Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! - 17

Aug 22nd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! --- Publisher Link

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Family Tie Relationship
Kim Jung Hoon (MC) CEO JH Construction Kim's Sister Ex-BiL Divorced
Kim Jiwoo (Ex-wife) [N/A] Eldest Sister Divorced
Kim Jiyoung (Blue) [N/A] Second Sister Single
Kim Jimin (Pink) [N/A] Third Sister Single
Kim Jisoo (Darky) [N/A] Youngest Sister Single
Kim Kyung Ryul (Bro) MC's Personal Assistant MC's Best Friend [N/A]

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Chapter - 17

Doctor's Office Bro x Doctor

Doctor is confessing how it's Pink fault, she came to see him and asked him to prescript the wrong medicine to MC..

Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Pink x MC

Pink is frightened after hearing Doctor's confession while MC stares at her like she was already dead..


Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Pink x MC

MC keeps fucking Pink hard while Doctor is recorded being trashed by bro, she tells him how it's a misunderstanding, he doesn't like what she said and thrust it deeper inside her making her scream. He asks her if it's really a misunderstanding and asks for an explanation, she can't answer him because she's too shaken by the pleasure she's feeling right now.

MC keeps asking her why she did that and starts to slap her ass, she tells him to stop because it hurts her and says how he's evil to do something like this to her.. He doesn't care and keeps slapping her ass five more times before stopping. He pulls out his dick and get dressed, Pink is crying and sweating.. She looks at him saying how she really doesn't know why he did this to her.

She tells him how she'll forgive him for what he just did but to explain her why he did this, MC is tired of her lies and stands ups.. Pink tells him how this doctor sounded suspicious since a while and how he lied to him because he wanted to hurt them..

MC can't take it anymore and grabs her by the mouth preventing her to spit anymore lies. He gives her a cold-eyed stare repeating the word liar, he tells her how she was the one who lied to him from the beginning to the end and how she said nothing but lies since he knows her. He says how she lied to him when she drugged him, she threatened him for rape attempt and she lied when she told him she thought of him as a family's member..

MC lets go his hand and puts on his jacket telling her how he's disappointed and have to go, Pink's covering her mouth with her hand, two tears in the corners of her eyes, she looks at his departure figure thinking how it's going in the wrong direction and says to herself how she has to go all out because if MC left this place without forgiving her he'll be gone forever..

MC is leaving when he suddenly hears Pink calling his name, he turns his head and looks at her. She's on her knees, her head is lowered and she's making a pitiful expression.. She tells him how she's sorry and wronged him. She says how she was the one coming up with the impotence plan and how they did this together, she and her three sisters did this for obtaining his money and because wife wanted to divorce him. She keeps her head low and says how she'll explain him everything and will never betray him ever again and begs for his forgiveness..

He heaves a long sigh and comes closer to her asking her to raise her head, she blushes thinking her plan worked but MC shatters her hope telling her how it's too late for this because "It's" already started, she's surprised hearing this.

Mc's phone rings, he takes it and asks if they're already here, Pink asks him "what's" already started.
They hear some footsteps from outside of the room making Pink worry and she asks him again "what's" already started, MC's still on the phone and says how they can enter because he didn't lock the door.

Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Pink x MC x 3 gmen (Leader, Bowl and Bald)

Three gmen enter in the room, the one leading the two other is happy to see MC and asks him (TLN: he calls MC "Boss") if he waited them and apologizes for being late, MC tells him how he's right on time. Pink is frightened by the sudden appearance of the three men and covers her body in hurry. The leader one and the one wearing a shirt comes closer to Pink and look at her body. Leader is amazed and says how MC was right about Pink's body (TLN: he calls him CEO / President this time), Bowl says how she's already making him hard and wants to eat her right away.

Pink is angry and asks them to fuck off of her room and asks MC what the fuck is happening right now, MC gives her a glance and tells her to not worry because they're his friends and they'll not hurt her. He takes a suitcase and puts it on the bed telling her how she wanted to make a lot of money, he opens the suitcase revealing it contents saying how he'll help her. He tells how it's his group of friend's money and they'll borrow her for the night. She can't believe him and says how it's really a lot of money (I'll not say that if I was in her situation..)..

She wakes up from her disillusion and says how she doesn't want to do it and asks MC to cancel his plan and hits the bed saying how it's not funny and to stop kidding with her. MC looks at her and asks her if she's still thinking he's kidding and explain her what will happen to her right now. He takes his leave saying to his three friends to enjoy Pink's body to their heart's content, Pink is shivering in fear watching MC leaving the room, she asks him where he's going. Bowl grabs her arm making her screams.

MC is walking in the corridor hearing Pink screaming his name and begging for his help..

To be continued..
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