Dadonequus Discord Part 192

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  1. >Well, it seems she wasn't all too comfortable letting you do this in the first place. But you could see she cared too much now, too much for her daughter, to turn you away and make her unhappy. Even with your "Hero Colt" status. She still wasn't fully comfortable with the whole situation.
  2. >Spoiled Rich took a deep breath as she looked up the stairs. "Diamond Tiara! Come down here this instant!"
  3. >Her voice was angry. Very angry. Not only did you step back, startled. But so did all the surrounding maids.
  4. >Spoiled Rich just continued to stare up, looking away from you "Well, that should give her a false sense of worry. She'll come down, she'll see you, and she'll most likely be more surprised than she would have been just coming down. Consider it a repayment, for the good you've done."
  5. >Woah..ok, you got it now. That was..kinda cool. even if it was kind of scary.
  6. >"Now stand at the ready Anon, she'll be coming soon."
  7. >You turned towards the stairs, oh lordy. She was going to see you. Looking all nice, your mane straight. Your tux cute. You hoped you knew what you were doing.
  8. >Then you saw it. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were low to the ground at the top of the stairs. Popping their head out from the top step. Diamond Tiara's voice shaking. "Y-yes mother?"
  9. >"Diamond Tiara, what are you doing?" Her mother looked up at her with sharp vicious eyes.
  10. >Diamond Tiara was really worried now, she slowly backed her head down to half visibility. "P-playing with Silver Spoon.....we we're playing "Princess" "
  11. >"I see..." Spoiled Rich then stepped to the side to make you visible "Well, could you please deal with your friend here before returning to your play time? He bothers me....and you know how I hate to be bothered."
  13. >You look up to Diamond Tiara, you couldn't do your dashingly cute offer of a date at this point. But you could still just being dashing and cute just standing there.
  14. >Yeah, why not? This was the start of your first date. Hell, maybe something more. Why not be a little anime about it?
  15. >You lower your head then slowly look up at Diamond Tiara with a cocky grin.
  16. "Heya Diamond, what's up?"
  17. >Diamond Tiara popped her head out again, as did Silver Spoon. After about of confusion. The moment Diamond Tiara realized it was you. Her face went alight with a big smile. "Anon? Anon! Hi! Hi hi hi!" She waved at you. She looked pretty excited to see you. She was shaking, and nearly hopping in place. To the point it was noticeable even by Spoiled.
  18. >Spoiled sighed at her daughter "Diamond, a little more dignity please? At least in front of me?"
  19. >Diamond stopped immediately with her happy bouncing. But she couldn't stop smiling. ideas were cycling through her head already as to why you'd be dressed like that. She then turned to Silver Spoon and whispered to her, in which Silver Spoon whispered to her back. And all it seemed to be was make her more excited.
  20. >Then Diamond cleared her throat and tried to walk down the stairs as calmly and dignified as possible. "Good afternoon Anon, may I ask why you have come to see me today?"
  21. >you try raising your hoof anyway in the way you were shown. and turn to your side as you begin to speak. and give her a meekish yet brave smile.
  22. "Well Diamond, I've come to ask you out on a date..."
  23. >Nope, she couldn't contain it. Diamond exploded and hopped down the last of the steps. Then looked back at Silver Spoon with a big happy grin. "You were right, He did come to ask me out! I-I never thought that could happen. Ever!"
  24. >Silver Spoon gave an arrogant grin of her own as she spoke in a tone that suggested she knew everything "Well of course it'd happen. He couldn't resist somepony like you. Not always anyways. You're gonna say yes right?"
  26. >"Of course I'm going say yes!" Diamond looks at you, she comes close, looking dreamily at you "Very...very yes."
  27. >Her half lidded, bedroom eyes and soft smile almost made you sweat. Her face was close to yours now.
  28. >You take a step back, a little nervous and nod
  29. "G-great. So, when do you want to go then?"
  30. >"Now" She says, in full confidence and love struck awe.
  31. >"Now?!" Both you and Spoiled let out at the same time.
  32. >Diamond nodded "Now, you're already dressed for it, right? And mother.." Diamond turned to Spoiled "Wouldn't it be ok to do it now so we can have a little more time before you leave in the morning mother?"
  33. >Now?!...NOW?! You didn't even have anything set up yet!
  34. >Spoiled's stance finally breaks. She didn't want to disappoint her daughter. But goddamn, even she knew that having nothing planned could put a damper on things.
  35. >But she could see how happy her daughter was. It confounded her even. She knew Diamond cared deeply for you. But..this deeply? She didn't know what to say. For once, she didn't know what to do. She could just easily say she'd have to wait. But this was her last day, and she just wanted to see her happy. "...Yes...that would be advantageous"
  36. >"See? And.." Diamond turned towards you "You did come to take me out right now, right? You're all dressed and ready to go. " She then gives you huge, soft, sad eyes. "you are ready to go....right?"
  37. >....GNRNAENNNFS..RFWDF...NGH....ogh....c-come
  38. "...yes...erm. Totally"
  39. >You nod
  40. "Definitely"
  41. >"Anon" Diamond's heart then began to melt. She became softer, and nuzzled her head under yours just once "I knew you cared about me"
  42. >...the way she said that. you knew exactly what she meant. she meant in terms of boyfriend and girlfriend....oh geez
  44. >Spoiled Rich did her best to come to terms that this was happening. But she couldn't. Atleast not while it was happening in front of herself. "I wish you both well..and..I'm going to your father's study to. Have a few drinks of cider. You both have a wonderful.." Her voice was becoming more strained by the second "Time..."
