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  1. Hello once again,
  3. As I have stated, I did not threaten no one with a suspension, however it might've been the Sergeant since I was tabbed out a bit, when myself and Josef was speaking to Corporal Adrish, Momo had allegedly given authorisation, I came on-duty mid-way through Momo was on-duty and didn't witness Momo giving permission as I wasn't on during the situation continuing once I had went to bazaar to tell the corporal to pickup the drugs, etc. He failed to follow my orders and kept ignoring me and being un-cooperative, then eventually was spoken to by Josef in the shop, I am unsure what we did after I believe we had left since it's been around 3 weeks so I can't give an accurate statement, after going off-duty, TinySlayer had spoken to me on TeamSpeak about my actions and myself breaking 2.1 for attempting to shutdown his shop which I fully understand on my part and I wasn't given any punishment for that.
  5. Hope this statement is a bit better.
  7. Regards,
  9. Lieutenant Nicolas Maas
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