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  1. Name of group: Uncle Uzoma's General Store
  3. Purpose: A general store that will sell anything that they are able to legally sell in any countries that let them in.
  5. Area of Origin: Lagos, Nigeria.
  7. Type of group -: Company
  9. Est. Member Count: Every store is manned by a clone of an African man named Uncle Uzoma who has two non self aware android assistants with smiley faces painted on their heads. Each clone knows English and whatever languages are common in the country their store is in. They also have a microchip in their head that lets them recognize every order number, pretty much making them a human barcode reader. It also tells them things about the products so they can recommend things, talk about how things work, etc. One of the android  assistants is in charge of getting things from the back room. The other one cooks food on demand for people that want to buy cooked food.
  11. Source of Funding: The Nigerian government funded their start up and supplies them with goods to sell.
  13. Areas of Influence --: Their office in Lagos and their stores.
  15. Means of Transportation ---: They use normal transportation methods to set up their stores, but instead of having a normal backroom storage area they have a warpgate unloading area where request for goods to be warped in on demand. If it is something larger than a refrigerator then it will instead go to the garage instead of the back room, and be brought out into the parking lot for the shopper.
  17. How they Formed: While officially they are just a normal company the Nigerian Commissary of Commerce created them with the goal of increasing the foreign cash reserve.
  19. Leadership: A bunch of Uncle Uzoma clones make up the board of directors, but they just do whatever the government tells them to do.
  21. Description+: A general store that sells pretty much anything that can be made in Nigeria, but nothing in it is brand name and the prices are adjusted to meet the standard of living of the country the store is in.
  23. Extra Information++: When you walk into one of the stores it scans your biometrics, but only saves it if you have a membership card. There are booths with PDAs that let you print tickets that assign a number to whatever things you order on the PDA. It is recommended that you search for exactly what you want unless you want to scroll through dozens of similar items with only slight variations to find the one you want. If you create an account you get a membership card and it will match your search history to your biometrics, and allow you to filter out things that you do not want to show up and will remember the things you like or get regularly. Once you have your order ready and printed you give it to the Uncle Uzoma clone at the front desk, who will have one of his robot assistants go get your order for you. If you want to order cooked food you just tell the second robot assistant want you want and it will tell you what it costs, take your money, then prepare it.
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