Dec 12th, 2013
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  1. >You are Anon
  2. >You've been living in Ponyville for a few months now
  3. >It really didn't seem that long ago that you'd stopped at that petrol station for a can of Monster and a Lotto scratch card
  4. >They had LED torches on offer
  5. >"Four Ninenty-Nine" You'd said to yourself "It'd be a crime not to."
  6. >You'd paid with what cash you had in your pocket and let them keep the penny change
  7. >That was your last memory of home
  8. >Next thing you remember is an orange pony in a stetson shaking you awake
  9. >She seemed more annoyed than confused, and weirdly, so had you
  10. >From the conversation you had, you found out you weren't the first human to just appear in Equestria
  11. >Nor the second
  12. >Or third
  13. >In fact the population of Ponyville had gotten used to humans just appearing and integrating themselves into society
  14. >You were nothing special at home, and nothing special here
  15. >Your "Fancy lantern dohickey" however...
  16. >The fucking torch
  17. >But this was months ago
  18. >Now you'd managed to integrate yourself into society somewhat, like the other humans
  19. >You were yet to actually see another human
  20. >Apparently they'd all moved elsewhere, one by one
  21. >This really didn't bother you though
  22. >You were content to just get on with your own life
  23. >And right now, that involved answering your front door
  24. >It was Orangehat
  25. >I mean Applejack
  26. >Probably after your services again
  27. >You open the door
  28. "A'ight AJ, what can I do for you this evening?"
  29. >She puts a hoof behind her head and grins awkwardly
  30. >"Oh howdy, Anon. I was wonderin' if you'd mind maybe helpin' me look fer some baskets the mah sister's gone and left out on the farm. Ah mean, it is winter, and it gets awful dark real quick..."
  31. >You roll your eyes
  32. "Yeah sure, lemme just grab my torch."
  33. >That fucking LED torch
  34. >Ponies were paying you to go and find their shit in the dark
  35. >That was your job
  36. >That was how you'd integrated yourself into society
  37. >You grab your torch and a coat, before following Applejack to her farm
  38. >You're directed to an old barn
  39. >Faded paint, missing boards, cobwebs, hole in the roof. The works.
  40. >"They're in their somewhere. Bring 'em by the house when you've got 'em."
  41. >Applejack heads back to her warm little farmhouse to be all cozy, leaving you to search the barn
  42. >It was fucking cold
  43. >You push the door
  44. >It creaks and some rust flakes off onto yourself
  45. >The moonlight shines in perfectly through the hole in the roof
  46. >It casts some disturbing looking shadows
  47. >If you weren't in a land of technicolor ponies, this'd be B-movie horror stuff right here.
  48. >You shine the torch around
  49. >The baskets are pretty obvious
  50. >They're just sat at the bottom of a pile of bad apples
  51. >How had Applejack not seen these
  52. >Maybe she didn't actually have eyes
  53. >That was a fucking stupid thought, Anon
  54. >You're fucking stupid
  55. >You finish mentally abusing yourself and go to retrieve the baskets
  56. >You go to close the door behind you as you leave, but the wood just breaks off in your hand
  57. >Fuck it, it can stay open
  58. >You begin to head back to the house
  59. >That is, until you find yourself getting tackled to the ground and rolling across a muddy field
  60. >You are now cold and muddy
  61. >And lying on your back
  62. >Stood over you is your attacker
  63. >It's a mare
  64. >She doesn't seem pleased
  65. >You keep looking up at her
  66. >She frowns at you with her polygonal, hazel retinae
  67. >You impress yourself with you mental vocabulary as you continue your examination.
  68. >Silky white fur, thicker and fluffier around the chest and neck
  69. >A wavy mane, dark brown in colour, slightly over one eye, and flowing over the shoulders, with two upward protrusions.
  70. >No, it was black
  71. >Or really dark brown
  72. >Or black and the light was hitting it oddly
  73. >"What were you doing in my house?!"
  74. >You completely miss what she says, still internally debating the colour of her mane.
  75. >And then it hits you.
  76. "Bournville!"
  77. >You sit up as you name that famous dark chocolate
  78. >And her foreleg meets your chest, pushing you back down
  79. >"Err, no. Sharpie."
  80. >You look up at her again
  81. >She's glaring at you, wings outstretched
  82. >Big butterfly like wings, marked up with that "Bournville" coloured patterning.
  83. >Why was everything about her so... Distracting?
  84. >Mesmerising was the word you were looking for, but you were too mesmerised to think of it
  85. >"I asked you a question. Why were you in my house?"
