONSHIP TRIVIA : love interest has a secret that Lianne accidentally found out that is the cause of his mysterious interior.
  99. - Lianne telling a joke for the first time and all of them don't know what to react because that was the first time she was like that!
  100. - a party in the hotel for the employees and Lianne somehow got over her shyness and sang.
  101. - Lianne and love interest visiting the adoption center together.
  103. ANYTHING ELSE? None. We're all good. :)
  105. NOTE TO ME : Fighting! I'll support this story! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o
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