  45. >Silver Spoon walked up to her best friend, almost excited as she was. "You're going to tell me about this after you come back, right?"
  46. >"Oh, I'll tell you everything. Absolutely everything. I can already tell Anon is going to show me the best time ever! So why not share it with my best friend?" Diamond Tiara giggled, so sure everything was fine.
  47. >But ohh lord. All she was doing was raising expectations on the whole damn thing. And you had to make sure she was happy. You didn't know what Spoiled would do. Even as she walked off, she still had a scary demeanor as the maids followed her.
  48. >With that Silver Spoon had decided to go home. Excited and already prepping herself to listen to all the juicy details upon her friend's return.
  49. >As for you and Diamond, you both also departed. To where? Who knows. for now, you were walking. Trying to think of something as your date walked close to you. A little too close at times. Not like your body nor male instincts minded.
  50. >Besides, this was also about trying out being her actual boyfriend, or rather coltfriend. In fact, as you both walked out of the gate. You remembered you had something.
  51. " you mind closing your eyes for a minute?"
  52. >"Closing my eyes?" She then blushed deeply, and walked back as she turned her head in a bashful manner "A-anon, we haven't even gone anywhere yet. It's t-too soon"
  53. >What? too soon for what? You just wanted to give her the box of chocolates.
  54. "Just trust me, close your eyes. And I'll tell you when to open them"
  55. >Diamond Tiara complied, but you noticed she was also puckering her lips....oh shit. Thats what she meant. would but...too early.
  57. >You open your saddle bag, and take out the box with your teeth. But now you couldn't actually speak.
  58. >No problem, you just gave her a tap on the nose with your hoof.
  59. >Diamond opened her eyes upon the tap. And saw it, the box of chocolates in your mouth. The moment she realized what they were. Her eyes lit up, she was in awe. " you get me a box of chocolates? Did you....just for me?"
  60. > wasn't the truth. But given how the box was given to you. Saying yes was probably the thing they all wanted you to say.
  61. >You nod. And slip the box back in your saddle bag.
  62. "I'll hold on to them for now and give them to you when we come back. I hope you like them Diamond..."
  63. >But Diamond didn't respond. She just looked deep into your eyes.
  64. "Diamond?"
  65. >"Huh?...ohh..oh sorry..I.." Diamond quickly shook her head to get out of her haze. She was so lost. She was on a date with her hero, her friend...her love. "I just was something."
  66. >Then before you can ask about it. She steps past you and looks around "So where are we going Anon? You have something big planned, right?"
  67. > wait! hold..the next step...maybe to rectify this. is to ask her what she likes.
  68. "You'll see...but, you wanna just take a stroll through town and talk?"
  69. >"Stroll through town? with you?" Diamond asked as she stepped closer to you.
  70. "Yeah, we can talk about...ahh! what you like, that sounds like a pretty great topic."
  71. >"I'd love'd just be with you right? nopony else?"
  72. "Well yeah, it is a date right?"
  73. >She nuzzles one little nuzzle under your head again. "mhmmm...just us"
  74. >You blush, and try your best to ignore the feeling you were getting. dammit. why did she have to be so affectionate towards you?
  76. >You both begin your trek into the center of town. Ponies were bustling in the streets. happy, healthy, having their chats.
  77. "So..Diamond, what do you like to do?"
  78. >"Ohhh you know. I like to do a little of everything. My mother kind of made it a point for me to be good at everything. should know the biggest thing I'd like to be by now"
  79. >.You did...
  80. "Being a princess, right?"
  81. >She nods
  82. >"Mhmmm, I'd love to be a princess and lead my subjects to prosperity. And of course the perks that come with it too. Like free ice cream that they could never tell me not to eat because I'd be of royalty. And of course...I'd like it even more if I had a prince by my side." She looks at you with bedroom eyes again "I do have one in mind"
  83. >You
  84. >.....dammit. Why did you even need the date? Well...the date was needed. It was the proper way to court her that even Spoiled would have to agree with. But dammit, you knew she loved you. But...this devotion. It almost made you wish you were human. She'd make an adorable daughteru.
  85. "eheh...well..erm"
  86. >You didn't want to say something like "We're not official yet". You knew that would just piss her off. Especially since that could change by the end of it.
  87. "If I could Diamond, without there being any consequences. I'd totally use my magic to make you a princess"
  88. >Diamond sighed, she was remembering when she was being a little too harsh on you when it came to that. "Yeah...but. Using that kind of magic probably wasn't a good idea anyway. I shouldn't have bothered you about it."
  89. >You could tell that she was still hurting over that moment. The way she tried to force you into it. It made her feel ashamed.
  90. "Hey...don't even worry about it. The past is the past and it hasn't bothered me...and.."
  91. >Then something hit you right in the brain.
  92. "besides, I may not be able to turn you into a princess....but I know the four alicorn princesses...maybe you'd like to meet...ohhh sayyy...Princess Celestia?"
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