  86. "I uh.. I..."
  87. >You were still looking at those wings
  88. >And her fluffy chest
  89. >You reach a hand up to touch it
  90. >She squeaks angrily at you and hits your hand away before you can ruffle her fur
  91. >She brings her face down inches away from your own
  93. "I- I was just looking for some baskets."
  94. >You click the torch on and shine it at the baskets you dropped
  95. >"So bright..."
  96. >So you were mesmerised by her, and she was mesmerised by your torch
  97. >The fucking LED torch
  98. >You were beginning to hate that thing
  99. >You click it back off again
  100. >"Gimme!"
  101. >She makes a grab for it, but you hold it out of her reach
  102. >"Hey! C'monnnn!"
  103. >She keeps reaching for it, but she can't while she's holding you down
  104. >Eventually, she collapses in what seems like defeat and lies down on top of you
  105. >She's warm and soft
  106. >This was a nice, if slightly surreal feeling
  107. >She lies still for a while, before lifting her head and smiling at you.
  108. >You still hold the torch out of reach
  109. >"I'm Sharpie! You?"
  110. >Now she was taking interest in you?
  111. >You knew exactly what she was trying to do, you weren't that stupid
  112. "Anon"
  113. >Your reply is blunt, unimpressed
  114. >She nuzzles you
  115. >"Hi Anon~"
  116. >You let out an annoyed sigh and put an arm around her
  117. >She squeaks and wriggles, trying to get comfortable again
  118. >"Y'know Anon, I really like you."
  119. >That was it. That was enough. You weren't going to let this mare abuse your feels.
  120. >Your feels were reserved for realisations of your life, and the endings of 90's Disney movies.
  121. >This was neither.
  122. >You roll to put yourself on top of Sharpie
  123. >That caught her off guard, and she looks at you, slightly startled.
  124. "Look Sharpie, you're cute, but I know you're only after my light."
  125. >You stand up and retrieve the baskets scattered across the floor
  126. >Sharpie is still lying on her back
  127. >She squeaks at you, irritated before rolling over and getting up herself
  128. >"Why won't you gimme the light?"
  129. >You ignore her and begin to head back to Applejacks' house
  130. >She starts following you
  131. >"Anonnnn..."
  132. >You drop the baskets on the doorstep and turn to face Sharpie
  133. "I'm going home. I suggest you stop following and leave me alone."
  134. >"No! Not until you give me the light!"
  135. >She jumps at you, so you turn and start running
  136. >You really didn't like running, but needs must
  137. >She's chasing after you on hoof, shouting
  138. >"Anon, get back here! Gimme the light!"
  139. >You didn't think you stood a chance, but she was no quicker than you
  140. >"You don't even need it! Give it to me!"
  141. >She might have been cute, but she was loud and whiney too
  142. >"Anonnnn! C'monnnnn!"
  143. >Your house is dead ahead
  144. >You sprint for the door and burst into your home
  145. >It slams shut behind you
  146. >You bolt and lock it before wiping the sweat from your brow and exhaling heavily in a cliche manner
  147. >You flick the lights on and toss the torch into a drawer in the kitchen
  148. >There was a tap on the glass in your door
  149. >And another
  150. >And two more
  151. >"Anon! You've got loads of lights! Just gimme the little one!"
  152. >You ignore her and start making a sandwich
  153. >Pickled beetroot
  154. >It was all you had in your fridge, you'd finished the cheese of this morning
  155. >Who cares, beetroot sandwiches are fucking awesome
  156. >At least you thought so
  157. >"It's just one light!"
  158. >You tuck in to your prestigious delicacy
  159. >Sharpie continues to tap on your glass
  160. >Her taps seem to get increasingly frantic
  161. >"Anon let me in!"
  162. >Her tone has changed and she's squeaking loudly
  163. >"Anon! It's raining! Anon! Let me in! Letmein letmein letmein!"
  164. >You knew the sound of desperation in a voice
  165. >You knew the sound of panic
  166. >This was neither
  167. >This was the sound of pure fear
  168. >Fear thick as liquid
  169. >You could drown in it
  170. >The remaining half of the sandwich goes back down on the plate
  171. >You hated that torch, but you hated your conscience more
  172. >You open the door, before you find yourself on the floor underneath a warm, fluffy mass
  173. >She has her forelegs around you, and her face buried into your chest
  174. >You can feel her breathing heavily
  175. >She's shaking
  176. >You stroke her mane, trying to calm her down
  177. >Your hand brushes against the feathery bits sticking out at the top and she squeaks, flaring her wings out with a shower of glittery dust.
