Mr S Has a Handy pfSense how-to

ChrisLAS Mar 20th, 2018 422 Never
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  1. I've been a loooooooong-time listener of the network, even before castablasta and radio-revolver and you've been (and still are) my soundtrack throughout making a wonderful career in IT. I would also like to point out how wonderful of a job mr Payne is doing explaining different bits, his technical explanation being articulated in an eloquent manner are joy to hear.
  3. I've formed a quick how-to on getting pfSense to run on a DigitalOcean droplet, I find it very useful and I thought this would go along nicely with that 100$ you're handing off :)
  6. I'm currently finalizing a similar post on getting FreeNAS to run on a DO droplet, that can make a really nice remote live backup machine to a local FreeNAS, or as a main storage device for your fancy DO infrastructure.
  7. Once it's done, I'll be sure to send it over of course.
  9. Best,
  10. S.
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