  178. >She was so different to every other pony you'd met, and she captivated you
  179. >You keep stroking her from the ear down as her breathing slows
  180. >She lifts her head and looks at you
  181. >Smiling
  182. >She nuzzles you and whispers in your ear
  183. >"Thank you..."
  184. >You don't reply, and slowly sit up with her on your lap
  185. >She just sits there, smiling at you
  186. >"Anon, I'm kinda hungry..."
  187. >This reminds you of your beetroot sandwich
  188. >You lift her off you and stand up
  189. "Yeah, I'll get you somethin'. Just let me shut the door. Don't want moths getting in."
  190. >You swing the door shut
  191. >"Why can't moths come in?"
  192. "Because they're a fucking pain. They fly around the lights and it's fucking annoying. They're fucking stupid."
  193. >Sharpie's hoof meets your face
  194. >Hard
  195. >She just slapped you
  196. >She looks livid
  197. >You rub your cheek
  198. >And it finally clicks. Not your cheek; the puzzle in your head.
  199. >Sharpie was a moth
  200. >She was a pony too, but she was a moth
  201. >You're not sure how you didn't realise earlier, it was blindingly obvious now you thought of it.
  202. >This had put you in a hole
  203. "Shit, I- I didn't mean that like that... I didn't know you were... Fuck. I'm fucking stupid."
  204. >"Just shut up and get me something to eat, Anon."
  205. >She was still scowling at you as you went back to the kitchen
  206. >As you begin to make another sandwich, Sharpie pokes at your half eaten one before taking a bite
  207. >"I don't like it."
  208. >That was your sandwich
  209. "Well that's all I've got."
  210. >"Trust you to have no moth-friendly food."
  211. >Coupled with her tone, that hurt.
  212. >You didn't like to think you were anything more than casually racist.
  213. >What did moths eat anyway?
  214. "Look, I'm sorry. Okay? I didn't realise that you were a moth. I didn't even know that ponies could be moths. I didn't mean what I said."
  215. >Her scowl fades away
  216. >"I'll forgive you... When you've got me something to eat."
  217. >She's seemingly singing her sentences now
  218. >She certainly knew how to play with your feels
  219. >You sigh, partially in relief
  220. >"Right, come and find something then."
  221. >She happily trots over to you and starts rummaging through the few things in your fridge
  222. >She pulls out your can of Monster.
  223. >You'd been saving that
  224. >"Anon, what's this?"
  225. >You take it and hold it in front of her
  226. "Energy drink"
  227. >"Is it sweet?"
  228. >You nod
  229. >"Can I have it?"
  230. >You look at it
  231. >It was your last ever can
  232. >It was being saved for a special occasion
  233. >You look down at the moth pony looking up at you expectantly
  234. >She was special
  235. "Sure, take it."
  236. >You give than can back to her and watch
  237. >She grins with glee and sits at the table
  238. >She pokes than can a few times
  239. >She turns it upside down
  240. >She rolls it around the table
  241. >You smirk
  242. >"How do I get it out?"
  243. >You take a glass from the sink and take it over to her
  244. "Watch"
  245. >You take the can, and slowly open and pour it as Sharpie watches you intently
  246. >The brownish yellow liquid fills the glass, with about half the can left
  247. >Excellent
  248. >You slide the glass to your excited equine associate and finish the can off yourself, tilting your head back to empty the can entirely
  249. >With the can empty, you exhale, content, and look back to Sharpie
  250. >She's drinking
  251. >At least that what you think she's doing
  252. >You find it cute and disturbing at the same time
  253. >Your face just shows a disturbed expression
  254. >"Wha?"
  255. >She asks, as if you were supposed to have seen this before, her tongue still extended into the glass
  256. >Don't offend her again
  257. "Nothing... Just wasn't expecting you to drink like that."
  258. >"Ih a prohlem?"
  259. "No, I think it's cute."
  260. >She giggles, which bubbles her drink like blowing down a bendy straw
  261. >You sit down opposite her to finish off your sandwich
  262. >"I don' geh how you can eah than"
  263. "I like beetroot"
  264. >"Buh ihs purpuh."
  265. "What's wrong with purple?"
  266. >She shrugs and finishes off her drink
  267. >A question pops into your head
  268. "Sharpie..."
  269. >She tilts her head
  270. >"Mmhmm?"
  271. "What colour is your mane?"
  272. >She down at her mane resting on her shoulder and thinks for a second
  273. >"I don't know Anon..."
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